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3 Day Blinds reviews & complaints

3 Day Blinds complaints 19

3 Day Blinds - Incorrect blinds

I had a contractor come to put up the blinds and one is in correct and does not fit. It is supposed to be 28 inches but it is actually 38 inches.
The consultant made an error in her measurements. I can't get customer care, the owner in Modesto (CA), or sales rep to assist me in the correcting their mistake. I have made numerous outreaches requesting help.

3 Day Blinds - Full refund for cancelled order

This business has the worst customer service of ANY company I have done business with. My wife and I contacted them (July 1st 2021) about installing a blind system for our kitchen skylight; After...

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Jan 12, 2021

3 Day Blinds - Curtains installation

I live in Marana AZ. I have called 3 day blinds asking to estimate (and install) curtains on my windows. I have purchased a model house and wanted my window cover look decent. That is why I did not...

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3 Day Blinds - Blinds

We ordered 11 blinds and were told it would arrive in 30 days. After 30 days we called the company and were told it would take another 30 days. The representative was having a hard time locating our order. Upon receiving the material 2 of the 11 blinds malfunctioned. A technician came rather quickly and told us we would hear from someone with 48 hours. He agreed that 2 blinds needed replacement. After not hearing from anyone we began the "chase" and were given the run around. 6 months from placing the order we were still in verbal communication and more blinds malfunctioned (8 out of 11). The company has horrible service, bad products, and does not reply in a timely manner.

Feb 18, 2020

3 Day Blinds - Shades for my home

My name is Karen Roberge and I live in Mesa, Az. I've been dealing with so much with this Co. Since June of last year. I wanted to have shades put throughout most of the home. I have had nothing but...

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Nov 12, 2019

3 Day Blinds - blinds

Spent over $5, 000 on blackout blinds for 3 windows and 2 skylights. 2 people from 3 day blinds showed up to measure the windows. Several weeks later: Install day- none of the blinds fit the floor...

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Sep 03, 2019

3 Day Blinds - shades honeycomb

Sant Chawla Kusum Chawla 30 Seaside Terrace Santa Monica, CA 90401 Contact Person Lori Grey 3 Day Blinds Case Manager Name: Akilah Thomas Case Manager Email: Akilah.[protected]@3day.com Case Manager...

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Jul 16, 2016

3 Day Blinds - Blinds

I ordered my new blinds on April 13. I keep getting told that they had pieces out of stock, so they were finally installed on May 28. Then one of the blinds was missing a part, so I was told they...

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Aug 28, 2015

3 Day Blinds - Worst Customer Service Experience, EVER!

Their consultant completely misled up into ordering a product that apparently does not even exist. A fact that we only learned from the installer - AFTER he installed the shades. I wanted a top...

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Aug 03, 2015

3 Day Blinds - Wrong blinds/poor customer service

I had a Design Consultant from 3 Day Blinds come to my house on 4-18-15. I asked her one specific question about the operation of the blinds. I wanted to be sure that I could tilt the blinds up or...

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Sep 18, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

3 Day Blinds - Terrible Product/Customer Service

The "custom" drapes I ordered ($2, 000) are terrible! The craftsmanship is horrible, they do not drape nicely, they are puckered and do not pleat correctly. This is the second set, I returned the...

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3 Day Blinds - Cornice Board

I ordered window coverings from 3-Day Blinds totalling over $5000. The shades were expertly installed and look and operate well. The problem is that I also ordered a cornice board that covers the...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

3 Day Blinds - Poor quality/installation of drapes

Curtains were installed very wrinkled, were not measured properly, were lost, left a previous drape tensioner showing, mounted a new rod on top of existing rod--how stable is that and how good doe...

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Jun 14, 2012
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

3 Day Blinds - Poor service

On 4-23-12 I had my kitchen/family room blinds installed at which time I noticed that the valance was not color coordinated with my blinds - looks totally unfinished which I mentioned to the installer & he was going to call that evening . After he left (as he was in such a hurry) I noticed that the blinds were getting hung up on screws that he installed and I know that they will rip if you do not close them very carefully . I called the next morning and was told they will be fixed ASAP. Several attempts have been made to rectify this and still no result. I'm given every excuse they can think of. i.e they changed the head rail system and don't offer that anymore and now this morning I was told the order was placed on 5-08-12 How long does it take to cut 2 pieces of colored plastic for inserts to coordinated the color? I'm afraid to open my blinds for fear they will rip and after this experience I will be stuck with ripped blinds. I left 4 messages with the "design consultant" and have not heard back from her. The last conversation I had was on 5-9-12 and was told 2 to 3 days well it is now 5 days and haven't heard a word. By the way their web page claims they are a member of BBB but BBB does not claim them. Isn't that against the law?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

3 Day Blinds - Very Bad Customer Service

3 Day Blinds took 2 of our blinds for repair and never returned them.
One of the blinds has been missing for more than 6 months!
Every time you call customer service you are put on hold for more than 10 minutes and asked to repeat the entire history of the case.
Each customer service representative will provide a different story on the status of the blinds.
Customer service will not call back as promised.
They will not provide a plan on how to resolve replacing our blinds, that they took for repair
They will not commit to reimbursing to have another company come to replace lost blinds that they took for repair and lost!
I may have to go to small claims court to try to be reimbursed.
Incredibly unprofessional service at 3 Day Blinds.


It seems once they get your money customer serice goes out the window. Leave dozens of messages with the "design consultant" and never get a return call and customer service is a joke. They have no idea what's going on. I have a small issue and they won't give me the time of day - hate to think what would happen if it was major problem.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

3 Day Blinds - Unprofessional Employee, Horrible & Slow Customer Service

3 day blinds what a joke. The unprofessional blind design consultant measured our windows on DEC 9th. Today is Jan 11 and the installer still has not received all the blinds we ordered.
I was told one set of blinds were built but were sent to the wrong installers address.. I had to find this out myself by calling California 3 day blinds service center, they did not contact us... 3 day blinds just made us wait & wonder.

Also, 4 out of 5 blinds were ready in DEC. We called customer service to see if we could have the 4 blinds installed, they said they would charge us an extra $60 to come back out for the 5th one to be installed.

I am having similar problems. Took 3 weeks to get two shades. They were installed today and one was not ordered correctly and the other looks awful. The quality is very poor for an 800 shade. Customer service is awful. Do not work with Shirley Ares in Houston, TX. So unprofessional it's unbelievable!

Aug 10, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

3 Day Blinds - Bad service

We have been dealing with 3 day blinds for over a year!
These are just some of the problems we have encountered:
The blinds were measured several times by several employes and mistakes were made every time.
The wrong colors were ordered.
Factory mistakes on product.
Drapes were cut uneven.
Valances wrong size, color and style.
A refund was promised for install and never delivered.
Rep refuses to call back to me and will only call my wife.
Takes days sometime weeks to get any answer.

This was not a difficult install, the windows are square and easy to get to.
One can only conclude that incompetence runs ramped through all levels at 3 day blinds

Nov 18, 2007

3 Day Blinds - False advertising, slow service

3 Day blinds is guilty of false advertising. How can you name your company "3 Day Blinds" when you KNOW that your sales process ensures NONE of your customers will have their blinds in 3 days? The...

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Jan 10, 2007
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

3 Day Blinds - Company did not deliver promptly!

I ordered blinds for a slider window which included a valance in November, the company sent the window coverings out one week before Christmas, the valance was cracked and measured incorrectly so they sent it back. On January 5th I called the company and they said "the order was held up in corporate" and that she would call me back in 3 days with follow up date to be delivered she did not call back as promised and when I called her she gave more excuses and a different story about needing paint to dry. I called corporate who never called me back. This company did not deliver promptly and does not follow up issues appropriately after being paid which was in excess of one thousand dollars.

Stop ###ing SPAMMING you ###!

I have the same problem! I ordered my blinds the first of December and it is now February and they're still not complete ! Each time I call, they send an email to the installer, {couple of days) install company has to call back and scedule me for a inspection, (couple of weeks) send report back to corporate and wait for replay as to what to do, after receiving their reply then they call me back to scedule another install, (couple of more weeks) they look like crap and something breaks on them everyday! I hate them and they say they don't give your money back.

Hi. As the new VP of Customer Satisfaction for 3 Day Blinds, I want to apologize for the apparent sub-standard customer service you have experienced. I’d greatly appreciate an opportunity to resolve any sales or service related issues you may have.

Please call my customer service team at the following numbers if you have any support needs, or, if you prefer an on-line dialogue we’ve just launched on-line Chat via our website to support you as well.

Customer Service: [protected]
Appointments and sales: [protected]
Website: http://3dayblinds.com/

Warm Regards,
Jeff Miller, VP Customer Satisfaction
3 Day Blinds

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