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Holiday Inn Express apparently has a policy that forbids you from canceling a reservation without still having to pay the full price for the room. My wife and I had June 17, 2009 reservations for a room in Colorado Springs, CO for our summer vacation which we had to cancel. Holiday Inn Express informed us it is their policy to charge us full price for the room even though we cancelled the reservation nearly 3 months in advance. I will NEVER stay and another Holiday Inn Express in this lifetime.


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    november07 Jul 12, 2009


    I just want to verify one thing that Holiday Inn does not have any policy that forbids anyone from canceling their reservation. All Holiday Inn hotels provide rooms at different rates - there is one called "Advanced Purchase", which is probably what you booked at, that requires a deposit of the entire stay and forbids any cancellation. This rate always come at a significantly lower price than the standard rate (which is called "Best Flexible Rate") that allows changes and cancellation up to 6PM on the date of arrival (sometimes a couple of days before, depending on the time of the year). You did not specify how you made your reservation, but all cancellation policies are always explained clearly either on the phone by an agent (if you book by calling Holiday Inn) or in print on the website. When you pay a discounted rate, you take the risk of not canceling afterward. Please understand and take responsibility of your choice.

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    troi123 Aug 12, 2009

    I recently booked the best flexible rate two days in advance, at 129.99, and even have an email confirmation directly from your online reservation system. When I arrive at the hotel, however, the rate changed to 149.99 according to my reservation number.

    After phoning various departments, even with the solid evidence of the confirmation email, they still charged me at 149.99.

    This is your so called "best flexible rate" - best and flexible at your hotel's convenience, not your customers.

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    november07 Aug 12, 2009


    I apologize for the bad experience. When things as such happen, please contact our corporate Guest Relations department by filling out the following form:

    Being an employee of the company, I can ensure you that we never, ever, ever, ever charge guests anything higher than what they booked at. However, we do make mistakes sometimes, and we always look into the situation carefully and compensate our guests for the loss. In this case, if all the details provided are correct, we would refund you $20 (if not more), and put this hotel on probation for not respecting our work ethics.

    Please fill out the form and expect a call/ e-mail response from Guest Relations soon. They are open 7 days a week, and never fail to contact an unsatisfied guest.


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    WbSurfer Aug 16, 2009

    Good replies from november 07! When booking things, folks you have to pay attentions to what you are doing whether on-line or over the phone!

    In todays world no one is going to hold your hand! It is up to the "consumer" to become informed.

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    tigerlilyhb89 Oct 04, 2009

    Did you do an andvance purchase of the room? If so that would be why. The website clearly states that you are purchasing in advance and that the discount rate is non-refundable.

    Whatever venue you used to book the room, they provide the cancellation policy at the time you make the reservations.

    I know for a fact that it is not the policy of IHG or Holiday Inn Express to charge full amount for a cancelled reservation. IF you did not reserve an advance purchase (which Im 99% posistive you probably did). Excluding special event dates, and reservations cancelled outside of the cancellation period (which is typically 6pm night of or 24 hours)

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    blanchey Jan 25, 2010

    I too have been stung by this, howeverI went in to amend my booking just to change the date, the new room was more expensive however, i paid this as i thought rate still not too bad. At no point did the site say that this amended price was in addition to the price I had already paid. I received no cancellation email and no notice at all that I was still to be charged.

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    Eddy Camp. Dec 24, 2015

    Holiday Inn Express - 1305 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107
    Made a reservation on 18th Nov 2015, canceled same reservation on 23rd Nov 2015 (This was for a stay on 4 Dec 2015). The reservation was canceled 12 days prior to the stay. However Since it was an "Advanced Purchase" it is Non-Refundable. We have lost $675 and have no recourse. What a scam.


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