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screen and wireless working intermittingly. manufacturer defect.

On my dv2000, the screen goes black and then have to restart 2 times to get it to work (figure it's only a matter of time before it stops working completely.) Also my wireless goes undetected and doesn't even show it under network adapters in my control panel. I googled the problem and found out that HP is offering repairs for ironically the same problems that I have been experiencing. But of course after a call to the service center, my model # is included but unfortunatly my product number is not! So just 15 months later my laptop is on the verge of being unusable. I am so sad because other than the recent problems my laptop has been great. How sad they aren't correcting this obviously common problem with the product that they distributed.


I bought in August 2008. Screen freezes after turning on the PC. You need to re-start the computer mulitple...

no cashback

Had to complete caskback details by mail, as Hewlett-Packard was experiencing numerous problems with acceptance of cashback claims over the net. Rang Hewlett-Packard and told by "Seline" to send in forms before promotion dealine and wait approx. four months for the claim to be finalised. I waited and nothing happened. Over 20 e-mails, phone calls, registered mailing later..."we have declined your claim due to non receipt of either your proof-of-purchase and or correspondence with us in order to settle your claim...(in fine print) The promoter will accept no responsibility for... lost or misdirected mail. Further... the Promoter excludes liability for any problems or technical malfunction of any... technical problems on... the internet... including any non-delivery... to the Promoter... The Promoter's decision on all matters pertaining to this Promotion is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into..."<br />
<br />
In essence, if the Hewlett-Packard web site is experiencing technical problems processing claims and a customer is told to send in the details, Hewlett-Packard is then legally able to decline their own promotional offer. BEWARE!<br />
<br />
Anyone in Australia... I have kept a copy of all correspondence. Is it worth pusuing this through a lawyer?

does not work

I purchased an HP computer from Sams Club on 03/05/2008 and purchased a 3 year warranty I was told that if I dropped it or anything was to happen it would be fixed or if it could not be fixed it would be replaced well 2 motherboards later and a CPU the computer does not work and when I call the service company they tell me I need to purchase a recovery disk to repair it. After the motherboard was replaced the computer did and has not worked I feel as if I do not need to pay any more for something that should be covered under the insuance.

  • Ni
    Nigel D'souza May 26, 2009
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    Verified customer

    At least they are consistent in something!! Even here in India it's the same. Apparently their warranty covers software issues only within 90 days of purchase which they politely / deftly keep secret while you purchase the warranty, till the need of the hour.
    Well I will no longer purchase, use, or recommend HP products to anyone because basically, your service is terrible and your warranties are very deceptive.

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  • Ge
    GeneralStark Jun 04, 2009

    Hi Nigel. There are several pending class action investigations regarding your computer at Good luck.

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  • Ni
    Nigel D'souza Jun 08, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Hi GeneralStark. Thank you for the information.
    After my post I had written a strong email to the MD of HP here in India & they responded quickly & have restored my machine to factory settings.
    Having said that I had influenced 2 other friends to buy the same laptop & they too are facing the same problems now. So I will look into the classadvocate site & see what options we have here in India as well as I strongly believe others should not fall prey in these anemic times.

    Thank you.

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Hp has a very poor Technical support team. I bought this printer few months ago and it has not worked properly eversince. So far I have spoken to 8 different technician and each one transferring me to next one. I am really frustrated and would not recommend anyone buying HP Multifunction printers

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motherboard is not working and its completly dead.

i have a hp ( compaq nc 6000 ). it was in working condition when i buy it from a friend now after a 15 days it stop working now it is completly dead. i dont know what to do i show this to laptop enger and he told me i cant fix it now plzz do some thing i want to fix it. this iz my cell number [protected].
my id iz / [protected]
now plzz do something reply me as fast as u can

will not stand by warranty

i boughta hp laptop model kw065ua in octber of 09.on the 5th of may 09 while useing it starding getting hot...

won't refund my warrenty

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Mandy Fairbairn <[protected]>
To: [protected]
Sent: Friday, May 8, 2009 10:25:19 PM
Subject: Not a happy customer!

On Apr. 2, 2009 at approximately 11:00am at you Barrie, Ontario location, my husband and I perchased an Acer Desktop, an HP Compaq Laptop, and Epson Printer and various accessories along with a 3 year warrenty on both computers.

I asked before the final sale if the warrenty covered everything, and the salesperson(I can't remember his name but I do recall he was a heavyset gentleman, his name should be on the bill of sale) said that everything was covered including parts and labor along with a free replacement if its too expensive to fix and even a loner. We purchased our items and left.

I got it out of the box, installed the items and it crashed to a blue error screen. It did this about 8 times in the next 3 weeks, I was a little frustrated and thinking I should take it in a have the guys look at. Knowing I had 3 years I took my time.

On Apr 29, 2009(Yes, less then a month) I was playing with my daughter on my laptop and without warning she got sick all over it. We immediately turned it off, unplugged it and took out the battery. We cleaned it up and I immeditely went for the phone. I thought no big deal I have a warranty. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

The next day, after lettign it dry out we turned it on. Everything was running, hardrive, disk drive, fans, even the internet connected. The only thing that wasn't working was the moniter.

I took it Futureshop and explained what had happen. I was told that physical damage wasn't covered under warrenty.

I asked the tech, "What do you mean, I told everything was covered."

He then told me, "I'm sorry you were under that misunderstanding but there is nothing we can do." His attitude made me feel very stupid, which made me ver irrate.

I asked him "What did I pay $200.00 for. I've only had this for a month."

He said, "It just covers manufacturing defects"

Well thank god for small favors. He then said for my trouble, he would waive the administration fee when they submitted it for repair.

I then asked how much it would to repair. He told me that it could cost up to 900.00 to fix. I almost fell over. "I just handed you guys 2500.00 3 weeks ago and you want me to give you another 900.00!"

He said it might not cost that much they could get a quote.

I asked"What happens if I can't afford to repair it?" He said we could get you a futureshop card and give you a deal on a new one. First, I can't get approved for a futureshop card, and second if I could this does not change the fact that I was cheated out of 200.00 and am now being forced into another 900.00

I said no dice. He then said he could hook me up with a monitor and I could turn it into a desktop. Ok, but I bought a laptop.

So that aside for now, I asked him well what about my warrenty. He told me that when I buy a new machine he would transfer my warrenty on to that one.

So I submitted my machine and the employee then tested one more time and said that I might be in luck. We both looked and saw a bit of the start screen when before it was just black. He said it could be the cable that goes to the monitor which is a 40.00 repair. Finally some good news. I was a little better but still feeling the sting of the "Sucks to be you" attitude that I recieved from both the employee and the manager who had joined us. Just a suggestion, demand better attitudes from your employees.

On May 7, 2009, I recieved a phone message from Karen x7111 from the futureshop service centre saying the there was water damage on the hard drive, motherboard, optical drive(disk drive) keyboard top cover, bottom cover, and main board. and the quote was 649.00 + tax. If all those things were damaged, the machine would not work at all. We opened the disk drive there was NO water in WHATSOEVER. We cleaned the keyboard and saw for ourselves that the keyboard was sealed completely, so how could the water damage it. If the motherboard was damaged there would be no way that it would connect to the wireless internet, no way the hard drive would work, no way I would get any kind of a start screen, and no way the fans would work. The top cover still had the plastic on it for god's sake so you tell me how that's water damage. Add everything and she is telling me that I need to replace the entire computer! What The HELL!!!

I realise that water damage is a physical damage event, but my daughter is 5 years old. There is no warning or avoidence. You can move a coffee cup, decide not to take it out in the rain. But a 5 year old in fine one second and the next second she's damaging your laptop. If you are going to sell warrenties under the premise of "EVERYTHING IS COVERED" then you should at least honor it. I had to save up my money, I researched for weeks to find just the right store to spend my money at. I chose the perfect machine, although is it have some bugs, I was happy with the decision I made.

And here I am just 3 WEEKS LATER, out a laptop, out 900.00, and extremely frustrated.

After receiving the message, I called back and informed that there was no way I could afford that. I then called the Futureshop back. I asked for the tech department and talked the Brian. I told him the situation and politely asked what I should do. He told me that I should take it to an independent repair shop who might be able to fix it for cheaper. I told him fine, I will need to have my warrenty refunded since I will not be able to use it once some other company touches it. Brian forwarded me to Fadi, the store manager. I asked for the refund. Fadi said I need a reciept. I told him it's been a month and I lost it. He told me sorry there was nothing he could do for me. He told me that if I come in and buy a new machine in the next 14 days he could transfer the warrenty to that one. WHAT!!! I told him I couldn't afford that and I was told by the tech guy that it was transferrable when I was ready to buy again. I am then again told "I am sorry you misunderstood" mmmm starting to feel really stupid now. He told me that it's only transferrable if it's stolen or if it's claimed under insurance. (Let's play the run around game again shall we) I told him that I want my money, he said he couldn't do anything without the receipt. MY reciept is in YOUR computer you can print 2 copies. He said sorry but no. (Take my money and run) So fine. I'm totally out 900.00 for something that was out of my control.

I made calls to independent repair shops, and the consenses is: If the computer was working in the condition it was when I left in your techs so called capable hands there is absolutely no way it would cost 650.00. one of the direct quotes was "I was being snowballed". Which I had a gut feeling anyway.

I will be taking my brand new laptop to another repair shop to find the REAL problem and the will guarentee FREE 100% physical damage, spillage and anything I want to do to it.

If they deem it unrepairable they are honoring my heartache by buying it off me on consignment parts. My Brand New Laptop may now have to stripped down and sold for parts. But the very nice and very understanding technician said there is something that should be done for me. I even got a surprise, about 5 mins later I got a call from the store's owner personally and he wanting to first apologize for what I have gone through and he wanted to do everything he could to make me happy. I will be buying my next laptop and any other computer products them as they are handling YOUR customer service.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Now I am not expecting to get my money back or my computer fixed, but I will tell you this. If I get my computer back in a condition other then what I left it at or my computer store opens it up(He is really itching to get his hands on it to see what's actually needed to be fixed) and finds that someone has tampered with it I will be calling my lawyer and laying charges.

If one thing is learned, if you even are interested in this email, I suggest you lay into the Barrie Futureshop employees. Tell them to stop lying to the customers before someone charges every department of the company for fraud as people are in BC and Quebec already. I know Big Box stores like don't give two craps about little customers, but since this has happened, my brother in law, sister, parents, and two of my neighbors are never entering your store again for fear of being ripped off like me. If I thought you would even care at all, I'd go to news with this. But the only thing you all care about is $$$$$$ and how you can sucker as much of it out of us. I've had better experiances from Walmart for god's sake. I will never stop shopping there because even though they are a big box company you never get a hassle on returns. They stand behind there products, warrenties and there customer service is efficient and polite.

You will not receive another red cent from my family at all. My husband is even contemplating taking back everything else we bought that day. We are not satisfied with our products at all.

This was an email I sent to [protected] twice that was returned undelivered both times so if you know where I can send this me contact me thank you.

  • JGraceyStinson May 09, 2009

    You really need to take time to read the warranty details before you pay for one. And, if I understand you, you purchased a warranty for two computers, so you could only expect to ask for part of the warranty back, not all of it.

    At any rate, my 3-year extended warranty states "no refund". I wasn't thrilled at paying for the additional warranty either, my oldest computer came with a 5 year's come with one, if your lucky. The extended warranty does cover the complete replacement of a computer after three major repairs.

    The majority of warranties will only cover product defects, not a kid being sick, no matter how little control you have over a kid.

    Also, you really lost a receipt for a purchase that large in less than a month? When it comes to stuff like this and other large purchases we keep our receipts for the life of the product, as well as the warranty info. It's really important to keep that sort of stuff.

    As much as I hate to say it, you are partly responsible for not understanding the warranty. Asking a salesperson isn't enough. Consumer's need to take responsibility for their own protection by understanding exactly what they are the fine print. I know you said you asked it if it covers "everything", but would you buy insurance without reading the policy? Because that's basically what the warranty is - insurance.

    I hope your independent repair tech can fix it without costing you too much. It seems odd that it was so badly damaged after having taken it back to the shop. $650 is pretty high for repair...that's about what my laptop cost from Futureshop back in October last year. I could have an entirely new computer custom built for that repair price. I hope you take the time to post back and let everyone know what happened with the laptop. It will be interesting to see what the repair tech finds. Good luck and I hope it works out okay.

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  • JGraceyStinson May 09, 2009

    Oh, and one other thing - if you don't get anything in terms of reply from Futureshop and think you might want to take it further (especially if your independent tech comes up with some sort of proof) try here:

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  • Am
    AmandaF May 14, 2009

    I received an email from head office today and although they don't normally do it. She said that futureshop was extending a customer curtisy and replacing my laptop free of charge so I guess they saw that there was wrong doing.

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  • JGraceyStinson May 15, 2009

    That's awesome Amanda. Glad to know you got some satisfaction!

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  • Mi
    mi mi mi Jan 23, 2010

    Well... If you feel stupid it's probaly because you are. Who in the hell would, assuming one is of normal intelligence, think that your child's vomit damage would be covered under any warranty? Further more it's not a "warranty" it is a Product Servoce Plan. Very differnt. I do have to say that Future Shop acted a little stupid as well because they assumed you were of adverage intelligence. Most people are but not you. Lesson learned. The Product Service Plan is a legal binding contract in the form of a insurance agreement. Did you read the terms and conditions?Before you say they " they didn't show them to me, bla bla bla only someone who is STUPID signs something without reading and understanding it. If you drive your car for a year and never make a claim do you request a refund of your insurance payments? Yes I work at Future Shop and are happy to loose one more stupid customer like you. One more thing, if the people on your street are as stupid as you, I'm glad they will not shop at Future Shop either.

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  • Mi
    mi mi mi Jan 23, 2010

    Don't call your lawyer and DON'T call the media, then everyone will know how stupid you are!!!

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lousy customer service

We spent over $5000 on a complete HP desktop system, including the "best warranty money could by" for my wife. I am a computer geek, but I would rather not work on her system...this was my way of letting the pro's handle things.

First service problem on the system requiring a call--system cutting out for no reason--and we are told by some far-away disembodied voice (took over 30 minutes and 2 calls to get a human being) that we need to "go to the local consumer electronics store, purchase a cable, a batter, if you can get another monitor, those would be really great so that you can swap these things out and we can continue to troubleshoot it." (and I'm sure that Best Buy would let us take all this stuff back when we were done with it, too!).

Absolutely stunning.

Sort of like "bring your own automotive engine analyzer to the repair shop" if you have a car problem. The absolute incapacity of these companies to live up to their word is astounding. I am thinking of filing a fraud lawsuit against HP right now, and since we are dealing with a matter over $5000, I want to be a major case of fraud--they are not even planning to ever send a service person out here to fix this, despite the fact that this service was precisely what I paid for.

I work in technology, but I am embarrassed for our industry--that this kind of service is being foisted upon people. The only reason I can't write my name is that my company does business with HP, and I would get fired for having the temerity to call them on this fraud.

This company is a long way from by Bill and Dave soul, no integrity, no honesty, leadership replaced by one willing to put their name or integrity behind what they sell...give me your money and run away...cowards and crooks...

I am mixed between being stunned and embarrassed.

Name withheld

  • Valerie Nov 07, 2008

    Printer is 6 mos old. It developed an obvious problem with the electronic controls.It took 3 phone calls and 3.75 hours on the telephone to convince tech support to provide a replacement under under warranty. I was then told it would take two weeks to get the replacement unless I paid a fee for faster shipment.The tech support people (who spoke with a heavy accent) had no concern about my problems. They informed me that I should have purchased an extended warranty (at about the cost of the printer) if I wanted better warranty service. Horrible customer support like this will drive customers away.

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  • Sa
    sal Dec 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i was told order declined on online order, luckily i checked order status and sure enough $1500 was under reveiw for approvement.called 3 days straight to cancel order, each time waiting 20-30 minutes for rep, told to call hsbc, i did they said hp has to do this, now on fourth day rep says i have to wait for email approval to cancel.what a joke you mean in their pc they have no way of cancelling or noting customer does not want, i know this is a trick to try to ship it before i can cancel,

    very upset i knew i should have went dell, and also hp is selling model at staples with more what i ordered for 1/2 the price. i'll never be using this credit card

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  • Bo
    BOOBOOLA13 Jun 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Technical support dept. does not know what they are doing. They lost photos on my computer, that i am unable to recuperate. When wanting to speak to a supervisor, they refused to provide one, and supposedly would take my info in order to have one call me back. O course, no one did. Now I have to pay $300.00 in order to recuperate my photos. please hire ;people who number 1, know what they are doing and 2, who work in the us, not India!

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  • Aq
    Aqxbaik Feb 03, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Back in 2017 i purchased a HP Pavilion desktop computer from a Harvey Norman Store in Klang. Everything was fine and i have to admit that this computer is fast and really convenience. However, things started to get ugly (very ugly) after one year. It started to broke down, not responding and the windows failed to start (stuck at HP logo only). The worst part is, this problem occur exactly after one year of purchase! nearly the same date where the warranty expired. so i headed to the HP service centre in Damansara and later we were told that the Motherboard is damaged and we have to pay RM300 to replace it.

    As i thought everything will be back
    as normal, i was wrong! big time! so we sent back to the service centre and they replace it again but this time its free because that Motherboard got 3 months warranty. As you can guess, after 3 months the computer is dead again and we sent to one more time to the service centre. and guess what, the problem is still the same! its the stupid motherboard again! so another RM300 flew away just like that.

    Can u imagine, the same problem got repeated over and over and it was the Motherboard, one of the most expensive component in a computer CPU! Its been years now and i still have this HP Pavilion computer in my room but seldomly use it as i got a laptop an Ipad. I feel like being cheated by a computer giant named HP, they're selling a wreck product that has no quality at all. Why is this happening to me? Thing going very well for the first 1 year but after that, the motherboard gets crazy and we keep changing it with the new one. Do they really change it with a new motherboard? I dont know because they dont show me any proof of it, what i know is, ive spend almost RM1000 for replacing that component.

    Now at 2017, this computer still got problem where it keep hanging and stop responding whenever i browse the net or even just listening to music. I've learnt my lesson and i will never buy a HP computer ever again! Its a torture to me to going back and forth at the service centre. STUPID BRAND!

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  • Ka
    kapil12345678 Sep 25, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who ever is reading this post i request you to don't buy any HP products.They are big time cheaters giving false information about their product and selling their products.Their dealers are also big time cheaters.Hhers is my story.

    E-MAIL:[email protected]

    I would like to inform everyone that i was told by their sales person that the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2 PC will give me around 6to8 hours of battery backup without the keyboard and with the the keyboard around 12 to 14 hours of battery backup but i am only getting around 2to3 hours of backup without the keyboard
    and 6to8 hours of backup with the keyboard. I am very much disappointed from the battery backup of the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2.I am everywhere carring the charger of the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2 and charging it after 2to3 hrs of my use age as a tablet. Either i was mislead by the sales men or i was
    cheated by the (HP) FALSE PROMISE which claimed that the HP SLATEBOOK 10-H005RU X2 would give me around 6to8 hours of battery backup without the keyboard and with the the keyboard around 12 to 14 hours of battery backup. I think i have been cheated.

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  • Ro
    rolex452 Oct 03, 2013

    Valerie, I can only agree with your complaint and offer you sympathy: HP customer support/warranty service is beyond terrible, it is disgusting and an affront to the buying public. I have had unbelievably bad service for both my HP computer and printer(s). I gave up on their products altogether. And, by the way: THE SECOND YOUR WARRANTY IS OVER...they will not even give you the time of day. THEY WILL ANSWER NO QUESTIONS about your out of warranty product unless you buy THEIR EXETENDED WARRANTY package, which costs more than the entire unit when new. You have learned your lesson about HP, now please SPREAD THE WORD!

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poor product/poor follow up/chaotic hp cs organization

I share same feeling of your complaint.

I had a very good HP 3055 printer, but then it needed repair the repair cost is HK$1600 while purchase new equivalent machine (HP MF1522NF...I thought equivalent) is HK$2600 minus trade-in bonus = HK$2100. (plus less waiting time for repair) but the nightmare begins with a new ridiculous

Pls see below extract of my email to HP...still following up the case, but in summary:
1. Poorer product design from my personal user point with an suspicious objective that it is designed for higher consumption $ of toner.
2. Poorly manufactured product and supporting installation and registration/program support services
3. Confusing HP CS, you have to spend time to listine so many voice mails before you get thru to CS which ask you to dial another number. That dept will ask you to call another dept if something goes wrong. (except the HP repair CS centre is good)
...anyways, writing this is much less time wasting than the solve my "new machine" problem which haven't come to a near end yet...

Extract of complaint:
After rounds of telephone not-so-merry-go-round, I got message across: website for registration for HP Laserjet Trade in program does not work.
HP CS Action: emailed me form for manual processing via fax
(* the only good thing is to obtain an email from CS and he is ok responsive.)
From me: I do website refund and fax refund but no call from HP. Pls follow up. Thx
From HP CS: For the TITU status check please kindly contact our logistics company Mxxx Wxx at 6083-xxxx
From me:
Also want to complaint about my new MF1522NF:
1. The Power cord attaching to the machine does not fit, so always lose power***
2. The Output tray support is not fit, it is half hanging and shaking
3. The print cartilidge position also not very fit and it takes a few times before the machine can identify the thing.
4. The installation disk is not as sophisticated as the HP3055, so funny font appears for the message e.g. “now printing +-1/2y”
5. The scanning speed is slower than the HP3055 and even my home stupid C5300 photosmart series
6. Pls kindly fix 1&2 & 3 for me. (I have already pack the HP3055 into the the box MF1522F as instructed (very nicely – like brand new ), pls suggest alternative than asking me to pack the MF1522NF back into the box.)

You guys please help me follow up. I am a self help person but I have already spend too much just in the trade-in and the registration because of HP problems. Thanks.

From me: [HP staff]’s number does not connect and it is a mobile number. He has any official number?
From me: One more thing, the button shield/cover is poorly fit too. Can’t push the whole thing in.

Overall, the MF1522NF is a less sophisticated model than the HP3055 and what make if more worse is it is badly manufactured.
My next email: More things, the machine has slow scanning speed and a lot of noise. Pls exchange the product since I just got it before the long weekend.


  • Su

    Sub:- Complain Against your Service.

    Dear Sir,
    This is for your kind information here by I would like to intimate you that an Date 18th Oct 2008.I Purchase a HP Laserjet M1319f (Print/Scan/Copy/Fax) Machine from you.From the date of Purchase there is a Major Defect in that machine.Regarding the problem with that machine several times I make complain to you also I gave complain to your service center with the helpline numbers before 22 days. The case no was(8026615335), but till now either you solve our problem or your head office do it.

    Therefore as a consumer of your product if you will not solve my problem with in 2 days . I bound to take the legal action against you as per the terms and conditions.

    Hope for your kind co-operation and necessary action

    Thanking you

    Hotel Durga

    Managing Partners

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display repair

Hello all, I am really dissappointed and frustrated with HP. We bought this HP notebook model G60-235DX...


I too was ripped off from this company for a tune of $395 and my computter. I was told the LCD screen and inverter was shot and that repairs would be done as soon as I paid upfront for them. I paid and then waited, and waited, and waited. I finally got in touch with someone and they assured me it would be repaird soon. I again took the word of a stranger and still nothing. Then they stopped answering my calls, stopped answering my emails, just stopped. I contacted the local police and filed a report, got a lawyer involved, got the BBB involved, even called the FBI. I finally got my computer back, not repaired and a statement that they would return my money. No such luck there. I am still waiting now it has been a YEAR. I am fed up with people that rip others off. I think it is about time to get some JUSTICE.
I checked and they are STILL in business of ripping off good people!!! Outrage is an understatement.

bad experience

March 26, 2009

Att: Manager of Head Office

A Letter of Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,
On June 7-th 2007, I bought a computer in the Future Shop #602 in Richmond Hill. This computer had a three years warranty. In some time the computer started to glitch. There was a problem with a sensor control functioning and the screen blackened. The shop has accepted the computer without making any written notes about its condition. I handed over the computer to repair and in two weeks it was returned to me. I was told that the service had been done to the computer.
Soon after that the computer screen blackness problem appeared again. The employee of the shop took my computer and didn’t make any written notes about the state of the computer on the moment of reception. Some time later, they called me and informed me that the computer repair had been done again. I arrived to the shop and the employee told me that the computer had been repaired and was in a good condition. He told me that they had replaced one expensive detail.
When I came home, I found out that the problem hadn’t been eliminated. The screen still got black and there appeared some blinks. I brought the computer to the shop again for the third time. It was taken with the same problem, which in reality had not been eliminated. When I handed it in, there were no claims towards me from the employee’s side.
Only in two weeks the manager notified me that some physical damages were done to this computer. They required that I should pay the amount of 331 CAN, in order my computer be repaired. He informed me that insurance wouldn’t cover this amount. I was astonished because I always cared well about my computer and handled it properly.
In the shop I was told that screen had internal damages in 6 spots. They supposed that these damages occurred as a result of pushing to these spots with fingers. I am certain that I have never done these damages to my computer. I am not a computer hardware expert therefore I couldn’t reveal these damages at the moment of purchasing this computer. I am sure the wrong functioning of the computer is caused by some flaws at computer production. There are less than 2 years since the time I have bought the computer, but the computer is in a constant process of breaking and repairing.
I wasted lots of my precious time on campaigns and negotiations with the repair shops. I can’t work effectively and perform my professional tasks without a well-functioning computer. And the most important thing I lost my faith in having high quality goods and services from your company. The matter is that 7 months after having purchased my first computer, I bought another computer and it also didn’t function properly. There was a problem and I had to change the hard disk in my second computer.
Another thing that I am not comfortable with is my moral obligations towards my friends, who on my advice bought the goods from your shop.

I would like to have more confidence in your company. I think your company should do, at least something, to help me to solve problems with these computers.

Though, I understand that it’s difficult to prove that I haven’t done any harm to my computer. I need your help in protecting me as a consumer.. Please, either provide me with a well-functioning computer or return my money back.

Yours Sincerely,
Igor Rogovskiy

My incident number is [protected]

hp motherboard fault

There can be good customer reviews and bad ones.
This is my experience that Iam sharing with you and I dont want this to happen to any of you.
When we invest money on a new laptop we expect it to function problem free atleast for two years. But mine didnt even for one year.
I got an HP laptop dv 6253 series in 2007 april. Six months later it started creating problems. I got it for my studies. During my exams it just wouldnt start and it made beep sounds. Since it was under warranty I send it to HP repair centre and they said they had to replace my motherboard. I was shocked, since it was a new laptop. I should have asked HP to provide me with a new laptop. Any way I had my exams and I just send it to them. I got it back after one week.When I got it back my wireless which was working perfectly stopped and I had to send it back again to fix the wireless. They said they are sorry and that they fixed everything. I thought it was just a one time issue and went on.It worked fine again for 6 months.Then the same problem reoccurs and by then the warranty expired.

I call HP, I get transferred to different people in different countries and each time I had to tell my story to a different person. I loose a lot of money on my phone. I was frustrated and I tell them my problem and they say your warranty has expired therefore you will have to pay 275 pounds and only then we will repair your laptop. I told them that a new laptop should function problem free atleast for two years but mine didnt even for six months. She told me its just unfortunate and the only thing for me to do is pay them 275 pounds again!!!

I told them to check my file and that HP had sold me a defective machine which gave me problems from the start.If it was a machine which made the problem for the first time paying the money would be fine but this machine was sent twice to the repair centre during the warranty period of one year!! HP sold me a defective machine which didnt work well even for one year and took money from me and wanted to extract more money by means of repairs for the machine.
I said I want to speak to a manager and they said there is no use and told me that I could give my laptop to an independant agency. I dont need them to tell me that. I finally gave my laptop to an independant repair centre. And they found out that the motherboard was never replaced by HP in the first place, they just replaced a particular part!!! This series of HP created a problem for two of my other friends too.
Iam just sharing this experience of mine so that this doesnt happen to any one of you. And please think well before you invest money in a laptop. Ensure that the company gives good after sale services and atleast a two year warranty.

refusal to repair computer under warranty.

3/27/09 The port for charging my laptop is defective. I cannot charge the battery except by manipulating the power adaptor to make contact. I returned the computer with adaptor. After several days I looked up repair ticket online. The ticket stated the computer was out of warranty and the power adaptor needed reapair at a cost of $315.88. Numerous phone calls have resulted in no action and much double talk. Every time I get a different story about what needs to be done to it. The last call a technician tells me the adaptor is fine, but the port is defective and needs repair at a cost of $298.00. It is obvious HP doesn't want to make good on warranty work. By the way I am locked out of the website and my only information comes through these questionable customer dis-service people. An e-mail to the HP CEO has gone nowhere. I've bought several HP products in the past. No more. Awful service.

hp deskjet f380 all in one printer-scanner-copier

I purchased this printer along with the computer in July of 2007. I have used this printer exactly twice and it just stopped working. I was told by a customer service agent that because I was no longer under warrenty that He could not help me. I will never buy another HP product as this whole system has been nothing but a headache. They win the computer rip off company of the year. DO NOT PURCHASE PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY SELL JUNK AND THEY WILL NOT FIX IT WHEN IT BREAKS!


HP, ### computers, all the time the same ***ing problem...the mother board, and no one does nothing about...

extended warranty a scam

My HP Service Plan Has Been a Worthless and Demeaning Experience. Buyer Beware -

In March 2008 I purchased a "two year" on site Service Plan for an HP computer puchased in April 2007 (the previous year) at a cost of $160.
Last week i got an email notice that I needed to renew, although only one year had passed. I spent hours on the weekend speaking with personnel in India, who told me that indeed the extended warranty began with my computer purchase in 2007, even though I purchased the extended service plan in 2008!! Who in their right mind would buy a 2-year warranty that included a year that had alread passed? Nothing of the sort had been explained to me when I purchased that plan. I was then assured that any cpmputer problem I couldn't solve would bring a HP tech to my house.
Yesterday, (Monday) I was told I needed to consult with a "tech" person rather than a "warranty" specialist. The bored and sullen male technician, an American, once again confirmed that the 2-year plan actually begins from the date of purchase, even if that turns out to be a year earlier! This explanation was omitted in the actual contract HP sent me by email. No explanation for any aspect of the agreemanet was included. One has to trust the salesman, who can say anything.
I then mentioned to him that frequently, my computer couldn't be re-started without pulling the plug in the back of the PC. He said I needed to remove everything from the hard drive and start over, and that no technician would come to the house unless it was a hard drive problem. Since I have a month left on my "service" plan, I asked if he could do a diagnostic for me. "How much time do you have, " he asked. I said I've already spent hours on the weekend, and would like to get something for my money during the remaining month of my service contract. I mentioned that a phone diagosis had been done in March, 2008, when I also purchased the Service Plan. I then asked him to begin the diagnostic, and, with a sigh, he hung up.
So I'm left with a meaningless emailed contract with no details, plus hours of uncompensated time going though HP's artificial hurdles.
Well, HP successfully wore me down.
My future solution will be to use a established locally owned computer
service with a good reputation, and which gets ones computer back
the next day. They also teach customers about their computers. I could definitely use the education.

poor customer service

Well we were a mac only family and for years we had no complaints . but due to work needs we decided to buy a windows based laptop . this is were it all begins . we did the usual shopping around and decided on the HP pavilion dv7 this seemed like a great unit and with the rebates a great deal also . so we toot the plunge . got it home and started loading software and programs . since my wife and i both go to work early in the morning we usually hit the sack early so i did not notice this till the weekend . the keybosrd is dark gold and the letters are black. well when the sun goes down you cannot see the letters on the keyboard . i am not much of a typer and i have to look at the keyboard to type . this dose me no good if i can't see the keyboard . I contacted HP support and i explained my problem . I was shocked by the response " well we are not going to make a new keyboard just for you and we have no plans to produce a new keyboard" and hung up on me as i sat there in shock and disbelief of what i just heard . I went to the internet to see if i truly was alone on this issue . Turns out i found 463 postings on this very same issue . well turns out i am not alone so i figured i would give it another try with tech support . I called and explained my issue and about the over 400 postings i found . I really did not want a new keyboard but maybe a skin with white letters . this is a nice cheap fix . but again i was met with negitive results and a quick hang up . so buyer beware if you need to see the keys DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE and if you need to be slapped in the face for buying one just call HP support

  • Wi
    WilliamXX Nov 24, 2009

    In 2007 I bought a HP laptop. Within six months the monitor stopped working. HP said they could fix it but I wanted a new computer. I was told I would get a two year warranty. This year, 2009, It broke again. I found out that my model was recalled in 2007. Now HP says they replaced the motherboard last year.( Something they did not tell me when it was repaired. ) Today they still do not admit the motherboard was recalled. Anyway, I have had two recalled motherboards and it still does not work. Now they say my warranty has run out.

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  • Sp
    SPierre Oct 11, 2010

    HP customer service is horrible. They could care less who we are and what the problem is. I purchased 5 computers. I had a problem with all of them, however I returned them right after purchasing them. I finally settled on a Notebook G71-340US. It had some issues in the beginning however they were rectified. I was called by a manager finally and told if I have any issues with this laptop they will replace it with no issue. I have an issue and called them to get it replaced. Not happening, the lady I spoke to advsied that I broke the computer. I advised that I didnot break the computer that it sits on my desktop and does not move. I was told on a previous call to speaking to her that a case manager would call me within 24-28hrs. Did not recieve a call back. So she says how come I didnt call right back. I could not believe the things that were coming out her mouth. I told that she was totally inappropriate for asking how come I didnt call back and check on why the case manager didnt call me. She refused to transfer me to a supervisor, mind you I said to her over and over that I recieved a phone call from a manager when i first purhcased the laptop that if i had any issues it would be replaced. i have only had this computer for 7 months. I can't believe that their customer service is so poor and I will not purchase anything from HP ever nor will I suggest anyone else buy HP products. There customer service is deplorable.

    Final words of advise DO NOT BUY HP PRODUCTS!!

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harassing and demeaning demeanor from the case manager

Hp laptop model # ez829av serial# cnf6490llb
Purchased/shipped 12/07/06

I have had many problems with my hp laptop. I have had the harddrive replaced 3 times, the fan 2 times, I believe. It is unfortunate when problems started I did not start a file on this so I would have a detailed and accurate paper trail.
This in it’s self has been exhaustive but the was I was rerated with the last case manager on 2/18/09 was truly un acceptable!

In this last & ldquo;episode” I have logged over 3 hours on the phone with different reps and case managers! I spoke & lsquo;at length” on either feb 14th or 15th with a rep, after explaining the time and money I had spent in the past year with different issues he had assured me if I would allow hp to repair my computer & ldquo;one more time” if there was any problem I would have my computer replaced!
When my it rep, ryan raimer, started installing my programs he contacted me and alerted me to the fact that my fan appeared to not be functioning correctly! Immediately contacted hp. I was concerned about wasting money in having my programs installed and continuing to have problems!

The most recent case management rep I spoke with was josh on 2/18/09 at
[protected]. Josh immediately became aggressive, intimidating, and insulting! He said he never spends more that 10 minutes on the phone with anyone, he deals with & ldquo;people like me all day long’” and he was my only contact to hp from now on! Every time I called I would get him and I was not going to have my computer replaced, ir regardless of what anyone at hp told me. The time I spent on the phone with him was 59:11 minutes!! I asked him if we could go over the info he had in the file on my computer, he said no, it was proprietary. I tried to explain I just wanted to see if there was a complete file because there was a possibility of different contact info. He stated & ldquo;it didn’t matter what information I had in my file, only his was important!
Below is the timeline, best I can recreate with names and case #’s

I originally purchased an hp because of the reputation of the company. I am satisfied with my computer, when it works! But do not feel I have been treated humanly!

I hope you have the sensitivity to respond to my dilemma.

Peg evanoika

6/05/07 case # [protected]
5/24/08 I had a part replaced
Case # [protected]
Case manger kandace @[protected] x 11 or 49 # [protected] even tho she assured she would be my contact for problems I was unable to ever contact her again!

6/26/08 bought extended warranty because of problems service # [protected]

11/20/08 case management rep - michael
02/17/09 # [protected]
02/18/09 # [protected]
02/18/09 # [protected]