Home Depot Circle Drive Saskatooninsulated garage door and opener

E Aug 16, 2018

I bought /Paid for an insulated door with up-graded rollers and rails with a heavy duty electric opener on June 20th/2018, the installer inspected my garage June 25th and it was declared good to install in later July. No action and installer would not answer phone so I went to the Store on Circle Drive Saskatoon for a refund and was told an e-mail would be sent to the installer and CC'd myself, which happened as the door was supposed to be installed Wed. July 25th. I was promised an August 13th phone call from Dan from Circle Drive Home Depot on August 13th, typically the call was not made. Apparently my door only arrived August 10th to the Saskatoon Ware-house and I had been lied to all along. I was also told I could not take the door myself and hire a PROFESSIONAL installer, one lie after another and no one will call me back or take my call. So on August the 5th/2018 I am taking I.D.# [protected] that is on my receipt under the name Eric Einarson Cell# [protected] and proceeding with Fair Practices to get my Refund. Eric Einarson

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