HiFi Corpsansui microwave and lifestyle pack

T Oct 11, 2019

I experienced issues from the get go! The service is appalling. After having placed my order online and making an EFT payment I waited to get feedback on my order, a few days went by and my order was "placed" I then decided to go on their web chat to track my order and I was told that they are awaiting payment first before they can process my order like wow(how do you provide me with an order number if I've not actually paid for the order???) I then decided to call in as the wanted proof of payment, I emailed them my bank statement and guess what ? (that's not the proof they wanted I mean what else do you want from me?) I was then told I needed to provide them with a deposit slip (which my bank does no longer provide) luckily they provided me with a written statement saying that I have paid in a certain amount to a specific account... Now, cherry on top!
I placed an order of the Pack and Sansui mini oven back on the 29 August and was advised that my order has been split because they are out of stock for my Lifestyle Pack so they will send me the mini oven and refund me back my money and this was about 2 weeks of web chats and calls to their incompetent staff. I received my mini oven and my cash back THEN boom!! A week later they deliver the lifestyle Pack which they were out of stock with, after that I received calls after calls after calls telling me that I need to return the package or someone will come pick it up and bare in mine I was not called even once to let me know that it was even coming. That's the other thing, the delivery guys don't even call you when they are coming or at least give you an estimated time of delivery. I gave back the lifestyle pack and was happy to have Hi-fi Corp off my neck, now again yesterday I received an email of an invoice for the same damn lifestyle pack dated the 10.10.2019 (I'll see if they won't drop off another package then start harassing me to give it back as if I asked for it) It was my first time using your service and I will NEVER again and I will not recommend anyone else to use it.

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