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August 2019 - Purchased top of the line HP Envy 13' for commuting and six weeks later it stopped connecting to the internet. I called HP and they took me through the process of checking online to no avail. Then after transferring me several times to different personnel they said I had to return it for repairs.. OK... we did that. They promised it back in a week, it took nearly two. When it was returned the laptop was filty, like someone was eating a cheeseburger while working on it, I had to clean it and then when I turned it on, it worked for two days then the same issue!! I havent had it for two months.

October 2019 - Same issue. Went through the transfer of calls, the disconnects, the "escalations" ... guess what? I have to return my laptop again. I asked can I just get a new laptop? NOPE! Only after three attempts at repairs THEN THEN.. you only get a refurbished laptop. That's [censored]. So I asked can I get my money back? Yes, but get this... its prorated! What is wrong with this picture?

I am now reaching out online to as many places I can to post this problem. And I am trying to find top level execs at HP to send notes to, this policy is just wrong.

Oct 07, 2019

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