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J Mar 06, 2019 Review updated:

I have watched every episode thus far, with the finale coming next week. I enjoy this series, but you are taking free reign in each episode to create drama not based upon facts...i.e., Hynek's wife and the other woman spy's "friendship"...Hill's wife (last night's episode) was white, not black...Hynek's Blue Book Air Force partner bent upon his mission's ridicule...etc etc. You have drama enough with the verity of the subject-matter without launching into these false tangential directions.


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      Mar 13, 2019

    Also what is going on with the writing for project blue book episode 8 for instance m2 mortar and rockets were left out in the woods what's the chances of the military leaving there weapons out in the woods for someone to come along and find ? That's about stupid as television entertainment can get .Isn't this show supposed to be based on actual event?

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