C Jul 19, 2019


We dined at Publican at ORD on 7/15/19. We love Publican in Chicago, but at ORD, we were seriously disappointed. The service was terrible. The hostess was rude and appeared to be wearing pajamas. Our server, Vito, was rude, inhospitable and did not live up to the typical service we receive at Publican. He repeatedly, rudely turned customers away and told them he wouldn't help them for at least thirty minutes. After waiting for our food for a long time, the food was not hot and didn't seem freshly made. I wanted more syrup for my waffle, but the server never came back to check on us or ask if we needed more coffee. It was a pricy, disappointing, and frustrating meal overall. We would like a full refund for our meal. Details- check number 6850, server Vito 175642, Store ID ORDPUB1, total $45.72. Please see the attached photo of our receipt. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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