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I was thrown out of the hotel in front of guests and employees by the manager name Robert, he commented that I had lied about my stay in March of 2012, I had voiced concerns about mold and dust in my room to 4 hotel employees. In June when I was checking in he had walked up and thrown me out. He has commented he had offered accommodation and I refused. Guest services are also not a help, I have a right to sleep in a clean room. I was not relocated to a different hotel by his comment I was thrown out like an animal, in a strange town. I suffer from a disease that mold and dust can put in such distress that I can stop breathing, they are telling me case is closed, and they had not even spoken to me. I have witnesses with numbers, names, I have a recorded cell phone tape of the incident. Holiday inn has no regards about guest safety, when people call to voice concern they retaliate. Do not stay there. I am going to escalate this matter. The recording will be going to the media, and I have every intention to make sure this does not happen to another guest


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    Thrown out Jun 30, 2012

    No because first this is close to my work. I can walk. Second in this country no one has the right to treat people badly. I can call and ask for a room free of mold that is not a crime.
    Problem is the way I was treated. This isn't about money. Sometimes is about doing the right thing.
    Is about admitting to your actions, and accountability. Not money

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    GUEST THROWN Jul 02, 2012

    This is not about going back looking for anything. ADA says you can not retaliate, threaten a guest simply because they have they have requested and are concern about this issue, you may not deny service, this prohibits any act of retaliation in response to an individuals right to exercise his or her rights . ADA sec 36.202: Discrimination is when you as disabled person is denied service based on your disability and also such practices put their status of second class citizen.
    This is not about money, this is all about accountability.

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