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Hi Fi Sound Connectionterrible customerservice,will not issue refunds

On Dec. 12th, 2008 I purchased 2 subwoofers, a subwoofer box, and a car c/d stereo deck as Christmas gifts for my son. I paid for the items thru paypal. A few days later all of the items arrived except the car stereo deck. I called Hi fi sound connections customer service and they told me that the car deck was out of stock and they would ship it as soon as they got more in. On Dec 23rd I called back and spoke with customer service again, they stated the car decks were still out of stock. As this item was a Christmas gift and I now knew that it would now not be shipped in time fo Christmas, I cancelled the order for the car deck. The service rep told me that the purchase price of the deck and shipping charges($150.00) would be refunded thru my paypal account and the funds would be in there before Christmas. AS of 1/09/09 I still do not have the refund money back in my paypal account, I have called Hi Fi sound conection customer service at least 10 times, twice I have been hung up on by guys named Darren and Ben, I have left multiple voicemails with there billing dept and 3 e-mails to there sales dept requesting for my money to be refunded, no one has called me or notified me in any way about my refund. They have blocked both my house and cell phone, so I am not able toget thru to them unless I use a different phone.This company has terrible customer service and will lie to you to keep any money that has come there way. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY, thy should be investigated for fraud and lieing to customers who use there hard earned money to buy from them.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    HiFiSoundConnection.comBad service

    HIFISOUNDCONNECTION.com is the biggest ripoff online store out there. I purchased a pair of $250 speakers online and then called to verify stock the next day. I was told they would actually send me the latest model (since I guess the model i ordered was going out of production) and it was to be shipped the same day. After several calls, the item did end up being shipping 5 days after my first phone conversation. When the item arrived, it was not even close to the same model. It was a model from maybe 3 years ago and the box looks like it was from 10. Obviously the model # was not the one promised, but was also 2 model lines below! They basically send me a pair of old, beat up speakers worth $100 maybe. After several calls and emails, they agreed to have the speakers picked up, however, 3 days after the package (left outside my door for pickup) was supposed to be picked up, HIFISOUNDCONNECTION stopped returning my emails and my phone messages. I had finally received a follow up email stating that since I was "causing problems" they would "leave the order the way it was". I have left messages for the owner, Chris Rush, to no avail. Avoid this 'company' at all costs. Biggest bunch of liars, cheats, and thieves you will ever come across! BEWARE!!!

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      Hi Fi Sound ConnectionUnacceptable Customer Service / Business Practices

      On June 25, 2008 I ordered 3 Boston Acoustics 8" sub woofers. And on June 25th, my credit card was charged and I received my invoices via email...so far so good...

      Fast forward to July 20th - still no product, and worse yet, no communication from the company. So, I called and after about 45 minutes on hold, I finally spoke with Tony who told me the subs had been back ordered and they would be shipping on the 25th or 28th. I said, OK, I will wait.

      I waited until July 31st when the stereo build was almost completed and called again to cancel the order. I spoke to a "Customer Service" rep and they transferred me to a voice mailbox that was full, so I was disconnected. I tried to call back but received a message stating "the mail box is full" and was disconnected - AHA! They blocked my phone number!!! Ok, so the email starts...

      July 31st - request my refund via email and get a polite response from Tony that what I ordered was on back order and if I see something else, they will ship it, otherwise, they will issue a refund. I respond that I no longer need the product, so please issue the refund. Tony responds back that the refund process will be started.
      August 1st - I email and ask for a status - no response
      August 5th - I email and ask for a status - no response
      August 8th - I email and ask for a status - no response
      August 12th - I email and ask for a status - no response
      August 12th - I dispute the charge with my credit card company and send this information to HiFi Sound Connection and receive an email that the product is coming now in and will ship on Monday the 18th. I reply that I want a refund - not the product.
      August 14th - I receive the following email:
      sorry if you opened a dispute I have to ship the items now so you can drop
      your dispute right now if you want it refunded otherwise it will ship next
      week when our order hits. can offer you a discount for the delay but not
      going to deal with you if you filed a chargeback.
      Your customer service representative
      Thanks for your interest in our products. Please use this coupon code 50K19K for
      $5 off any future order $100 and above at http://www.hifisoundconnection.com"
      August 19th - I email and ask for a status - no response
      August 21st - I email and ask for a status - no response
      August 25th - I email and ask for a status - no response
      August 26th - I received the chargeback from my credit card company so I emailed them to let them know that I would no longer be doing business with them and no further action was necessary on their part.
      And, this entire time my office number has been blocked - but as I found out today, my cell phone has not been blocked.

      This is a company that SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS!!! They do NOT know how to work with their customers and they practice fraudulent activities. I was charged for merchandise that I NEVER received and they NEVER had it in stock. And, I was told it was on BACKORDER from Boston Acoustics, yet I was able to go to a local retailer (who matched HiFi's price) and pick it up and take it home with me. So, they also LIE to their customers. And, I waited 45 days before filling a dispute - more than enough patience on my end I would think. In total, HiFi Sound Connections had my money tied up for 61 days... UNACCEPTABLE!

      DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! For everyone who has had "good" dealings with these people, you are lucky... They will NEVER get any of my money again and I will make sure that all my friends know not to do business with this deceitful organization.

      And, if anyone from HiFi Sound Connection wishes to contact me, please feel to do so at [protected]@earthlink.net.

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        • Updated by Leonard Harris · Feb 21, 2017

          has been 8 days that ups sent you a message about the this mater

        • Updated by Leonard Harris · Feb 22, 2017

          ups lost my pyle home audio ptc33ld 32" hi definition lcd flat tv with build in dvd item id [protected] tracting no. 1zx012130390062620 ups rep.told me they had called hifisoundconnection about the issue item was delivered feb 3 to wrong address and was not recovered ups rep. told me to contact hifisoundconnection in 8 days if idid not hear from them please help leonard harris box 966 ct. rd. 6940 #9 waterflow nm 87421

        • Mu
          musicmixpro Mar 22, 2010

          I am going through the exact thing on American DJ Crank Stands. It wasn't worth saving $10 to deal with a 2 month delay and all of this. I have been told 3 different stories about why they haven't shipped yet by 2 different representatives. Oh, I got the $5 off coupon too, lucky me.

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        • Le
          Leonard Harris Nov 13, 2018
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          ups lost item #[protected] said they contacted you . I have not heard from you please let me know if ups has contacted you [protected]@msn.com

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