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I bought my laptop in march of 2007 and had to return it for the mother board to be replaced in Nov of 2007..they returned my computer in feb. of 2008...had the same problem with the wireless port not working again in december of 2008 and called hp for them to tell me that the warranty ran out.. later on the power cord stop working and then black screen when computer starts up. took my computer to the repair shop to find out that there was a recall on my computer because of the same problems I've had and that if you have the problem within two years of purchase they should replace the motherboard again.. Called hp and ask why they did not tell me that there was a recall when i called in Dec of 2008. All they can say is that they cannot find any record of my problem in Dec 2008 and that the warranty expired in 04/09... Spoke to several people mainly from India and it seems as if they are reading from a script because all they can say is that i should have gone on the website to see the recall. Isn't that shady?


Purchased laptop in Panama February 2009 for the purpose of assisting me to navigate across the Pacific Ocean to Australia. Before we were half way across the Pacific, the notebook failed. Sought to contact HP via email, no response, and again many times no response. I took it to French Polonesia, then Samoa, HP resellers, both advised the system board had failed, offered the view that the notebook should be repalced by HP as it was very new and in their experience were the system board to be replaced the laptop would not perform reliably. Neither could assist with warranty.
Navigation across Ocean, demands reliability of computer equipment not just to know where you are or are going but also for critical weather forecasts.
Took it to a HP reseller in Fiji. Here support was offered and the laptop was delivered to HP repair facility. Again the system board was diagnosed as having failed.
Again we were advised to press for a new repalcement laptop. This time the complaint was properly acknowledged by HP and given the case number [protected] log number 1344. Its been three weeks, and despite promises, no one will tell me whether I will get a new laptop if it will be repaired or even if I get it back!!
As a visitor to Fiji I can stay only a few more days.
The lap top was delivered to the fiji waranty assessement place 6 months after purchase, but had already been unable to power up for more then 3 months.
It is my experience, that HP warranty people simply dont care, any one considering the purchase of a HP product would be well advised to NOT believe the promises in the warranty information handed to them.
Chris Kleiss

hp laptop hinge recall

I registered my laptop with HP but was not notified that there was a Hinge Recall but because my hinge was giving trouble I googled it and found the recall.

I called HP March 2009 and after some trouble they sent me the WARRANTY ACCEPTANCE email below:

Customer Service Order Number: UTC153-01
CSO Placement Date: 03/17/2009
Model Number: EZ345AV
Serial Number: CNF7061TB4
Part Number: N/A
Part Description:
You selected the following Hewlett-Packard Hardware Support Service for your product:
Warranty Status: In Warranty
Total charge (including tax, if applicable): $0.00
Payment Method: No Payment

I was overseas for a couple of months and when I returned I found a box from HP. About 10 days later I had to travel again and I didn't have time to backup my laptop and install all of the programs onto another computer. So, it had to wait until I got back. By the time I did get a replacement notebook and load all of my software and data so I could continue to work it was June 2009 which is when I shipped my notebook to HP Service.

On 14 July 2009 I received the following email:

From: [protected]@MAIL.SUPPORT.HP.COM [mailto:[protected]@MAIL.SUPPORT.HP.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, 14 July 2009 12:27 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: HP CRM-CSO#UTC153-02
Hello xxxxxxxxxx,
Your file has been brought to the attention of the Hewlett-Packard Customer Relations Management Department and we would like to speak with you as soon as possible to discuss a solution to your service order.
Office Hours: 6:00am - 6:00pm PST Monday-Friday
Contact number: [protected].
Please reference Service Ticket Number: [protected]
We look forward to your call and an available customer relations manager will be able to assist you.
Thank you for your time.
Best Regards,
HP Customer Relations Management Department
TEL: [protected]

I rang HP and was told that because my notebook was received and processed after 1 July 2009 HP would not repair it as they claimed that the hinge recall had expired. I explained that I had registered before the end of the recall but HP would not budge and they shipped my unrepaired notebook back to me.

So, HP is not reasonable and, in my view, their customer service STINKS! - it seems to be all about HP and not about the customer or what is right.

Can anyone help me get HP to do what is right?


no redemtion of free gift offer on purchase of hp pavilion laptop even after 6 months have elapsed

Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for offering to register this service related grievance issue that I have against HP. Let me place the facts of my case before you for your kind examination.

Subject of the Service Grievance issue: No Redemtion of free gift offer on purchase of HP Pavilion Laptop even after 6 months have elapsed

I had purchased a HP product more than six months back, the details of which are listed below:

Product Details:

Product Type: HP Pavilion dv5-1104tu Entertainment Notebook PC

Model: dv5-1104tu

Serial No.: CNF85213PV

Product No.: FZ730PA#ACJ

Product Purchase Date: 13/02/2009

Please find attached a scanned copy of the sticker containing the Bar Coded product serial number which was pasted on the cardboard packaging of my HP Pavilion product (Filename: Product Details.jpg).

Since I am based in Goa, I purchased the above product from a HP authorised dealer in Goa; the dealer's details follow:

HP Authorized Dealer Details:

Dealer Name: Kedar Mapsekar

Shop Name: Login Systems

Shop Address: Shop No. 5, Ground Floor, Apna Bazaar, Laxmi Narayan Bldg., Margao - Goa 403601

Dealer E-mail Address: [protected]

Dealer Contact Number: [protected] (O), [protected] (M).

Product Purchase Details:

Invoice No.: 2318

Invoice Date: 13/02/2009

Please find attached a scanned copy of the Invoice (Filename: Invoice.jpg).

My name and address follow:

Customer Details:

Customer Name: Gerald Baptista

Customer Address: 737, Fradilem, Navelim, Salcete - Goa 403 707

Customer Contact No: [protected]

At that time, there was a free gift offer available on the purchase of HP laptops. A customer could choose between a Philips 5.1 Home theatre or a Kodak 9.2 Mega Pixel Camera. The fact of the matter was that I was initially inclined to purchase a laptop from a competing brand, but HP's free gift offer was very tempting and unfortunately tilted my decision in favour of it. And so I made the purchase and decided to opt for the following gift offer:

Gift Offer Availed: Philips 5.1 Home Theatre (Model No. DSP2200) worth Rs. 10500 (Includes DVD Player with 5.1 output and remote + 5.1 Speaker System)

In order to avail the offer, a customer had to register the purchased product on their Redemptions Web page and dispatch a cheque/DD for Rs. 1499/- towards handling charges along with other necessary documents. As I was unable to do the same due to my busy work schedule, my dealer offered to register the product for me and also dispatch the cheque and other documents. On registering the product before the expiry date, he obtained the following Redemption Code:

Redemption Code: QQVDONDACZ

My dealer also drew a cheque on his own account, and dispatched it to HP Redemptions Cell; the details of the cheque are as follows:

Cheque Date: 13/02/2009

Cheque No.: 132679

Drawn on: Kotak Mahindra Bank, Margao - Goa

Payee Name: Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt Ltd

Cheque Amount: 1, 499/-

Please find attached a scanned copy of the Cheque that was dispatched to HP (Filename: Cheque.jpg).

My dealer later informed me that the cheque was cleared by his Bank and the amount deducted from his account.

Also, since I was residing in a remote area which could cause problems for the courier to deliver the gift, my HP dealer offered to provide his shop address as the delivery address for the gift.

Well, it has been more than 6 months since all this transpired, but there has been no sign of the gift.

To make matters worse, when I e-mailed [protected] on the 20th of July 2009 asking about my gift, they replied back with the following text:

"We would like to update that we have received multiple claims with the similar contact details; hence the claims were put under audit as per the criteria set by HP. During the audit process, the claim has been identified as a non end customer claim. Since the offer got ended in March 2009, we are not in a position to hold the DD at our end for longer. Hence the DD will be returned back."

When I refuted their claim, they replied with the following text:

"With reference to your mail, we would like to inform you that we would be requiring an Approval from the concerned HP Personnel for the processing of the below mentioned claim. Hence, we request you to kindly contact the Dealer or the Local HP Representative for the same."

So I contacted my dealer who e-mailed Mr. Sachin Saini, ASM - HP, with the facts of the case. Mr. Sachin emails my dealer with the following reply on the 31st July 2009:

"I will take up the issue to get the same cleared on priority. Already discussed with Abhijit he is carrying stock issue nationally."

And so I thought that my problem was resolved. However, more than a month has gone by since this discourse and still there is no sign of the gift.

Thereafter, I sent 2 more e-mails to [protected], but they never bothered to reply. I then wrote to Mr. Sachin Saini a couple more times; neither did he bother to respond.

Out of frustration, I sent a complaint to a Contact HP link on their Redemptions Web page, which was favourably responded to by a Ms. Vandana Bhardwaj, HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd, who in turn got in touch with Ms. Neha Sehgal, Program Executive, M/s. Solutions.

Ms. Neha Sehgal responds with the following text:

"We would like to update that we have received multiple claims with the similar contact details; hence the claims were put under audit as per the criteria set by HP. During the audit process, the claim has been identified as non end customer claim. Hence, the claim has been rejected."

Finally, I contacted my dealer again who requested me to get in touch with in.[protected] I wrote to them yesterday; now let's see whether they respond.

The fact of the matter is that it was my dealer who laid a stake to the claim on my behalf as I have a very strict work schedule and was not able to do the same. HP, without verifying the case or even bothering to contact me, have rejected the case stating that there were multiple claims with the same contact details. Does HP have any ground to do so? Aren't they simply looking for an excuse to avoid redeeming the gift in order to make a saving?

I believe HP is playing cheat on their customers by offering such attractive promotional offers in order to sell their products. As a last resort, I am now filing this complaint with your so that some strict action can be taken against HP for cheating on its customers.

Hoping that this issue will be resolved soon through your mediation. Kindly publish the facts of this case so that others are made aware of HP's fraudulent promotional offers and are not taken for a ride like the way I was.

Also, please let me know what action I can take against HP for failing to keep their promise. Since I have been cheated, can I claim a full refund of the amount paid towards the laptop besides some compensation?

Kindly let me know whether you need any other details for verifying my case.

Thank you.


Gerald Baptista.

no redemtion of free gift offer on purchase of hp pavilion laptop even after 6 months have elapsed
no redemtion of free gift offer on purchase of hp pavilion laptop even after 6 months have elapsed

Hp Pavilion Dv5 - 1104tu Entertainment Notebook Pc

horrible product and support

I purchased an HP Pavillion for around $600.00 in 2007. After just a few months of using it, it essentially froze and shut down with an error message stating the difficulty was caused by an unrecoverable hardware problem. Under warranty it was returned for repair TWICE, first in May 2008. HP returned it with the CPU power supply repaired. Then almost immediately after reconnecting it, the same error message and shut down problems were experienced. I returned it again in July and it came back with, the hard drive rebuilt. I reloaded my files and used it but within 1-2 months it would not shut down. It would only go to sleeep. We had to manually shut it down. Then it wouldn't come on. I contacted HP who said it sounds like an operating system problem. Of course I didn't receive recovery disks with the original shipment of it, and since by now the computer was out of warranty, I had to pay an additional $22.00 for recovery disks. These disks could not successfully load as attempted by my IT rep, so I spent nearly an hour on the phone with HP who walked me through every attempt to successfuly load the OS possible. They concluded that the disks weren't loading likley because of a hardware problem. NOW with the computer out of warranty HP wants me to send it in for $260-$300.00 repair to reinstall the operating system.

I have never experienced such disinterest in customer satisfaction EVER. All this stress, expense, downtime in just over 2 years on a NEW computer. I will NOT EVER recommend Hewlitt Packard ANYTHING to anyone.

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absolutely ridonkulus

Like many of the complaints in this forum, I, too purchased a brand-new dv6000se Media Center Edition from Best Buy (with their two-year service plan) about a month after it was released (according to the sales person). I am VERY particular about maintaining my computers, as I know how finicky they can be. I have CCleaner ( excellent FREE product) which I run approx 3 times a day (more with extended internet surfing), and disk cleanup, remove non-essential progs, defrag, etc. at least every other day. It worked well for the first 8 months or so with *normal* web browsing, word processing, paid P2P file-sharing, and picture storage. Then, the wireless card stopped working. All internal indications (according to the device manager) said it was installed correctly and working fine, however the external light on the actual card had turned from blue to red. After re-installing the driver, etc., etc., HP finally sent me a box to send it in, telling me I didn't even need to go into Best Buy.
After approx a month, I got it back from HP. It still didn't work, and at this time the speakers had stopped working, too. I thought this to be a completely separate issue and consulted the device manager- and again, all indications were that hardware and software were both correctly installed and working fine.
Oh- one more thing that I have not read in anybody else's complaints about this computer yet; the scrolling 'wheel' device on the right side of the mouse pad stopped working as well. That was the least of my worries, however.
I took the computer directly to Best Buy this time and the "Geek Squad Agents" didn't even try to tinker with it and told me it would be about 3-4 weeks until I got it back. 7 weeks later, I got it back with a new wireless card and new speakers, both working fine. In all the frustration, I completely forgot to tell them about the scrolling 'wheel' device, so it had not been fixed...but like I said, that was the least of my worries.
Then, sometime later, the wireless card went out again with all the same signs and symptoms. Lucky me- my service plan was still in effect. Another 7 weeks without my computer. I had gotten used to not using the scrolling wheel on my computer so again, I completely forgot to tell them about it.
Wouldn't you know, it happend a third time. I thought to myslef that this was a "Lemon Law" candidate if I ever saw one, but then learned there had to be three COMPLETED repairs and the FOURTH instance was the qualifier. Ridonkulus. Long(er) story short, my service plan expired two weeks before I took it back to Best Buy who would not bend the rules in light of all that I had been through with one of their "best computers" and their service plan. I guess it paid for itself with the two repairs I did get out of them, but I really wish it would have covered a replacement, as I now have a computer that is inordinately slow, has a really short battery life, the scroll 'wheel' doesn't work, wireless card doesn't work, and now the hard drive intermittently says that it is full, and the unit gets extremely hot. Basically, it's stuck in paperweight mode. Thanks HP and Best Buy.

hp plasma lawsuit

I purchased an HP Plasma TV with a known defective part. Upon failure this TV display goes blank. The product should have been pulled off the shelves before my purchase.

defective product

I have learned I am one of many consumers who was sold a product that was known to be defective. A plasma TV that has a defective board which upon failure displays a blank screen

  • Jl
    jlegner Dec 22, 2009

    Welcome to my world!! Almost been 3 years since we bought our HP PL4260N 42" Plasma TV-- and we had the EXACT same problem as everyone else. The screen went *pop* and gone... but we still had sound.

    I called HP, knowing already what they'd say b/c of all the blogs I've read with everyone else having the same run-around about $600+ for a maintenance guy to come out up to 3 times. Even if they can't fix it, we would still be out almost $400 for the maintenance guy's fees. Ugh.

    HP had escalated my call to a superior in the tech dept. and called me back, only to reiterate that since I didn't have an extended warranty, I was s.o.l. I took it upon myself at that point to explain that I'm not calling about some fluke-type of problem with a personal TV. This was epidemic among this particular plasma TV, as per all the blogs that came up about it. I explained that I simply Googled "HP plasma no picture" and BOOM! Every single thread was about people complaining about the PL4260N plasma from HP blowing the picture but still having sound. Hmmm... This isn't a lemon TV, in fact. This is a faulty line of products from HP. I assured her that she can roll her eyes and ### about me after we hung up the phone, but to pass it along that I will make sure everyone I know gets the message about HP. That company needs a major overhaul. They've got my $2, 000 and I have nothing. Maybe they can put that money to good use and actually try to make a product that works for once. I, however, will never be their guinea pig again. NO HP FOR ME.

    I am going to find every thread about this and post my issue. HP didn't listen to me on the phone when I told them that it was all over Google. They said that's 1% of people with this TV having problems. I said, "You can use your verisimilitude all you want to... but I know better. These TVs were sold defective! And there's plenty of people who have been screwed over by you." They don't care. They simply DON'T CARE. They have your money. They're done with you.

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  • Ke
    kenwell3 Jan 30, 2010


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not working

my hp office jet 3608 was pruchasde by me on 24th sep. 08 and insipte of no rough usage of it it has stoped working recently and despite of continous complaint no action has been taken i request to please do take actions as quick as possible my recent complaint letter no. was [protected] and i was given an address R.T outsourcing servies ltd. shop no.6, 6A.shilp tower pv marg opp union bank of india behind deepak cinema.elphiston west mumbai.there i submitted all details and i was told that an approval will be sent soon and i will soon get a replacement.But till date there is no replacements and my phone bill is instead rising, if such is ur services i guess it was my biggest mistake to buy an hp i request your kind side to please get me a hp printer replacement as soon as possible as my warranty period is going to over by 23rd sep. 09'
hoping to get a replacement soon,

webcam not working

I got brand new laptop hp pavilion dv6 1110 ax entertainment notebook and my webcam is not working i tried every thing hp online help spending sleepless night uploading drivers and nothing worked i got the reply from the hp online help that take your laptop to the service center and i did that and the technician from the service center also tried every thing update the drivers and later he told me that its a defected laptop and they have to change the front panel of the laptop and for that i will have to keep my laptop for tow days. . . I am so upset with the hp i am the one who is in loss i did a mistake buying hp laptop its a brand new laptop how can i allow it to repair. . . Hp sold me sold me defected laptop it is hp's duty to replaces it not repair it. . . I work online. . . I am a small time trader. . . N i am facing this problem who will help me hp or god

hp house call service warranty

We purchased an extended service warranty called HP House Call which was supposed to provide in home repair if the problem was unable to be resolved remotely. However, over a 3 or 4 day period of jumping through hoops which included 3 different kinds of system restore, system hardware scans, etc. I was repeated ly refused connection with in-home tech and was told that there is no warranty for in home support. Even after I read them what it said on the internet, they denied me service. I ended up having to sent the computer in because I had no other choice. I filed a formal complaint but even tho' I supposedly got the right person, he was unable to tell me whether or not I was entitled to in-home support. I also read to him the promise made on the HP website, but he said he'd have to look into it. He said to make me happy he would credit my bank card the amount and continue the coverage but I'm not holding my breath. This should be illegal to promise something yet withhold it when it's needed.

hp house call service warranty


recycle ink cartridge program

Two months ago, I took four HP ink cartridges into Office Depot. They put my worklife rewards account up with...

my claim is approved in the monthe of (january / 2009) but till date I am not recive any gift (kodak c913)

I (RAGHU KIRAN.K) i sent a DD worth rs 1299/-
to mentioned address
DD details are as given below...

amount of 1299/-

My claim is approved on January /2009 but till date i am not received any gift when i call to customer care no every time they are telling with in 2 weeks u r going to receive the gift every month thats what happening, how can i refer u r product to others

  • Vn
    V N KULKARNI Oct 16, 2007

    When we switch on the computer it suddenly switched off itself in few seconds only.

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  • St
    Steven Tran Nov 29, 2007

    My Compaq Presario V3015 NR had to be serviced due to the monitor screen being broken. I sent it in to HP beginning of August they received it August 12th. Each time I would check on its status the expected return shipment was pushed back until a MONTH later it said status : canceled.

    I immediately called in to see what happened and they had said it had been sent to another service center in Texas because the service center originally didn't have the parts to repair it. Weeks go by, still nothing I call in to have some lady tell me a Fed-Ex tracking number that it's been shipped to C.Washington (NOT MY BILLING ADDRESS) in October. I call service center and through their intricate web of phone support finger pointing find that they will make a case for me. They say a case manager will contact me within 2-3 days. I waited a week and nothing happened. I've been calling every week and I get the same response that they will escalate my case for a case manager and will be contacted within 2-3 days, I told them it had not happened the first time and he even gave me his personal assurance they will call. I wait patiently for week and still nothing.

    I am so fed up it is now November almost December, 4 months waiting for my notebook. I get no resolution from calling, can't get to speak with a case manager. Isn't this illegal in some way? What can I do?


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  • Sn
    Snzv Aug 31, 2009

    My story is similar too...I suggest never buy anything from web in India...please read the email thread that I had with HP support:

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Delay in receipt of gift//CND8443HLG
    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 12:07:11 +0530

    Dear Customer,

    With reference to your mail, we would like to inform you that the gift will be dispatched to you on the receipt of the stock which is expected within the next 2-3 weeks.

    Inconvenience caused due to delay is truly regretted.

    Please feel free to write us for further clarifications.

    HP Redemptions

    S O L U T I O N S I D I G I T A S

    1st Floor, A - 2, Okhla Phase 1 | New Delhi - 110020 | India

    Office: +( 91) 11 41306700 | Email: [email protected]

    Solutions I Digitas is India and South-East Asia’s leading marketing services and digital marketing agency, helping the world's biggest brands develop, engage and profit from building profitable relationships with their customers. The Agency pairs marketing, technology, creativity, imagination, analytics and media to ignite emotional bonds between people and brands.

    Members of the Paris-based Publicis Groupe S.A. (Euronext Paris: FR0000130577, NYSE: PUB), the world's fourth largest communications group and second largest media counsel and buying group.

    The information in this email and subsequent attachments may contain legally privileged, proprietary and confidential information that is intended for a particular recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, retention or use of the contents of this email information is prohibited. When addressed to Digitas clients or vendors, any information contained in this email is subject to the terms and conditions in the governing contract. If you have received this email in error, please immediately notify us by telephone or by return email, and delete the email.


    From: sanjeev kumar [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 9:05 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Delay in receipt of gift//CND8443HLG

    Dear Support,

    Am I ever going to receive the Camera????...if not then please return the DD which was summited for this...I don't know what the problem with MNC's once they start business in India they don't care about their credibility and they start behaving like another Indian companies, it's simply because we don't have proper norms in our country due to companies start exploiting people...

    Keep the great work and world will now about it sooner or later, I will try to make it sooner!!




    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Delay in receipt of gift//CND8443HLG
    Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 14:46:33 +0530

    Dear Customer,

    We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused.

    We would like to inform you that we will only be able to send the registered gift of Kodak Easy Share C913 Camera on receipt of the fresh stock of the same.

    We once again apologize for the delay in redemptions and would like to reassure you that we stand by our commitment of ensuring that the gift reaches you at the earliest.

    We thank you for your patience and co-operation.

    HP Redemptions

    S O L U T I O N S | D I G I T A S

    1st Floor, A - 2, Okhla Phase 1 | New Delhi - 110020 | India

    Office: +( 91) 11 41306700 | Email: [email protected]

    Solutions I Digitas is India and South-East Asia’s leading marketing services and digital marketing agency, helping the world's biggest brands develop, engage and profit from building profitable relationships with their customers. The Agency pairs marketing, technology, creativity, imagination, analytics and media to ignite emotional bonds between people and brands.

    Members of the Paris-based Publicis Groupe S.A. (Euronext Paris: FR0000130577, NYSE: PUB), the world's fourth largest communications group and second largest media counsel and buying group.

    The information in this email and subsequent attachments may contain legally privileged, proprietary and confidential information that is intended for a particular recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, retention or use of the contents of this email information is prohibited. When addressed to Digitas clients or vendors, any information contained in this email is subject to the terms and conditions in the governing contract. If you have received this email in error, please immediately notify us by telephone or by return email, and delete the email.*


    From: sanjeev kumar [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 9:04 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Delay in receipt of gift//CND8443HLG

    Hi HP,

    Please let me know whether you meant 30 working days or 30 holidays!!!... don't want to believe you guys as you your self know you're pure cheat. Your product sucks as well as your service. Keep-up this good work and I will let the world know. By the way lot's of people have already known ... you can several blogs... cheers!!



    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Delay in receipt of gift//CND8443HLG
    Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:18:39 +0530

    Dear Customer,

    With reference to our mail sent on 19th April 09, we would like to update you the gift will be dispatched on receipt of the fresh stock of Kodak Easy Share C913 Camera within the next 30 days.

    We sincerely apologize for delay caused.

    HP Redemptions

    S O L U T I O N S | D I G I T A S

    1st Floor, A - 2, Okhla Phase 1 | New Delhi - 110020 | India

    Office: +( 91) 11 41306700 | Email: [email protected]

    Solutions I Digitas is India and South-East Asia’s leading marketing services and digital marketing agency, helping the world's biggest brands develop, engage and profit from building profitable relationships with their customers. The Agency pairs marketing, technology, creativity, imagination, analytics and media to ignite emotional bonds between people and brands.

    Members of the Paris-based Publicis Groupe S.A. (Euronext Paris: FR0000130577, NYSE: PUB), the world's fourth largest communications group and second largest media counsel and buying group.

    The information in this email and subsequent attachments may contain legally privileged, proprietary and confidential information that is intended for a particular recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, retention or use of the contents of this email information is prohibited. When addressed to Digitas clients or vendors, any information contained in this email is subject to the terms and conditions in the governing contract. If you have received this email in error, please immediately notify us by telephone or by return email, and delete the email.*


    From: Gift Redemption Support System [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 10:47 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Delay in receipt of gift//CND8443HLG

    Name : Sanjeev Kumar
    Email Id : [email protected]
    Query Type : Delay in receipt of gift
    Body Text : This was the worst shopping experience I had...I don't know why did I chose HP????...It was pure cheating...At STAPLES thay told me that camera was free with the Laptop and I believed them without noticing the * (star mark for condition apply), thought would get with Laptop at the same time but I was wrong as I beleived the STAPLESpeople blindly and they were cleaver to hide the fact (or surpprise me) till biling was done that I need to pay extra 1400 bugs to get that camera...again my misery doesn't ends here I have send the DD on 13 March 2009 and still waiting for the CAMERA!!!...hope they and getting a custom made for me!!!...anyways I will make sure to never BUY an HP product and also never Visit STAPLES in Bangalore...same would suggest to all my faily and friends...Guys Happy cheatin g or Fooling people ...please don't forget to check several blogs!!!...SURPRISE!!!


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  • Ra
    Rameshkrishna Sep 07, 2009

    Redemption Code : 3YN8ZXWJR7

    Product model : CQ 145 TU (COMPAQ)

    Product serial # : CND8361W73

    Date of purchase of the product : 23 - 2 - 09

    Date of Online Registration : 24-2-09

    e-mail: [email protected]

    i have purchased compaq laptop and i have sent DD for digital camera gift. but still i have not got it. i think you are going to cheat us... tell me ..

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  • Hp
    hp compaq Jan 08, 2010


    Serial No INI 72204LL
    INI 72204T2
    INI 723095Z
    INI 723091T
    INI 723097Z
    INI 723099Z
    INI 723095P

    These are computers are faulty. It is not working.

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  • Hp
    hp compaq Jan 08, 2010


    Serial No - INA 83407PH

    The above mentioned computers SMPS is not working properly. Pls attend the comlaint at the earliest.

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  • De
    Debdut Jana Apr 21, 2010




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  • Kr
    krazzy Jun 15, 2010

    Two compaq latops that are now useless junk! I will never, ever recommend HP Compaq brand laptops again to anyone!

    #1 computer fried the video card, right after the 1 year warranty expired.

    #2 comuter (purchase July 2009) has been sent in five times for servicing, now they tell us the motherboard and keyboard has spilled liquid on it. This computer has never had spilled liquid on it! They are just trying to get out of fixing it under the 1-year warranty which expires next month. And they asked for $398 to fix it. Nope, rather purchase another brand and apply the $398 to it. Hp is a bunch of liars!

    Well, let me tell you, that is the last money I will ever spend on another HP Product!

    I have Dell & Lenovo laptops that are older and have never had the problems that these two have. Both of these pieces of HP junk lasted one year each! Never again!

    For all the years I have spent as a computer tech, I can't believe the lengths a company would go to, to lie about the problem. This is just so unfair and false!

    <b>Pretty low class of HP that their techs stoop to bald face lying to cover up a defective laptop.</b>

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  • Bh
    Bharani1988 Jul 25, 2011

    When i connect my HEadphone to Laptop, audio is playing both in Laptop speakers and HEadphone.. But when i connect headphone it should play only in head phones... Can you please Giude me...

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  • Ta
    tami greer Jan 30, 2012

    i shuld not half to pay sombody on line or buy a boot disk if it was installed on my computer at factory the right way

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poor quality

I purchased the HP laptop in November of 2008 and put it together in January of 2009. since I am pretty computer illiterate I hired a competent computer person to connect my HP printer, connect my Outlook and a few things like that. Since then I have spent about as much on serviced calls as on the computer itself. I will allow that perhaps half of those service costs are due to my ignorance but the remainder must be due to this poor product.

lousy laptop

I spent oodles on a Pavilion about 18 months ago. I made this purchase because my old admin told me how good HP had been, well let me tell you, there's trouble in Mumbai cause this piece of junk isn't good enough to be a doorstop.

This laptop has had problems since month 4. I would get in touch with HP live support and the barely cogent service agent would have me run through a host of this or that. Never fixed the problem. First thing to go, wireless. After 3 different attempts to fix this, I finally broke down and purchased an RJ45 and just friggen plugged in, HELLOOOOO is this 1998???

Then my CMOS battery told me that it was failing, my time was slipping. Off to HP again, oh no, they won't cover that repair, but I can buy a new CMOS from them for 78 dollars. I do, huh, problem isn't fixed yet. Now the laptop runs even worse.

I take it in for private service, tech can't do much because... harddrive is bad. harddrive is giving a whole bunch of errors. I contact HP, harddrives are never covered says they. OK, fine, I'll get a new harddrive. I go out, get a new one, install it, but hey, piece of junk won't boot up now. HMMMMMMM this seems serious.
So I call HP again, please help me install new harddrive and do whatever I need to do to get this thing booted. A monkey can install a harddrive, it's literally two screws, but this is HP, so maybe there's some ancient IT dance I have to perform while turning screws counterclockwise and balancing a bowl of fruit on my head. Service Tech this time refers me to a manual online... yeah, ok buddy.

I take laptop back to private service guy and he says, huh, Motherboard is gone. HP should cover this. So I go back online with them. After 4 friggen service people, none of who speak better english than a barn cat, someone says that they will send a box and take it in on repair. I send it in, they tell me 3 weeks, pfft ok, maybe they are super backed up because their company makes worthless boxes of garbage.

I get an email today to call HP, I do and am told that indeedy the motherboard is gone, but it's gone because the AC adaptor port is bad, and they don't cover that. If I want to pay them 400 dollars, they'll replace my motherboard, NOT THE AC ADAPTOR PORT, that would be additional money. #(*&$(*#&$(*#&$(*@#&$)(#*%R_)%(_#(() YOU MAKE POOR EQUIPMENT, IT FRIES MY MOTHERBOARD AND YOU WANT ME TO PAY FOR YOUR MANUFACTURING DEFECT!!!

I tell the idiot on the phone that I'm not paying 400 dollars for them to repair what should have been done for free, she says, then I'm mailing your laptop back to you and HANGS UP ON ME!!! Poof, done. No further discussion, no supervisor no nothing. Screw you lady for buying an HP is what I'm clearly hearing from this company.

Well I tell ya what, it'll never happen again. Not at work, when we have a requisition for new harddware, I will go out of my way to make sure we buy from anyone but HP. I will setup an account on Monday with Compaq for all of our needs. Not in my home, if I hadn't already bought two HP's, none of which have ever worked right, there wouldn't be an HP in my four walls. I will never promote or purchase any of their goods again.

In this day and age when customers have a variety of choices they can make, this kind of ludicrous service is totally unacceptable. HP Will have to learn the hardway that they must stand behind their hardware, maybe they'll learn that in bankruptcy court.

a lemon

Nothing but problems for the almost year I've owned it. I've just sent it in for the second hard drive replacement plus othe repairs. HP lied to me and said if I had to send it in for repairs again after the first time they would replace it. I cant count the times or hours I've been on the phone trying to get help from some one I can't understand and the can't understand me. Can never get in contact with any one who has any authority to make a decsion to do any thing accept puut a bandaid on the lemon and send it back. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOUTHER HP PRODUCT. Thank you, Joe Reese

  • Yi
    yipiyiya Aug 20, 2009

    I purchased notebook in Aug. 2008 have had nothing but trouble since day one. Been on the phone with people I can not under stand, and they can not under stand me either for more times and hours than I can count trying to clear up constant ongoing problems. The hard drive crashed for the second time now, and it's returned to HP again for warranty repairs. I've asked for a replacement the first time it was sent in and was told if I had to send it in again it would be replaced. Well so much for HP telling the truth, they won't replace it. and are going to force it on me untill the warranty runs out. It is next to impossible to talk to any one to register a complaint or has the authority to accept responsabiliy for making any judgement other than put a bandaid on the lemon and ship it back. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE. Joe Reese

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ink jets dry up

how is it that if you don't use the printer for a month the jets dry up and the printer is useless?do we...


HP Product: Laptop
Product Code : RM668AV
Serial No: dv 2100

Purchase date: 20/10/2007
Invoice no:RT/ 0205

Purchase warranty start date from HP : 20/10/07
Extended warranty date from HP at additional cost. : Till 19/10/2009

Dear Sir / Madam,

This has reference to the above mentioned HP product.

Attached please find the scanned copy of the invoice for your ready reference and necessary actions.

This product has been purchased from India from HP dealer (Name appears in invoice).

At the time of purchase the dealer has informed purchaser (my self) that he has taken two years warranty at additional cost and product will have two
years warranty for which he has shown us from the HP website that the product is having 2 year's warranty on my name.

Now the laptop is having some problems and when enquired, we have found below things.

1) The dealer from which we have purchased the laptop is no more in business.

2) Laptop went to HP service center where the following was out come
A) Though laptop has been purchased form India, HP India service center has raised hands and confirms that they can not repair.
B) Laptop is US make & purchaser needs to send the laptop to USA at his cost (approx 8000 INR) and risk.
C) Since lap top is under extended warranty there will be no cost of repair.

3) With the above findings laptop went to USA where below findings undersigned came across.
a ) HP USA finds that the make is USA.
b ) They can see the one year warranty but are not able to see the extended warranty.
c ) they are ready to repair / replace the product if they can have on-line warranty document which HP India service center has to confirm.

4) Now that, with the same finding undersigned has been to HP India service center and found the below things.
I ) HP India can show the same (2 years) warranty in their system to me but they can not either forward it to undersigned or HP USA.
II ) This warranty can be taken from toll free no [protected])

5) Undersigned has then called up to Toll free no mentioned above and got the below findings which was informed.
_1_) Complain taken for getting warranty card
_2_) Warranty card snap shot or print out can be obtained from HP service center (which HP service center is denying now to give.)
_3_) Customer care executive (Aparna and Chetan) have issued me the ticket no [protected].
_4_) They were to come back within 2 days but never come back to undersigned.

6) When the case is been registered on one of the online website and forum now since last four days they are calling and telling us to extend the waranty for one more year at the cost of 5500 INR without assuring that they will take care of this laptop repair.

7) Additionally they are now informing me that, this is may be the resale laptop which is never been told by any body from HP or never mentioned in Invoice, when I purchased this laptop.

This is now high time for me to take up the things since Warranty will get expired in moth of October 2009 and HP India service center, HP USA and Toll free Customer care all throws stones to each other and customer is suffering for getting the things done in time.

I am HP customer uses HP products as well recommends family & Friends for the same since a decade but I have not faced any problems like this any time with HP (Not with HP India either or with HP International)

Your prompt action in this regard shall be highly appreciated and customer will save me loosing about 60000 INR as mentioned below

38000 INR Purchase cost
8000 INR (Approx) for sending the laptop to USA
8000 INR (Approx) for bringing back to INDIA
6000 INR (Approx) paid for this one year additional warranty.

Your small help will help undersigned since, I am is presently passing through the really a bad face of my personal life and I have no time to run where ever you all people want me to run and we don't want to go to consumer forum for such a small issue.

Samir Vyas.
Procurement Department.

Fired Heaters.

External DDI: +[protected]
E-mail: [protected]


Hp Pavalian

customer service

Filed on : august 10 2009

Filed by :
Benjamin murray

Filed against :
Hp repair center
45225 northport ct
Fremont ca [protected]

Complaint description:
I have two notebook pc's that were in perfect condition. i decided to put a fresh install of windows vista on both notebooks by pressing the "f11" key which is system restore. both computers would not enter the system restore because the software was corrupt due to hp. i placed an order for a set of restore disks for both pc's. i received the restore disks today monday august 10, 2009. when i placed the restore disks in the systems both computers came up with a blue screen stating "irq equal or less" now both systems were working fine but as i previously stated i wanted to put a fresh install of vista on the computers because after time the systems need a fresh install. i contacted hp support and the customer service reps stated that i would have to pay 800 dollars for the two notebooks because it is a hardware issue with the bios. both systems were working fine until the restore disks were placed in the systems. one system is under a warranty replacement because hp recognized that there was an issue with this computer. the other was in perfect condition but i figured id place a fresh install on this computer as well. the customer service representative wouldnt work with me to correct the issue that was caused by the restore disks. notebook 1: hp pavilion dv6775us - entertainment notebook serial number: cnf7607ylx p/n: kc412ua#aba issue: restore disks caused an error to computer and now i am unable to use this pc when it was in perfectly working condition before the restore disk was inserted notebook 2: hp pavilion notebook dv2310us serial number: 2ce7102z4v p/n: rv322ua#aba issue: this computer was sent in to hp repair and the motherboard was replaced due to hp recalling notebook because they had many customers with the issues. this was less than a year ago and i had to constantly contact hp to ensure that this notebook was fixed. now i tried doing a fresh install on the notebook pc and i am told that there is a hardware issue with this pc as well. restore disk order information order date: 08/07/09 order number: wvb11901 part: vista premium recovery kit total cost: 16.15

Your desired resolution:
I would like both notebook pc's to be shipped and diagnosed on behalf of hp. i own over 7 notebooks with hp and have had nothing but poor customer service with any issues that have ever arised. i would like a fresh install of vista to be placed on both notebooks courtesy of hp because this issues were caused by their restore disks and i would like an apology from hewlett packard. i would also like the cost of both restore disks credited back to my account as this has been one hassle after another

  • Da
    David Nov 23, 2008

    OH MY GOD!!! Hewlett Packard should be sued for allowing such a customer support system to be in place. It was by far the most inefficient, painful process I have dealt with in customer support. After ordering a disk I did not end up needing, I called back two hours after placing the order to ask that it be canceled. After three transfers, I was told by the operator that it was canceled.

    Alas, three days later I received the disk and I was indeed charged for it. After bracing myself to call back for a refund, for numerous more transfers and talking to people who speak poor english, I was transferred an astounding 8 times!! In the end, I hung up in frustration and let them keep the money. If you place an online order, consider ALL SALES FINAL!!

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  • Ba
    Barbara Pearlman Mar 16, 2009

    I have been spoken to rudely, lied to, been disconnected ( on 5 occasions), and have not been connected to the department or person I have requested.

    It is just about impossible to speak with anyone in the UNITED STATES. You either get connected to someone in India or the Philipines. They don't seem to be concerned about you reporting them for slow, inept or rude service since you'll only succeed in speaking to yet another service person in either of the two countries mentioned.

    I have been an HP customer for over 30 years. I have never owned a printer made by any other company, and I must say their products are excellent. I have never required any repairs on any of their products, and I have had the same printers for as long as 15 years, but their so-called service arrangements are terrible and frustrating.

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  • Bi
    Bill Anton Apr 11, 2009

    I have a four year old hewlett packard desktop. After several "errors" and lost data I finally reported the problem to Microsoft. They said that the fault was with the HP keyboard and advised getting the latest download. After a couple failed attempts on the HP website I finally found the keyboard driver update. For XP. As they guard their email address I was not able to contact them for the fix. I have owned two previous HP desktops and one of their printers. As a result of this runaround it is highly unlikely that I will ever purchase another HP product.

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  • Mo
    MOHAMMADJULIAS Aug 24, 2009


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  • Rh
    RHN Oct 26, 2009

    I have also had issues with HP service. I sent a notebook in for a loose mousepad key, which should've been covered under warranty. After receiving the laptop, HP called me to say the notebook was damaged and that it cannot be covered under warranty, but that they would fix it for $322. I told them not to fix it and to send the laptop back, as is. Well, I got the laptop back with damage that was not there befor I shipped it out to them. I guess now they really can say it was damaged and I have no proof that it was not. I'm furious. I will never buy HP products again.

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  • Sp
    Spiseman Nov 04, 2009


    I bought 2 HP Pavilion Laptops and one of them was giving software (OS) problem from the beginning. I sent the laptop to HP to re-image. Even after re-imaging the laptop (OS) didn't work after a while. Looks like they put corrupted OS again. I had a original HP recovery DVD that I bought from HP which did not the do the job either. Every time I try to recover and restart it goes to recover mode again. When I called the HP Support they said it is Motherboard issue and they asked me to pay $400.00 to fix the issue. I performed hardware tests many times and all the tests passed. To double confirm my tests I approached a local computer store they also did hardware test and everything passed. They said it is the problem with the HP original recovery CD and all I need to do is re-image the system.

    When I called the HP support to send the OS CD they said they cannot send the original OS CD because it is not their policy to send the OS CD. I asked the customer support rep and supervisor that when I bought this laptop I also bought license for the OS so why he cannot send the OS CD again. He said he cannot send the original OS CD but I can only buy the OS recovery CD again from them. When I said I already own a recovery CD from HP and it is not working then he said I need to send the laptop to HP and I need to pay more than $100 bucks to re-image the laptop. From this I understood that HP rips of their customers big time.

    I also own couple of Dell laptops. Dell send all the necessary CDs (OS, Drivers, etc) along with purchase of system. Also their customer support is very good unlike HP.

    I am a software 10 years and did hardware job for 5 years. I contacted HP multiple times in last three days to fix this issue. All HP tried to do is rip my wallet for a simple OS problem. Imagine a person who buys a HP computer without computer knowledge??

    Beware of HP and their sucking support!!!


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  • Cw
    cwall_99 Feb 03, 2010

    Bought an HP laptop 2/2/09. On 2/3/10 the caps lock key popped off. Called HP. They said it was out of warranty. I said, "1 day out of warranty... over a caps lock key? Are you kidding me?" They said "No. Even one hour out of warranty is out of warranty."
    My issue combined with all the others that I see out there - Why is HP still in business with customer service like this??? How can our complaints be heard? How can we get compensated for this bull****??? It is not right! I fully intend on spreading the word. At least I will feel a little better if I can keep others from buying from HP.

    0 Votes
  • Ih
    ihatehp Feb 24, 2010

    Your best weapon is to tell everyone you know...word of mouth by consumers. If enough people are spreading the word, and HP continues to make products with sub-par hardware, eventually there will be an effect. The laptops are only one division of their market products, but if you can prevent others from suffering...

    My laptop hardware failed within months of my purchase and of course, was not covered by their warranty. They use cheap parts to make the laptops and charge outrageous fees to fix them so they can cross-sell you their "protection plan." They need to be stopped, it's out of control. I've always used Sony products before. While their products are proprietary, their laptops last for 5+ years (more than enough time until your next purchase). I should have stuck to what I knew was a good product and not just some ad campaign fluff. My HP laptop, which is not even a year old, already has damages on it made by their repair shop. Ugh!

    HP SUCKS!!!

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  • St
    stinkywiselteets Mar 09, 2010

    I own an HP slimline PC. The fan in the power supply stopped working. So I needed the power supply replaced, it was still under warranty. Seems like a pretty easy fix? They send me a box to ship it back to them, and no sooner than they get it, it is returned and they say there is nothing wrong! I then file a complaint, which was not easy by the way, and I get a call from a case manager who says he'll fix the problem. So they send me another box, and FedEx looses the box in Tennessee. It takes about a month to even get someone at HP to help me. I finally get the same case manager that tried helping me before. He sends out a third box to me which I did get, and returned the PC back to HP to have the power supply replaced. I even put a note inside with the PC stating that the power supply needed to be replaced and to call me before shipping it back! Well guess what? The did not call me and they returned the PC back to me with the same power supply.They never touched the power supply because the fan still does not run, but they did however replace the CPU because it overheated and caused some damage!
    I called the case manager back and discussed the issue with him. I had to ask him why they replaced the CPU and not the Power Supply. He said the CPU had been damaged due to overheating! I explained to him the issue with the power supply fan not working and asked, "would this cause the CPU to overheat"? Dumbfounded, he replied "Yes"! So now I'm back to square one! He then proceeded to issue a fourth box to me and told me now my warranty was out, but they will fix this issue for me one last time.(Two months and they have not fixed a thing).
    When the box arrived at my house, the work order stated that the problem was: Excessive fan noise! I gave up on HP at that moment. I shipped the box back with a brick in it. Haven't heard a word.

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will not honor warranty

I bought a HP laptop in April and keep crash for the last few weeks. I sent it in for repair and the customer service rep at HP said his tech said I spilled liquid on the keyboard and it would cost over $300 to fix. I did not spill anything, infact, I only use a dry cloth to clean my laptop. I told them I would never buy a HP PRODUCT AGAIN> Addionally, I have a HP printer less than a year old and I keep getting a message now, printer cartridge installed wrong, it is not and I have done all the trouble shooting steps. I guess I spilled something on that too, even though it is under my desk.

  • Wm
    wmsuttonjr Sep 05, 2009

    Computer crashed. Was advised Hewlett Packard was award of faulty hardware. Called for service and was informed I was out of warranty and the company extended warranty had also expired. Was informed I never registered the computer at purchase, however they had all of my personal information in their file, including the date of purchase. Was told that I could not get the free repairs, however they would be pleased to correct the problem they created for a little over $500.00. When I told them no, suddenly the offer dropped to $250.00. Will never deal with these folks again and will make sure others know about them. It'll cost them a lot more than what it would have cost to stand behind their product and repair my laptop.

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  • Dl
    dlcamp2001 Feb 15, 2010

    That is amazing. I too bought an HP G series laptop. After about 4 months it just wouldn't come on so I called tech support. I noticed that the back was running hot sometimes. I thought maybe a motor or something had burned out. They sent me a box to send it back in.

    A week or so later I got a call from them saying that liquid had been spilled all over the LCD and the keyboard. I told them that was untrue and I had never done any such thing. They gave me a "case worker" who e-mailed me pictures of what they said was my laptop.

    I was shocked at the pictures. The first one showed an LCD screen with a vertical line through the center of it. There was also a "triangular" image in the right bottom corner and what looked to me like white powder smugges on the frame. The other two pictures were of the keyboard and I couldn't tell any difference.

    Bottom line was they said I had spilled something all over the laptop and they would not fix it.

    Lies, lies, lies!!!

    Never will I buy an HP product again! Never! They do not honor their warranty. Whatever pictures they showed me they were not of the laptop that I sent them. I asked the case worker to check the serial number and see if it was the one I sent them. See said it was.

    I should have bought another Toshiba Satellite.

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