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HPhp psc6188 all in one

I had purchased one HP All in one Model PSC-6188 (Serial no. MY6A2G62WO) from Vardhman Computer & Peripherals, Nehru Palace, New Delhi.

This sytem was giving me problem then we had logged complaint afer repaired 4 times I got replacement with same Model PSC-6188 (replacement set Serial no. was MY68QD4Q81).
After few month the new system was also giving me problem & I had submitted my system in Hewlett Packard India Sales Pvt., Ltd., 24-30 Okhla Industrial Area, Ph-3, New Delhi. on 23/01/08.

After so many reminder & call I have not recd my system back or any feed back from there.

I am requesting you please help me to get my system back as early as possible.

Thanks & regards,
Naresh Kumar
# [protected]

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    Hp Compaq Laptopno money back $100.00

    I was told i would get $100.00 back when i bought my laptop 3 months ago this was a gift to myself and i only got it because of the cash back offer as the same day i bought a ps3 for my grandsons 16th birthday over $2000.00 latter im still waiting for my $100.00 that i bought from noeleemings in palmerston north in new zealand . I have phoned neil on [protected] many times thats probly taken up the $100.00 and when i phone the other no [protected] i get the muck around nothing to do with the offer so i tryed [protected] who told me to try and send it all over again . Im getting brassed off ive also bought a home hp compaq computer and printer so no more from them theyve had all the money they will get from us evelyn saba brassed of in new zealand born in australia. Grandmother and proud.

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      Hp Pavilion Entertainment Pc Dv9205refusal to repair

      I bought my laptop and shortly after the warranty ended I lost the ability to connect to my wireless internet. I called HP and was told that my system was out of warranty but I could send it in and they would repair it for a charge. I could not afford the steep cost to have them repair a new computer so I purchased a USB wireless card and had to pay for service. I continued to work on the laptop and day by day more things started to go wrong. It would get really hot!! The hotter it got the worse it performed. I finally found a link on the HP site that listed my laptop under the Replacement Warranty. I called HP and was told that my laptop was part of a voluntary recall for defective parts and they would replace the motherboard. I use my laptop for a small business from my home so I was unable to send it in the day I received the box to send it in for repair. I had to wait until I could come up with another computer to manage my business. I called HP to tell them that I could not send it in right away and was told to call back for a new box to be issued. I hobbled along for a month then was able to get set up with another system. By this time my laptop would not boot up. I would have to turn it off and on and off and on until it finally came up in safe mode and I was able to backup everything on the laptop and transfer it to another computer. I sent it in about two weeks ago. I received notification from HP that they were working on the problem and I would have my laptop back by Nov. 4th. I received a call from an HP rep that said they found evidence of "spillage" my computer and they were going to replace the keyboard, etc. for approx. 700.00. I told her not to replace the keyboard as it worked fine and to fix just what the "recall" was for. She said okay and said they would replace the mother board only and send it back to me. On Nov. 5th I received a call from a HP Customer Service Rep that said my laptop had been repaired and would arrive at my home on Nov. 6th. I asked him if it had been repaired and what I would have to do if anything once it was returned. He said it should work just fine and I would only have to reinstall what was not originally on the computer the day of purchase. I was excited to have it back! I received it on the 6th and took it out of the box, plugged it in and NOTHING!! I called HP and was told that no repair had been done because the "spillage" voided any warranty the computer had on it. I could not believe what I was hearing. After 30 minutes of talking to a Tech who kept repeating himself as if I didn't understand I asked to speak to the supervisor. I asked him why they would not replace a KNOWN faulty part and he said even though the computer was faulty the fact that they found evidence of spillage they didn't have to do anything and if I wanted it fixed I could send it back and pay approx. 700.00 for repair, otherwise I had no other option. Tonight I spent 30 minutes turning it off and on and was able to finally get it to boot up. Amazingly I am typing on it now. I still have no connection to my wireless - oh, they said they did replace the wireless card! AND my keyboard works just fine! Something is seriously wrong with this picture. I barely make enough money to have afforded the laptop in the first place at 850.00 plus tax and now they expect me to pay nearly 700.00 to fix it??? I will NEVER buy another HP product as long as I live.

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        • Li
          Lina Smith Apr 01, 2009

          WOW... I feel like I am listening to myself talk. What is wrong with HP? Don't they make enough money? I beleieve there are to many people with the same problem. What I want to know is who do we report the abuse to?

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        • Wh
          Whitney May 03, 2009

          HP pulled the exact same thing with me. I called when my computer stopped recognizing any wireless networks, and the tech told me it was a known motherboard issue with my model and that it was covered under extended warranty and would be repaired at no cost to me. Then, after I sent it in, I received a call from HP saying they had found evidence of spillage, which voided the warranty, so it would cost $700 to repair. I told them to just ship the damn thing back to me without touching it.

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        • Th
          Thomas Stephenson Nov 18, 2009

          Mother board Died after factory serviced by HP. Now 1200 paper weight? Nobody will touch it?

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        Hp Pavilion Entertainment Pc Dv2530eefactory defects motherboard, lcd and electrical circuits

        After a warranty period of 1 year is the only life span of HP products specially in laptop computers.

        I choose to buy Hp product because I thought it's the best and no. 1 brand of computer product, but it is not...

        I bought the above PC a year from now and I am facing a big problem. Diagnostic process from HP service centers reveals malfunction of NVIDIA GeForce, LCD and Electrical circuit connections. The repair cost more than a brand new PC. I lost 4, 200Dhs for this kind of scam.

        I wonder how HP released in the market worldwide with such factory defects? It should be tested to last its components at least 3 years or more, not after the warranty period.

        Read all complaints worldwide, Its all HP product.

        HP lost its credibility and quality of workmanship.

        To make sure, visit repair service centers in your area, what computer products under repair.

        I put this complaint to warn the public. It's your choice

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          • Ja
            Jason Mar 30, 2009

            I have the similiar problem for this model and just pass the warranty for two months. What a junk product.

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          • Da
            Dave74 Sep 05, 2009

            My friends and I are uying this stuff last Sept 2007 here in Doha, Qatar. Now, only one of the four units is functioning, but not good also. The service center in the Philippines had identified the NVIDIA GE Force also as defective! Whats the worst of it is it cant be repaired. You have to change the motherboard, since the video card in imbedded at the motherboard. HP is absolutely a No-Buy!

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          • Ad
            Adnan bai Sep 08, 2009

            Hp suck my laptop, repair cost is more than the brant new laptop.

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          • La
            lancey Jun 19, 2011

            i have the same model of this laptop, i bought 4, 290dhs. i'm using for only 9 months because of malfunctioning of the screen over heating crashing, i sent it to service center and they change the motherboard for free because it's under warranty, after 6 months the motherboard crackdown again..what a damn laptop! dont buy HP!

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          • An
            anonymoustekkie Feb 22, 2012

            absolutely i will not buy HP products! the same problem and headache with this Hp laptop hardware issue... Shame on you HP!

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          HPfactory defects detected after a year

          I bought a brand new HP Pavilion Entertainment Pc dv2530ee here in Dubai United Arab Emirates with a warranty period of 1 year.

          I am not always using frequently since i bought, after a year the LCD appeared horizontal stripes and malfunctioning.

          I brought to HP service center and diagnose the problem, the results of dianosis either to replace LCD or the whole motherboard because of the NVIDIA GeForce malfunctioning and electrical connections.

          The repair will cost almost the same price of a brand new PC. How HP company sell this kind of product with such factory defects. Hp products is now in a worldwide junkshop. Visit any of the computer repair services in your area, It's almost HP products everywhere. I thought HP is no. 1 product, BUT IT IS NOT.

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            • So
              some guy Feb 02, 2009

              Exactly same happened to my dv2530ee as well after 1 and a half year. and today i ordered a new dell after too much frustration this time from HP.

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            Hp Pavillion Dv6000motherboard

            I purchased a HP Pavillion laptop, mid July 2007 and needed it for work at home.

            Luckily I also have a MAC so the strain on my laptop was halved.

            2 weeks ago my Laptop developed a fault so I logged onto the US Hewlett Packard website, trying to see if this fault was a known fault.

            The one beep, followed by 2 beeps with the computer failing to start is a known manufacturing fault!

            The website also said that the Warranty for my model (which is out of contract by 3 months would be extended). The website also clearly states that the fault is a known fault so I contact Hewlett Packard in the UK.

            After giving all my personal details, the computer details and the nature of the problem my laptop it was collected the following day!

            Before it was returned I first received a letter stating that there was a mix up and that the incorrect laptop was returned to me and that I needed to contact HP to arrange another collection.

            The laptop, which was returned, was my laptop but I couldn't test to see if it was repaired because my power supply was at home.

            After testing it my laptop still had the same fault so wasn't repaired.

            I contact HP again and this time they told me that the extended warranty did not apply to my laptop in the UK!!! It was only extended in the US with my model laptop!

            I couldn't believe it when I was asked to pay a repair fee of £265 for a laptop with a known problem. They told me that this model was not under the same extended warranty criteria as other laptops in the series although the problem with my one is exactly the same as the others that are!

            I paid in excess of £800.00 for my Laptop and now they expect me to pay another £265 for a manufacturing fault which I'm reluctant to do...but I need this laptop to work from home as my PC and Mac are not compatible!

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              • Du
                Duncan Nov 14, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                You know, in the UK you are heavily protected by the Consumer Goods Act:

                If you buy a product that's quite expensive, you can reasonably expect it to last for a certain length of time without failing. So, for £800 I would reasonably expect a laptop to remain in working condition for at lease 5 years. If a product doesn't last a 'reasonable' time, you are entitled to:

                a) a free repair
                b) a a partial refund
                c) a replacment of equivalent quality

                The example Trading Standards in North Yorkshire always quote is a washing machine, as this is a case they have tried in County Court and which had reached a legal resolution.

                They say that a washing machine costing £300 should reasonably be expected to work for 6 years! The case they tried was a guy who had a washing machine that, after 5 years stopped working. He successfully took the manufacturer to court and got the repair for free, even though the Warranty was only one year.

                The fact is, in the UK we are protected way more than anywhere else, especially America, but unfortunately, no one seems to know this...

                I have an old IBM laptop that's 10 years old and still working - I consider that good value: if it died now, I couldn't really complain. However, £800 for something that last one year is appaling and should be taken up with your local Trading Standards.


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              • Cu
                cuckoo Mar 31, 2009

                This is my experience that Iam sharing with you and I dont want this to happen to any of you.
                When we invest money on a new laptop we expect it to function problem free atleast for two years. But mine didnt even for one year.
                I got an HP laptop dv 6253 series in 2007 april. Six months later it started creating problems. I got it for my studies. During my exams it just wouldnt start and it made beep sounds. Since it was under warranty I send it to HP repair centre and they said they had to replace my motherboard. I was shocked, since it was a new laptop. I should have asked HP to provide me with a new laptop. Any way I had my exams and I just send it to them. I got it back after one week.When I got it back my wireless which was working perfectly stopped and I had to send it back again to fix the wireless. They said they are sorry and that they fixed everything. I thought it was just a one time issue and went on.It worked fine again for 6 months.Then the same problem reoccurs and by then the warranty expired.

                I call HP, I get transferred to different people in different countries and each time I had to tell my story to a different person. I loose a lot of money on my phone. I was frustrated and I tell them my problem and they say your warranty has expired therefore you will have to pay 275 pounds and only then we will repair your laptop. I told them that a new laptop should function problem free atleast for two years but mine didnt even for six months. She told me its just unfortunate and the only thing for me to do is pay them 275 pounds again!!!

                I told them to check my file and that HP had sold me a defective machine which gave me problems from the start.If it was a machine which made the problem for the first time paying the money would be fine but this machine was sent twice to the repair centre during the warranty period of one year!! HP sold me a defective machine which didnt work well even for one year and took money from me and wanted to extract more money by means of repairs for the machine.
                I said I want to speak to a manager and they said there is no use and told me that I could give my laptop to an independant agency. I dont need them to tell me that. I finally gave my laptop to an independant repair centre. And they found out that the motherboard was never replaced by HP in the first place, they just replaced a particular part!!! This series of HP created a problem for two of my other friends too.
                Iam just sharing this experience of mine so that this doesnt happen to any one of you. And please think well before you invest money in a laptop. Ensure that the company gives good after sale services and atleast a two year warranty.

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              • Li
                lichaves Jul 24, 2009

                When I received the computer I realized that the AC adaptor was not compatible. Then, the batteries never lasted more than 15 minutes, but I was so busy working long hours that I didn't took the time to complain about these issues. Later, a blue screen started to come up everytime the computer was turned on. This time, I called costumer service and after wrestling with technical support, they finally agreed to replace the piece. Now, the computer is not starting at all and I found out that the mother board is again defective. After talking to a manager on the telephone, I was informed that because I was out of warranty, they could not replace the piece. So, I bought a computer that never worked properly, and HP cannot do anything to backup its "well known" brand. Should I assume that the fact that the SAME problem is happening the second time with me (and more often with other people that I know) is my fault?? When asked that, the manager told me that I should know that "eletronics have a limited lifetime"... therefore, they would not replace my motherboard without charges!! It is pretty clear that HP has very poor quality products and even worst costumer service agents. What a huge disappointment!!

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              Hp Officejet Pro K850failure to provide service, repair or provide spare-part to hp

              Dear Sir,

              I wish to report a complaint against Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn Bhd (42624-T) for NOT providing service/repair and spare-part to HP printer. Append below is the details of the problem I had with one of the most, if not the most expensive HP single function printer :-

              Product : HP Officejet Pro K850 Printer purchased on November 2006 @ RM1, 100.00
              Problem area: paper jams and paper feed problems
              Serial number (SN): TH6843806N
              Operating system?: Microsoft Windows XP Home
              Problem Description:
              Paper sensor does not seem to be working. paper feeded in and not detected and rolled out immediately. Paper jam button light up and blinking. It printed well in test print mode. Sent to HP Penang, Malaysia for service/repair BUT request refused. HP Penang Malaysia refused to repair or provide spare-part this model BUT requested for trade-in or trade up.
              This is ridiculous as HP Malaysia is still selling this model since it is still listed in the web site. How can HP refuse to repair or provide spare-part to an otherwise good printer? How can HP not produce spare part for their printer? The worse is 4 new printhead and 4 new ink cartridge costing about RM900.00 have just been replaced for this printer. It is not fair for me to discard this printer at this stage?

              Contacted HP and emailed several times to HP seeking further clarification BUT to no avail. Attached herewith copy of email written to HP which received no reply...

              Please help

              Thank you
              Yours faithfully,
              Ir. Ng Sin Chie
              4593, 1st Floor, Jalan Chain Ferry,
              12100, Butterworth,
              Seberang Perai.

              Miss Erica Lau
              PSG, IPG Delivery
              TS Delivery Operations
              Technology Services
              Technology Solutions Group
              Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn Bhd (42624-T)
              No. 12 Jalan Gelenggang
              Bukit Damansara
              50490 Kuala Lumpur

              Dear Miss Erica Lau,

              Thank you so much for rushing through the nite to send me this email so to complete your tele-promise that you will do it by "Today". Honestly, I really appreciate your kind efford to assist me in this matter.

              Refering to your email and the last tele-conversation we had, I wish to seek further clarification from you before making any decision on your so called "good will gesture options" which your management offered.

              1. You have in your last tele-conversation [recorded], claimed that this is a low end consumer printer. I asked for defination of low end consumer printer and it was not answered. I asked if there was cost limit to a so called low end consumer printer and you said it was not more that RM1000, but subsequently you said it was about RM1000. Having read your email reply, and having seaching your web site, I still could NOT find the defination of "LOW END CONSUMER PRINTER" specifically attached to this printer. Somehow, I still take it from you in good faith, I do not believe you simply uttered these to condemn, insult or look down upon...

              2. I have read through Emailed user guide, Chapter 7, Support and Warranty. This chapter decribed in full detailed the requirements terms and conditions with regard to service and maintenance during the warranty period. Nothing was mentioned on the support to be provided after warranty period. It was NOT stated in any documents that HP shall NOT service, repair or provide spare-parts for this printer after warranty period.

              3. This printer was purchased through M/s ECS Computer Sotre Asia [Pg] Sdn Bhd, of No : 115, Medan Kikik 1, Taman Inderahwasih, 13600, Prai, Seberang Perai on the 27/11/2006.

              4. This printer was used in a small/medium enviroment office by single user only. I was the only user to it. I may say, it is lightly used thorugh out.

              5. I have asked for the defination of "as-new" printer as was told that these are printers which have been re-conditioned or re-manufactured by the factory. In facts and in short, there are used printers too.

              6. I suspected this printer of mine only encountered minor problems with the paper sensor. My last experience with the service and replacement of paper sensor for another brand of printer costed about RM150.00. If this amount is being used as a guide, and based on your good will gesture options of RM390.00 to trade-in for a "as-new" replacement unit, please tell me if this fair and just for a faithful HP consumer like me?? Probably my traded-in unit will then be sent for the so called "re-condition or re-manufacture", and then be sold as "as-new" at normal price of RM780.00!!! Oh ya, I do not know why I was offered without even asking or requesting, a so called goodwill gesture of 50% discount?

              7. This printer is still listed in your web site and it definitely a current model. No provision of spare-parts for a current model?

              8. Please confirm if the following statement is correct :
              " Support and warranty of HP printer is GOOD within the specified warranty period of 12 Months. No repair, no service and no spare-part shall be provided by HP after warranty period"

              9. Without an A3 printer, it is causing me much inconveniences. I do not know what to do as yet, as besides the newly installed printhead and ink cartridges, I still have spare printheads and cartridges. Look like, I have no other alternative but to be cornered by HP to accept the so called goodwill gesture. Miserable!

              Requested solution :
              Have the printer repaired. Have the paper sensor replaced! Provide spare-parts to current model of all printers.

              Shall consider submiting claim to tribunal court.
              Will continue to circulate this matter through email to warn all potential user that HP printer is good for 12 Months only, i.e. during the warranty period. Be prepare to discard HP printer after warranty period. NO service, No repair and NO spare-part will be provided by HP after warranty period.

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                HPcustomer care

                HP Customer Care is very bad for the following reasons

                - Their Systems always seemto be down.
                - They dont listen to the customer
                - Very rude at times.
                - Asked for a way to complain and representative doesnt know how to?
                - The repaired product didnt work
                - You get transfered from one department to another.
                - Customer ends up explaining the problem on every call (Poor documentation of call History)

                Hope you have never bought a HP product. If you have, hope that they never need a repair.


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                  • Am
                    amit kumar Nov 14, 2008
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    i m amit kumar, i buyed the HP laptop before one year. from starting i am getting battery p[roblem., after 6 months i got touch pad key problem... then i went to customer care but i got my laptop in worst condition. i got one year guarenty on laptop but with the end of guerenty again finger print sensor is not working... what can i do now... i can not go to customer care pls tell me the sollution otherwise i have very bad impression with HP laptop

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                  • Vi
                    vishalwithme Jun 29, 2011

                    HP customer care service is the worst i have ever seen. I had just
                    purchased HP G4 series on May 2011 and this month it just stopped booting up. I went to vendor and he said i need to call HP customer care as they dont support hardware failures. Today this is 20th times that i have called up HP customer care and it is 6th day that my request is created and they have not come up with any fruitful result till now.
                    Not even a signle engineer has come to see what the problem is.

                    Every time i talk to HP customer care, i have to explain the complete story, then they just pass on call to one department to another, they just never provide me the email ID where i can write down my complaint.

                    They never send an Engineer to see atleast what the problem is.

                    OMG, i am suffering a lot and just say NEVER GO FOR HP BRAND.
                    worst service, worst reliability.


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                  • Na
                    naresh paliwal Oct 14, 2011

                    I, Naresh Paliwal mobile No. [protected] and purchased one PC from HP through dealer on dated [protected], but recently its hard disk has been not working and I made a complaint in HP because it comes in warranty period. but no any one support to me and always told me that, warranty has been lapsed, but warranty is still countinue. so, please find attached my purchase invoice.

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                  • Pa
                    pashupati nath singh Mar 19, 2012

                    I. m P.N.Singh from hajipur bihar. I bought one deskjet 1050 print scan copy before 2 month within month my printer has two times not worked properly so i want to exchange my printer scan copy .printer scan copy of sl. no is CN18A32M26 & product no is CN346D read my complain call on this no [protected].

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                  Heward Packardphotos/cd

                  I have purchased 3 Cd's with 100 pictures on it and I can not download the pictures into my computer.
                  This just happened a couple months ago. I in the past have been able to download my pictures, so now
                  I will not use the services that used Heward Parkard, unless they change their format.

                  Thank You.

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                    Hp Pavilion Laptop — repair/replacement

                    COMPLAINT From R S Manral I had purchased one HP Laptop DV6502 AW H.P, Pavilion Srl No.CN F7262217 from...

                    Hewlett - Packard Companydeceitful sales person

                    The foreign salesperson that took a call to correct an online order provided misleading information about a discount and pushed for me to cancel my original online order and reorder with her. I thought it sounded suspicious but went ahead when she pressured and promised an additional discount to make up for losing a discount I was to receive from my credit card with my original order. I did not receive the promised discount, and the company refused to investigate the misrepresentation.
                    If dealing with HP directly I recommend using only the online service and avoid the phone at all costs, because what is said over the phone may be completely invalid and the company will not take action to rectify the misinformation passed by their phone representatives.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Hewlett Packard Pavillion 6000 Laptopwarranty, extended warranty useless

                      A year ago I bought a HP 6000 laptop so my son could use it in college. Since then it has been nothing but trouble. He has returned it for repair three times, had his college work destroyed when the computer overheated, and been without a laptop for six out of 12 months

                      Now that I have contacted Hewlett Packard, for the fourth time, they say the laptop's warranty has run out and that they will not repair or replace this faulty product.

                      We bought what we thought was a high-end product, at a high price and have had nothing but trouble with it.

                      Hewlett Packard's policy seems to be to drag out repairs until after their products are out of warranty and then tell their customers, too bad, you're no longer covered.

                      My son even thought he had covered himself by purchasing a three-year warranty, but even that isn't worth the paper it is written on.

                      I am now about to buy a new laptop computer for my own use, and after Hewlett Packard's runaround, although I had picked out one of their latest models--now I will look for another company.

                      At the same time, it looks like I am going to have to buy another laptop for my son to use in college. As if a retiree (me) can afford to just throw money away.

                      There should be a "lemon law" for computers which would protect consumers from being scammed this way with products that fail over and over a few months after you buy them and against manufacturers who laugh at you when you call for their help.

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                        • Ia
                          IAM tami el Oct 05, 2009

                          Dear One,
                          My HP notebook is only 20 months old. She still has the protective covering. I have also got the same runaround from Hewlet Packard. She was just returned unfixed as I was told by two different bosses that the internal parts that were probably broken in the machine at the factory were not covered and wanted $425.00 to fix my $1000 computer. I had also bought the warranty thinking that HP would cover it. I only thought that if you had small children who would spill something or drop the laptop would need the accidental policy. My children are grown and that laptop, my mitzva- my blessing, has been babied since her arrival.
                          Her problems started in the first two weeks of ownership. Total meltdown- no data survived.
                          I have been a HP customer since home PC's started and have owned many, many HP's during my life. Instead of giving me the benefit of the doubt, they claim my machine is damaged, that I did not damage it, it's back home with nothing done to help the situation. This is the first HP I've ever asked for help correcting damage that I did not cause to a 20 month old machine. I had been a former HP customer for many years and vow to never again purchase another machine of the Hewlett Packard or Compact Line of products. I agree- the warranty is useless and we deserve protection against lemon electronics.
                          Tamaro McAfee

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                        • Fe
                          Felik Jul 11, 2015

                          Today I had to return a HP 6435 printer due to a software problem. The printer kept notifying me that I had a toner (ink) problem. After two new HP cartridges for two colors and another for the third color, the printer still notified me I had an ink problem. I returned the printer for an HP 5745 and tried to install. No luck. I contacted HP through its contact, and "JASON" got on the phone. After accessing my system He informed me that I had a PC problem that he could solve for $99.99 that would take 4-5 hours of scanning my system. I informed him that I had a service agreement with HP but he indicated this was not covered by that agreement. I hung up. I switched from wireless to USB connection and installed the software and got the printer up and running. You can bet my current HP PC and HP printer will be replaced in the future with another vendor's products. HP, bon voyage!!! An old computer hacker

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                        Hp Pcmotherboards blown

                        I've bought two hewlett-packard computer and each one of them the motherboards blue out on. The first, I bought in terrell, texas at walmart in november, 2005. The next one I bought one line at walmart and it blue out before the warranty was up. I took it to in kenner and the technician told me the motherborad had blown out and if it was still under warranty send it back to hewlett-packard; you go through all kinds of changes with these people on the phone just to get them to send you a box to send the computer back. I sent it to them and they returned it saying that it was infested with roaches. What I discovered today (9/04/08) that there were no roaches in this computer what they decided to do was return but whoever the technician was didn't reinforce the case and left it open and I removed it today because I needed the box. I don't know if is there policy only to sell defective merchandise to walmart. Because I know several people who have bought hewlett-packards and got duped and went out and bought another computer because hewlett-packards customer service gave them a headache.

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                          Hp 3055 Laserjet Printerdo not upgrade the printer firmware

                          If you intend to do firmware up grade... it is not so god idea… the file with firmware upgrade -- “3052-55_FW_Update-[protected].exe” – it will destroy your printer.

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                            • He
                              hewlettpackardsucks Nov 19, 2008
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Exactly right. While downloading the driver of the HP site I also noticed the firmware upgrade and believing since HP put it up on their sire, it must be a good thing. Wrong, it ruined my 3055 which I had to throw into the dumpster. HP's mistake cost me hundreds. I replaced it with a competitors unit. Guess how many HP products I will be buying in the!

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            HPterrible experience

                            I bought a new HP dv 9000, was told it was to be a 9200 or so, box said so, but its 9000, anyway, from compusa... now out of business. As soon as I got the computer and turned it on... it said low disk space, got extremely hot, some applications weren't loading right, etc., about 6 months later.I just opened it one time as usual, to use it, the screen cover popped and just broke off... "what the?"its still on a lil on the right side... but a bunch of plastic broke off. It was hard to get in touch with HP over the phone, I finally did. They say haha out of warranty, even though I emailed them when I saw the problems after i bought it... I am mark J. In tampa FL 813 7??? They know how to reach me and i hope they do... HP computers, customer service is not as great as we hear, nor are there computers, maybe i just got a "BAD" one, help me HP... please... ill repost if they help or if they don't...

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                              • Valerie Sep 29, 2008

                                Within a month of our receiving our brand new HP/Compaq nx6110 laptop it started going black while the computer was still functioning. Sometimes the screen would come back if you moved it back and forth, like there was a loose connection. But most of the time it would not come back, and the only way to revive it was to shut it down and restart it, and even then you might have to do that two or three times before the screen would be illuminated. Forget saving your work if you had more than one item open. I would hit Ctrl-S and could save one item, but you're in the dark, so other items would be lost. I notified them on their website and was given a case number. The laptop was less than one month old. They were supposed to send me a box to ship the machine back to them. Never came. Went back to the website. They didn't find my case number, so they gave me a new one. Still no box came. Went to the website again, now with two case numbers they didn't recognize. I called an 800 number, talked to a guy who said he would look into it for me, and he took down my case numbers. I was given a third case number. Never heard back from anyone. Months are going by, and still this thing is driving us crazy. I write a letter to them, telling this story, and nothing. I go to the website again, still my case numbers don't get recognized. I call, and now the warranty period is about to run out. One year has gone by. I call an 800 number for customer help on last time. The person I end up talking to is not sympathetic. My warranty has run out. There is nothing more they can do for me. They can fix it, but I will have to pay for it. Hello Apple. We got an iBookG4. I'm loving life now.

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                              • Hp
                                HP is the Devil Oct 24, 2008
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                I completely agree with you.

                                I received an HP Pavillion entertainment/tablet PC in November of 2007. I should have returned it from the outset when I became suspicious about the quality after seeing the poor resolution of the external monitor and the horrible resolution if I connected it to the docking station. A phone call to HP about the above issues just resulted in a lot of transfered phone calls but no solutions. I just gave up on the $50 dock and moved on and accepted that the quality of the tablet really wasn’t very good and did not remotely compare to the quality I had observed on other tablets.

                                But then, in May, the tablet feature suddenly stopped working. Eight hours of phone time didn’t resolve the issue, and the call backs I was supposed to receive from technicians never arrived. I needed a computer, so I kept using it…

                                And then in July or August, it started making a high pitched screaming noise if it wasn’t muted or plugged into an external headset, but I didn’t have time to call HP, because I knew it would require losing my laptop for days if not weeks, and who is able to do that?

                                But in September, when I was finally ready to call HP for repairs, the wireless just stopped working. The drivers would just disapear and not install. Another 8 hours on the phone with technicians from all across the world, and no solution (though each insisted on going through the same routine over and over). I sent it in with the promise it would be back in less than a week…

                                Nope, it took a month. And when I got it back, how long did it work? Three hours! After three hours the wireless drivers had uninstalled themselves. And then it wouldn’t respond after sleep mode for a day before I called HP. When I did get them on the phone (time 2 1/2 hours), I was told that “HP’s have trouble with sleep mode.” A modern PC that has difficulty with sleep mode? Regardless after 2 1/2 hours on the phone the wireless problem wasn’t resolved, yet I was promised a call back the next day.

                                After waiting by the phone for 5 1/2 hours I called HP and insisted on a replacement or refund. I was lead to understand that I would receive one. Guess what, when the person contacted me to “arrange” a replacement he was really calling to say that they do not do that. Only if your HP computer has been repaired three times are you elgible for a replacement (do the math: three times at a month each time). Refunds are called “buy backs” and are based on (get this!) “the current value of the PC.” Everyone knows that my PC is currently worth nothing!

                                My new contact at HP also insisted that they only see major problems such as mine in “about 5″% of their products.” If any of you can do that math, you must realize that 5% of the number of HP products is a huge number. Few businesses are willing to operate on the premise that 5% of their products will have serious defects that may reach the customer, but apparently HP is not one of them.

                                So what is the point?
                                1. Do not buy HP products, they are cheap and break often and the company is aware of this but lets you, the user, discover that you have a cheap product that you will spend more hours trying to fix than actually using

                                2. Do not buy HP products, their customer service is abysmal and they will spend more time transfering your phone call from one agent to the next, or shipping your product from one repair location to the next, or even insulting you, as one technician did after failing to repair my device and stating “IIII am the technician here, and I say that it is fixed.” (If it doesn’t work, it is not fixed).

                                Do not fall into the trap of HP’s units being affordable given the number of features they offer, there’s a reason they’re so much cheaper than the competitors: they aren’t competing.

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                              • Sc
                                schnitzelwebb Jun 04, 2013

                                On 3/11/2012 I took delivery of an AIO Model 320-1050. On 3/22/2013, just one year and 11 days later, my machine wouldn't turn on and only through some quirk, it did come out of its coma after several days. It turns out that was the warning shot over the bow. On 5/28/2013, it completely died and I find out today that, after only 18 months in production, the model has been discontinued and there are no parts available, nor will they be made available. Isn't there some law that says parts must be available for so many years?

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                              • Un
                                Unhappy_customer22 Jun 03, 2016

                                This company is lucky I'm not suing right now.
                                I bought this laptop a year and a half ago, and since then my power supply has broken FIVE times. The hard drive crashed recently (They sent it back with a TRIAL copy of Windows Vista, even though my Vista is fully registered.). The battery life is completely AWFUL, like hardly a HALF HOUR of battery life on a full charge (when the laptop actually charges).
                                My most recent problem has been the power supply literally smoking and not working.
                                DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.
                                Their customer service policy is apparently non-existant.
                                Save yourself the trouble and buy a Mac or a Dell..

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                              • Da
                                dannydee82 Jun 03, 2016

                                HP sucks... and i dont recommend it to ANYONE!

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                              Hp Ipaq 910c Business Communicator — hp ipaq 910 defective gps quick connection

                              The $500 hp ipaq 910 business communicator is a windows mobile smartphone with built-in gps. Like previou...

                              Hp Pavilion Dv6700 — refusal to repair under warranty

                              Complaint about hp dubai customer service delivery On wednesday 10th september 2008, I called hp dubai...

                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Hewlet Packarddefective hard drives, used computers sold as new

                              This I sent to hptoday. I sated that I would post a complaint.

                              Purchased product? : august2008

                              Product hp pavilion a6500f desktop pc

                              Select a problem area: hard drive/storage devices

                              What is your serial number (Sn) : cnx8241rnh (just incase they try to sell it as brand new).

                              What is your operating system?: mmicrosoft windows vista home premium 64

                              Is your computer unable to work with accessory products? Please select all that apply. Printer

                              Digital camera

                              Can not add old equiptment to vista.

                              Was the cd/dvd writer drive built into the computer when you purchased it? Yes

                              Can you hear the sound from the connected speakers? No

                              Does the display on the product appear to be working properly? No

                              Problem description: the hard drive on my new computer, purchased on 8/11/08 is no good, per your tech support. It was requested that I give her my credit card nunber, so that you could send me a new hard drive (as if I planned to keep this). This computer, is the third that I purchased since 8/11/08 form the military exchange. None of them worked. I will be taking it back also. I have had simular problems with hp products in the last eight years. But I thought perhaps I had just gotten a bad computer. I have over the years had eight computers from you, starting with windows me, back in 2000. Four of them replacements for the first. I even paid for additional tech service and recovery cd's. None of which corrected the proble. The last computer you sent me had a virus called "finis_it. Exe". Which I found and printed all four pages. Keeping the computer from a factory reboot. I was never able to wipe the drive, after 10 times. So I bought another drive, had it installed. That became infected also.

                              Please provide previous troubleshooting steps, or information that can help hp assist you. : I have had many case numbers in the last three weeks starting with #[protected], #[protected], #[protected], to this last on for all three computers. You can check out my last tech support number to read the problems for your self {# [protected] } I hav called for tech help with all three computers over thirty times in three weeks. I am a senior citizen who wored from home, until this. I kept the old drive.

                              Has anything changed since the unit functioned properly (Installation of sw, settings, cabling, etc. ) : with a bad hard drive, what could change other than me taking it back, bying a mac and going to the b. B. B. And & aarp. (i have the paperwork to back what I am saying, saved over the years). These computers are junk, using cheap parts, being passed off as new. Most of all, they are not being made in the u. S. , no one does quality control, so who knows what you are geting? Making a profit, but loosing customers. Other than cheap labor and trash. Trust me, hp has taught mme a lot about computers over the years. I could buld one from scrach. Just thought you would like to konw!My (address removed) , will not work until I set up my new computer. So reply to my yahoo address. Thanks.

                              How would you describe your technical skill level?: intermediate

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                                • Ja
                                  jackbauer0617 Nov 16, 2009

                                  My name is allan davidson. i purchased a pl5060n from hewlet packard. the tv died with a loud pop and a black screen. it has been fixed before and has died again. now they want 625 dollars to MAYBE repair it. i feel that since this defect is well known it should be repaired by them at no charge however they refuse to help me other than to charge ma 625 dollars. they wont give me part numbers or anything. this is ridiculous and i feel this should be taken care of by hp.

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                                • Rl
                                  rl888 Oct 18, 2010

                                  Well I have a hp pavilion a6452f purchased new here in Canada, about the same age and the Toshiba hard drive did not pass the smart( hardware) test just recently...luckily I was still able to recover my data. The hard drive is no longer under guarantee...

                                  (hard drive issue seems to be a problem...3 year guarantee if purchased from Toshiba...two if it came with the Hp and only Hp can honor the guarantee...figure that.

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                                • An
                                  Angry Customer 3 Jun 12, 2012

                                  I called Hewlet Packard to obtain a refund on a defective printer cartridge. They refused to provide a refund because the cartridge was purchased from one of their distributors instead of directly from them.

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                                Hewellet Packard - Srs Travelsaccident

                                This is regarding the HP office bus, route number HP ST SD ROUTE 23, Vehicle number KA01C8043. The driver was completely drunk in the morning at about 8.40 A.M and the bus was boarded with HP employees and then at Bellandur junction hit our car in which me, my son ( 3 years) and my husband were in. After logging a complaint with the HP - SRS guys, we did not get any support from them (Mr. Sadanan) rather they have been sending us back and forth from one person to other. This is the example that companies like HP are setting in by allowing people doing drunken driving and not taking any action against such people.

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                                  Hewlett - Packardmisldeading cashback offer

                                  Check this email trail out - hp misled customers that they will receive a $100 cashback on purchase of a printer. Sent with *original* documents (And received confirmation this was received and accepted) in january 2008, and no response still waiting in september. The call centre was hopeless. I have never been treated with such poor service. Seems 'cash back' offers from hp are the lowest priority on their list of services, as a necessary evil, to be avoided and squashed down no matter how much they mislead customers.

                                  Customer id (Can provide on request)

                                  I spoke with the call centre (After being on hold for an hour) and was told that there is nothing they can do, this is closed, it was only for a $20 cashback, the receipt was never received, etc etc.

                                  This is totally unacceptable and we have been misled. When we purchased the printer there were big bright letters displayed everywhere that we would obtain a $100 cash back. We have complied with all the terms and conditions as indicated by 'julia' on the 15th of january this year.

                                  We have received *no* response, *no* communication, and on top of this the operator suggested that they "prefer customers get in touch with them to chase these things up", which I have, several times over this week (See email trail).

                                  If a response is not received by close of business today, I will lodge a formal complain with consumer affairs.

                                  I've had enough and we are being treated very poorly.

                                  We have been misled.

                                  I will also send this to the relevant complaints department in hp for follow-up, including the proof of purchase and original documents which are attached to this email.

                                  Kind regards,

                                  Date: wed, 10 sep 2008 10:08:29 +1000

                                  To: hppromotions <[protected] Au>


                                  Is anyone actually reading these emails?

                                  I will go to consumer affairs if I don't receive a response today.

                                  This is ridiculous.

                                  Wrote 3rd september
                                  > hi,
                                  > I don't believe this was ever received, can someone confirm if the cheque was sent or if this was deposited?
                                  > thanks,

                                  > hppromotions wrote:
                                  >> good afternoon,
                                  >> thank you for your email.
                                  >> we have received your documents and your claim will be processed and validated in the next few days.
                                  >> expect to receive your cashback in up to 75days.
                                  >> if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us on [protected] mon & ndash; fri,
                                  >> 9am - 5pm.
                                  >> thank you for your continued patience whilst we process your claim & thank you for choosing hp.
                                  >> kind regards,
                                  >> ashleigh
                                  >> hp promotions team
                                  > tuesday, 15 january 2008 4:06:01 pm >>>
                                  >> hi,
                                  >> as discussed with julia at 4pm today, authorised to send details via
                                  >> email scan to qualify for 5pm cut off.
                                  >> please acknowledge receipt and acceptance.
                                  >> kind regards,


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                                    • Ri
                                      Ripped Off Customer Sep 25, 2008
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      Still not a DAMN word from HP or anyone at all... We have been *COMPLETELY* ignored!!!

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                                    • Ri
                                      Ripped Off Customer Sep 28, 2008
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      I eventually heard back from Victoria Iemco... doubt I will receive any meaningful response so I look forward to letting Consumer Affairs handle this when I call them again tomorrow. I just had to let Consumer Affairs know that I had tried.

                                      See this link - seems we are not alone!


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                                    • Ca
                                      Catherine Arthur Oct 22, 2008
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      I sent in my Cash Back offer form on the 10th July. On the 7th August I received an e-mail saying they had not received my proof of purchase as yet - should have smelled a rat then!

                                      On the 8th August I resent all my information to them, stating at the time that I was glad I always keep all my paperwork. I have heard nothing nor received anything since that date.

                                      When I tried ringing them the phone when answered, immediately went to music. I have not been able to speak to anyone!

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                                    • Ka
                                      Kamal Nov 10, 2008
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      I am having the same issue. I tried to contact them to find out what is meant by product bar code number on box. No one receives the call at [protected]. And now it hangs up automatically.

                                      I called the tech support and they gave me this email address - [protected]

                                      Sending email now but am in doubt if there would be any response.

                                      Wish me luck.


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                                    • Dk
                                      D K CHOPRA Nov 10, 2008
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      I have purchased one

                                      Compaq Presario CQ60-104TU notebook PC

                                      Please let me know how I can get take benifits of HP promotions schemes . I buy from a shop M/S LOTUS, Indore (M.P.), India.They tell me that you will receive a I-pod. pl let me know


                                      D K Chopra

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