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Customer number 9237503
Date purchase June 26, 2019
Date installed Sept 18, 2019

I honestly admit I signed the paper. However, it was not the one I am expecting as a result. I didn't understand about the panel? I mentioned that I don't want a big one. No actual visualisation showed only sketch with right and left so I signed. I even explained through my words and through pictures. I knew I agreed to the plan but in our conversation I thought we agreed what was said will be exactly same shutter design I wanted. As I have no much idea with regards to shutter Either way you could just show me pictures or draft how will it look like when it's done like 2d etc so I can amend before installation happened. I am sorry if I was complaining because I was not fully satisfied and happy of the product and it cost £1000 to see everyday in my living room. I called your staff and all of them said they cannot do about it anymore or even remodel. I am humbly asking I am willing to purchase a new design for my living room as long as u help me remodel or move the existing shutter either to one of my windows upstairs the only thing the length measurement is slightly smaller than the existing order. Please help me because I spent a lot of money for this. Thank you very much.

Attached here was the finished product and the one I showed through text.

Hillarys Blinds
Hillarys Blinds
Hillarys Blinds
Hillarys Blinds

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Sep 28, 2019

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