Holiday Inn Club Vacations (Orange Lake Resorts) Smoky Mountainscustomer service/scamming representatives to buy timeshare

K Aug 15, 2018

I attended the resort on a "promotional deal" of a four nights stay for 199$ with promise of attending one of their presentations and refund of the supposed money for the stay, which was described to me as a friendly presentation about the company for two hours which turned into a high pressure sales pitch to partake in their timeshare (which actually lasted the whole day of my presentation). The sales representatives were complete scammers and used pressured sales tactics to get me to buy.

I was lured into the same situation that I'm sure many timeshare buyers are that this would be a property investment and seeing as I was a "valued costumer" to IHG I was receiving a deal in partaking in their timeshare. The representative told me I had to make a decision there as to whether I would buy or not and the offer they proposed would no longer be available if I left and went to my room to think about it. The sales representative had used my travel abilities to provide a "package" that would satisfy my wants as a traveller to make the deal look better.

Not to mention my stay was less then enjoyable, in turning on the shower the first night I stayed there, a red colored substance came out of the shower head and got all over me. They comp'ed me another night however, they did not follow through as promised to see what the substance was, instead they claimed that a lot of children were in the resort at the time and there has been events of pranks throughout the hotel. I'm not quite sure how they got into my room enough to prank me, needless to say the incident was covered with an extra night offered at the resort. I was offered an investigation however the investigation was made to be as unfavorable because, as described to me, it would takes days to resolve and seeing as one of their technicians or doctors that they claimed worked onsite was not there, there would be no resolution until days after. It was proposed to me as not having an option, either stay or leave. By leaving I would've lost the refund from the coming "presentation."

With the high pressured sales pitch and the bad experience in my room, I would never like to deal with IHG or Orange Lake Resorts again. I am currently fighting to get out of the ridiculous timeshare contract I have with them. All things promised at the presentation, as promised with my stay and with the nature of the presentation, were lies. I was never able to use the points provided without some scam to pay money to transfer them to use them for a hotel or even a cruise, unavailable dates and times to book; as a whole I was unable to use "benefits" without having to come out of pocket to pay for more. They are scammers, they only want your money and they will never get my business again. Before all of this, I was only a rewards card holder meaning I accrued points with them with each stay, I stayed at their hotels about two times prior to these incidents and all of a sudden became their VIP customer. Please beware of these "package deals" that they offer, the "friendly presentation" they invite you to, their horrible customer service, and manipulative ways of giving you no option as the customer!

I traveled in February of 2016, the same time I signed the horrible contract with Orange Lake.

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