Holiday INN — unfairly billed for ungrounded charges

A Dec 02, 2019

On 11/16/19 my husband (George) and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Tucson, AZ. We paid the bill of $93.64 (which we agreed to) on 11/16/19. When I received my November 2019 credit card statement on 11/29/19, I saw the charge for $93.64 and $495.00. George called the hotel that day and spoke to Jose. Jose claimed George (or someone?) had been smoking in a no-smoking hotel and the charges were for smoking violation. George asked for proof. Evidently the housekeeper found several cigarette wrappers in the trash. Yes, George did smoke outside in the parking lot and put the empty wrappers in his pocket and then in the room's trash can. He didn't want to litter the parking lot. Jose agreed to reverse the charges. George asked for an email confirmation.

On 12/1/19 I hadn't received any confirmation. George called the hotel again and spoke to Esperanza. She said she would contact General Manager, Javier Cruz, who would be in the following Monday and leave him a note.

Today, 12/2/19 George spoke to Mr Cruz. George explained the situation. Mr Cruz said since empty cigarette wrappers were found in the trash can, that "proves" George smoked in the room. No cigarette buttes were found. No ashes were found or seen in the room, but "empty" wrappers meant George was guilty. The $495.00 would stand.

I believe we have been unfairly charged. George never smoked in the room. There has been no established "proof" of smoking. There were no buttes, ashes, or smoke smell in the room. But the housekeeper did sort thru our trash…..?????...and found empty wrappers. That is groundless proof of smoking.

Please review this and agree that the $495.00 charge has no grounds to be supported. Please reverse these charges from my credit card. We thank you in advance.
Carol & George Renteria
609 W Mingus Turn Circle
Globe AZ 85501

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