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On 31/08/08 I bought a three door Hitachi freedge model no RS-37SVND FROM Varun Electronics Rohini Delhi.From the next month there was problem in the machine of ice not making.After that time I complaint so many times to Hitachi Customer Care, every time a executive come to my home & tell a different reason.Once the executive told me to buy a new digital stabilizer & I already have a automatic stabilizer.Atleast I bought a new digital stabilizer, but the problem still the same.Again I make a complaint to Hitachi on30/04/2011, the complaint ref. no. is [protected] . This time the executive asked me to keep my fridge outside from kitchen & I did it, but the problem is same.Every time when the executive come, he charge me Rs.285.On 11/08/2011 once again I make a complaint to Hitachi, the ref. no. is11081100490. Today one executive came from Hitachi & told me that there is gas leakage in machine & we will refill the gas & u will have to pay for it Rs.6000/- I only want to know that when my fridge is not working since 31/08/08 & Iam continously making complaints since I had purchased it, why I should pay for it ?
This is one of the worst experience of mine to buy a Hitachi Product.


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    captian-knob Aug 17, 2011

    I belive your issue may be 'mayonaise jam' this is when mayonaise becomes jammed in your appliance and makes it perform shockingly, this may be solved by removing the mayonaise using something called a 'cloth' if you have not heard of these wonderfull inventions then can be bought in alot of places, i use cloths for alot of things, suchas clothes, condoms, cleaning and hankercheifs.
    have a wonderfull day and take some stress pills muffin.

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