HMSHost Stella Bar, K.C. Airportminor issues at bar.

J Aug 14, 2018

Decided to go to bar & split a beer with my wife in the security area at the gates. The bar tender was new to that bar, but great to talk to and well mannered, nice guy. The
overhead menu for things to order, (alchohol or food), indicated a domestic beer was $7.49. So I ordered a Bud Light on tap. That's about as domestic as you could get.
When I recieved the beer & ticket, it was on the ticket for $7.99. I questioned it, & was told that he just punches the key for Bud Light & that's what comes up, and he couldn't do anything about it. Didn't really agree with that, but I let it go. I looked at the menu again, & still couldn't tell that I had ordered wrong. Somehow that should be rectified.
You shouldn't be able to stiff people for an extra .50 ceents. Needless to say, there was no tip. Also, there were no bar stools or chairs. You might make more money if people could sit around. Not that you don't make enough at $8.00 a beer. That's it, not much, but you shouldn't stiff people for .50 cents a beer.

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