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misleading coupon come on

Office Depot seems to be desperate and hopeless lately with their
to good to be true email. They have reached rock bottom in my book
and I will be going to Staples before I get taken by office depot's nonexistent offers. OK maybe it is not as bad as I say but I just wasted 2 good hours of my life trying to use an online coupon emailed to me that turned out to be good for only one toner cartridge. The email said
private one day only sale. Buy 2 toners and get $25 off. Even the fine print did not say which toners. Even customer service didn't understand their own coupon. Crazy company with deceptive advertising tactics. They could be going under.

  • Eb
    EBah May 10, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Horrible experience with them. I will never order from them again.

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fraudulent pressure upsell tactics

Nitin Bhatia, the Assistant Manager of Staples (699 6th Ave, New York, NY 10010, phone [protected], Store...

black screen, just out of warranty

My wife and I both own dv9000's, at first we loved them. 2 1/2 years later, not so sure. My wifes computer will not read her DVD player, small problem now but from what has happened to mine and reading MANY other complaints exactly like mine, its just a matter of time her motherboard will fry. Started out with green streaks in my screen, at first, intermittently gradually getting worse. Installed a new screen worked for two days with the screen still flickering and now I have nothing, black screen. Decided to take it to a reputable computer guy, turns out he had five or six HPs just like mine all with black screens, seems HP has a known problems with their dv2000, 6000 and 9000 series motherboards which HP refuses to acknowledge. If you are fortunate enough that this problem happens during your warranty period, HP will put the same exact motherboard back in your computer. Its not a question of will you have problems, but when. I am a fair person and know that problems do happen, but when its a manufactures defect in which all of your customers are experiencing the same problems and all are dissatisfied, it should be expected that any business would want to rectify their situation as if to keep these people as customers. Obiously HP doesn't need future customers. Its not about HP products, it is about the way HP chooses to handle or not handle their defective prducts that they knowingly sell everyday. It just isn't right!!!

  • St
    StuartSimon Nov 12, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Same thing happened to me with a DV9815nr that after 2 years no longer works. First damaged the DVD and now the Motherboard. HP abusing consumers in North America or outside there.

    For my part I recommend to my clients, friends and acquaintances that HP does not comply with ensuring the proper functioning of their products.

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  • An
    Angry Customer100000000 May 12, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought my HP in Mexico and I loved it for just shy of 1.5 yrs. Out of the blue, one day to the next, I try to turn it on and the screen goes black and the lights start blinking. There were no previous signs of defects or anything of that sort. After doing some research online if found out that I am not the only one, there are thousands of people going through the same problem. This might sound crazy but HP might be programming their products to automatically "black screen" after a certain period of time ( after warranty expires) so that they can make more money... The facts are present, conclusions are up to you.

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the company cheat everybody

I ordered HP mini Laptop by online and through Alibaba Website for $120 and sent the money by China of Bank Transfer. The person with whom I did the deal was Thomas and After he received money so long time but I did not have any news from him. I sent the reminder email to Thomas: sales.[protected] but no reply from him also. He did not give me his phone so I can not contact

Everybody should be careful when order online and through Alibaba.

Please assist.

Best regards.

  • Ed
    Edd22 Nov 17, 2010

    Thks for the Info. Days ago I asked for a quote some suppliers, and now he send me many mails offering products at low cost.

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  • Ke
    Kellytran Nov 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear friend,
    You should be carefully about it. Before They gave me low cost, too
    Ex: Their price is $260 but it's $1260 in my country. It is not reasonable

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  • Da
    daniel boyer Nov 20, 2010

    Well Looks Like they got me to ! I sent $130.00 usd to them and they won't respond to me either. It was supposed to be for rc- helicopters .I have all correspondance and proof they collected the money so I will file a dispute with You should To.

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  • Ak
    Akuan Sakong Dec 02, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was cheated too by Their email address is [email protected] . After I made payment through Western Union First Name: Guoqiang, Last Name: Xue, City: Xiamen, State: Fujian, Country: China for USD160. (My MTCN: 148-120-0192).
    This person named Thomas/Thoms had never replied my emails why they failed to provide me with Shipment Tracking No. from China to Malaysia.
    THIS IS TO REMIND ALL PEOPLE NOT TO DEAL WITH because they are cheaters!

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Sir, I received an email, dated Tuesday, November 2, 2010 on my gmail account. I'm copy-pasting the...

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cheating in hp authorised service centre in siliguri

with due respect i would like to inform you that, i have taken my
cq60 laptop to a hp authorised service cenntre(RT outsourcing services
ltd. siliguri, mob-[protected]). on 30.09.10 as windows is not starting
properly.they informed me that it was due to keyboard problem which i
have to will cost approx 4500/-(keyboard-3500+service charge
500+inspection charge+500+taxes as applicable).i brought back my
laptop paying inspectoin charge 500/- next, day without my
utter surprise i found my hard disk with cabinet is missing.when i
called back they told that the engineer who inspected my laptop was in
leave and told me to come after vacation.after vacation when i went
there they took my bill & told me to come next day as they had to
search for my hard disk, which is most probably damaged. next day they
returned me a damaged 120 GB samsung PATA hard disk with cabinet.but
mine was 250 gb SATA hard disk hp original(i have never changed, or
repaired my laptop before).after arguing they returned the cabinet and
asked me to come when they would find my hard disk.i told them i will
inform HP about the day some one called me introducing
himself as hp service manager of this zone(mob-[protected]).he asked me
to come & collect my hard disk from RT.they returned me a 250GB SATA
TOSHIBA HARD DISK, which was damaged as my surprise when i
removed the level(newly leveled) i found it is a samsung hard disk.i
had to buy a new hard disk from outside.
this is not the end, today someone called me from a landline
no-[protected](hp head office in kolkata?how do they got my no), she
wanted to enquire if i am satisfied with the hp service

we buy HP products not only for quality, but also for
services you provide.if this is the situation of HP customer
services, we shall aware of buying HP products in future.Please, for
GOD sake, try to rectify and resolve customer's concern if can't then
dont aggrevate it.

.thanking you... dr. sarajit kotal

  • Si
    sinha graphics Aug 24, 2011

    your authorised service centre subham computer alias snc infotech is a platform of looting hp printer customer. it is very sorry to say that i brought my hp psc 1310 series printer . complaing about paper jam only, to subham computer. service charged by him Rs 1400 in the name of changing mechanism and inner side cable, which is again in same position after 10 copy printing. asking him about that problem he told me again bring your printer to service centre. how can i believe authorised service centre.

    thanking you
    Ajay Kumar Sinha, Kishanganj, Bihar
    06456223762, 9430961598, 9334911096

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worst hp experience ever!

I don't know if it is possible for HP customer service to get any worse that this!

In December 2007, my HP Pavilion laptop started having problems. In short, the AC adapter would no longer charge the battery unless you jiggled it a lot, and even then it would not work most of the time. I was in danger of having a computer that wouldn't power on, so I decided to call HP. Upon calling HP Customer Service, I was told that my computer was not under warranty, even though we had purchased 3-year extended warranty. "Ryan", who was obviously in a call center in India, told me this was not the case, and offered to sell me a new computer for $500. I declined and decided to have a friend temporarily fix it, since I was under the assumption that my warranty wasn't valid anyway. That worked for a while, and then I had to buy a cheap laptop that I wasn't very fond of either.

Fast forward to February 2008. I get a letter in the mail from HP, saying that my extended warranty for my HP Pavilion laptop is about to expire, so I should purchase another warranty. it DID have a warranty after all! The customer service people sent me a box via FedEx to send it in for repairs. I was told that the motherboard would need to be replaced. I sent it in...and they promptly lost my computer...for FOUR months. During that four months I kept calling my case manager to inquire about my computer, but I never seemed to be able to get a straight answer as to where it was.

When finally I got my computer back in May (keep in mind I sent it out in February) not only was the original problem not fixed, the computer had pieces falling off, and the repair invoice had all these things on it like, "replaced LCD screen" and all this stuff that had nothing to do with the original problem!

I called HP to complain, and they sent me a brand new HP Pavilion dv6000 series laptop for my trouble. I was not pleased with the situation, but their offer of a free laptop placated me for the time being. End of story, right? Wrong.

Fast forward to October 2010. A few weeks ago my current laptop (the one HP gave me as a replacement) started having the same issue my previous laptop had. I called for repairs (as it had an extended warranty until 2011) and I was told it was a motherboard issue. Clearly, their line of laptops have rampant motherboard problems. So I sent it in for service on October 26th, 2010. I got it back today, October 28th. I was surprised I got it back so fast, but I was more surprised when I opened the box. Upon opening my package and inspecting my laptop, I discovered a GIANT crack in the LCD screen. To add insult to injury, the motherboard was clearly not replaced because the computer still wouldn't accept the AC adapter (so my original problem is still unsolved) AND they completely wiped my hard drive.

Of course, I immediately called HP...trying to control my rage in the process. The customer service representative tried to do troubleshooting on the AC adapter problem, as if I hadn't just told him that I opened my package to find a massive crack in the screen. He, of course, told me that the damage was not present when it left the repair center. I would certainly hope so. The cracked screen was obviously a result of FedEx carelessly handling it during transit, but the person I was talking to almost seemed content to leave it at that until I mentioned it's not my fault at all what FedEx did with it. HP chose to use that carrier, so they are responsible for it, period.

After much waiting on hold, I was told that they were going to send me another box to ship my totally destroyed computer. Well, at least that's what the rep tried to do, but he couldn't approve shipment because of the cracked screen (which is generally not covered under any warranty). Instead, he said he would "escalate" the problem to a case manager and I should hear back in 24 to 48 hours.

Well I heard back sooner than that. Today (Oct 29), I received a call from my HP case 5:12 AM. I didn't bother to answer it, because I had been asleep! I have no idea what time zone they were calling from, but they have my file and should be able to tell that I'm currently in California. Adjust call time accordingly HP! She called me back later at a much more reasonable hour. She restated that the damage was likely done in transit (which makes sense as the box appeared to be damaged and re-taped) so in order to file a claim I would have to take pictures of the box and my poor computer. As of this moment, I am waiting for her to send me an email so I can actually send the pictures she wants. Once that is done, we can see about getting my computer fixed.

Not that it would matter much. With a wiped hard drive it barely counts as my computer anymore. Sure I have the information backed up, but who wants to go through the hassle of getting everything in order again? Not to mention that if they send me another box I have to spend my time and energy taking it to the nearest FedEx center. Ugh.

I'm just beyond frustrated. I just can't believe the lack of care they put into making and fixing their products. They're obviously meant to break down quickly, and I'm skeptical that if I send it in it'll get fixed. The obvious screen problem will undoubtedly be resolved, but I'm willing to bet money that my original motherboard problem will not be fixed (after all, it hasn't happened the last two times). If for some reason I get a new complimentary computer from them, I'm not going to waste money on an extended warranty for it. When it dies (and I guarantee it will in two years like my last two have), I will take my hard-earned cash to another company.

I'm sick to death of HP's shenanigans.

worst hp experience ever!

  • Pi
    Pissed... Nov 10, 2010

    Sent in my dv6305 laptop in for repair when HP had the extended warranty program. The laptop was repaired with a new motherboard and now was a v6000. One year later the laptop would come on but no video screen. The replaced motherboard was defective and I'm sure HP knew that. I will never buy a HP Laptop again.

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the machine is unstable

I purchased a Hewlett Parkard model m8100n, running Vista, and an AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual-Core Processor...

poor quality products

I bought a Hewlett Packard scanner to load onto my Hewlett Packard Pavilion computer. You would think they would work together...WRONG! They flood the market with their poor quality products at the same prices as their competitors, yet they cannot provide working products. Then when I ask for help loading the scanner onto the computer they want money from me. WHAT KIND OF THE COMPANY IS THIS THAT THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS? I will never, never even look at a product from this company again.

repair and warranty

I have purchased HP products for years. In fact, I have a hp printer at home and one at the office. I had traded up for a L7780 Multifunction printer when my other hp printer was having problems. Then in July 2010, I was having a problem with the L7780 and was talked into trading up for a Officejet Pro 8500 All in One Wireless for $299. When I received it, it was no trade up at all. In fact, you could buy the same printer for the same price at local shops. I did get an additional 2 year extewarranty because I did not want or need more printer problems. What happened? Now, in October, I have had to contact hp support on three different occasions because the printer wireless cannot find any routers, especially mine. So, I have spent hours working on the printer. This time it never finds the router after 4 hours on the phone. So, they decide to send me a refurbished printer with a 90 day warranty.

new proudct but lost from the web

Dear Sir:
Have brought my laptop since november 2008 so its still not old pc but i have faced many problems to find a new battery
1- at the web site of hp not finding my laptop model (pavilion dv5-1060ee)
2-looking for the battrey model (HSTNN-IB73) as a normal life for a battrey is two years so any thing related for my pc is not found!!!
3-have spend more than seven hours just looking for any thing
4-keep calling the hp call center paying long distance call but no body help
am expecting an action
Thanks and regards
Wassem Khair

disgusting service

I purchased a NEW Hp computer tower in Feb. 2010. Not long after a month--the screen froze up on me--the screen would go blank--SLOOOW getting from one page to another--plus other things. I e-mailed Hp tech support. They e-mailed me back saying I should do this and do that. I e-mailed them back saying I was not about to do anything. It is a BRAND New computer-I am not a computer whiz by any means. We have gone back and forth so many times. Finally I got an e-mail from tech support or whatever saying I should call customer care. I did and after 93+ minutes--the computer was fixed alright--it didn't work at all!! Then the lady that was helping me wanted me to stay on the line for another 20 minutes. I said no way and hung up. I called back the next Monday and had to totally re-do my computer as if it was brand new--didn't help much at all. It is now Oct. 2010--I got a box to send it back to Hp to fix whatever. As far as I'm concerned they can keep it. I am totally disgusted with Hp and won't buy anything with that name again.

screen covered with lines

Do not buy HP product, I bought a HP Touchsmart that costed me over $1000 +, it is little over one year, 2/3 of screen is covered with lines that you can't do anything. I didn't buy the extra warranty due to paying over $1000 + on laptop. It shouldn't need the warranted. Now, I have to take the battery out and stick back in or turn it on and turn off so many times to see screen will be normal. Who has the time for this junk. I bought it after 22 years of military service to treat myself and it didn't even last 2 years and it will cost me over $370 to fix it, that's what HP customer service says. Also, the repair price of $370 +, I can buy new laptop. I looked up the internet, so many people who bouth HP has the same problems that I have. I have a daughter that her Christmas wishes for this year is a laptop, I will not buy a laptop/computer from HP, NEVER, AGAIN. So, I am letting people know to DO NOT buy HP, I am let everyone know, it's a crap!!!

  • Pa
    P.Allen Aug 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also purchased a H.P. desktop in 2/21/13. When I took it out the box and turn it on the problems started. The screen would blink out
    for a second and pop back on, while I am sending emails, the mouse would stop working and the screen would stop working as well.
    I had to turn off the computer and wait ten mins before I could use it again. I contacted H.P and had to reset my computer. That
    did not work it started as soon as I turn it back on .I contacted H.P again. and the computer was picked up for service. How can I
    say this without become angry! The same thing happen ! the mother board was replaced and now the computer still blinks off,
    but now the screen jumps and the key board, mouse, and touch screen works when it wants to. I contacted H.P again. Computer
    will be picked up again for service. I had a Dell Computer it was a work horse. I should have stuck with what works! My grandson
    wanted a H.P. for school and I stated I would buy anything but H.P. Not worth time nor effort!

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printer offline problems - product warranty not honored

As of 10/6/10, it's been 18 days since I begun to use the device and I continue to get "Printer offline" messages. I have contacted HP's Tech Support innumerable times (Email and telephone) and they have failed to correct the problem. Based on several internet postings, this a known problem that has not been resolved by HP.

I have requested a replacement and HP has refused to honor their warranty because "the printer is working and the problem is software related" (Note: Product warranty includes software)

  • Hp
    HP sucks Aug 26, 2010

    The auto answer button keeps clicking off. So, the fax just rings and rings when someone calls. I spent a lot of time with customer service. They finally agree to replace it with a REFURBISHED unit and it will take 11 days to get here. Unless I PAY more for shipping or a care pack to return other crappily made products. So, they only want more money. And, the superviser, "SHANE" refused to give me any other identifying information. He said if he granted my request for them to pay for faster shipping "Millions of people would want it too." If millions of people need their HP products replaced, then HP should shut its doors of pay to fix all the products at no cost to the customer. And, customer service should be upfront about their name and work extension. What a wimp!

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  • Db
    D. Boullemet Apr 03, 2011

    The HP Officejet Pro 8500 has constant paper jams. Usually will require from 4 to 12 attempts just to print one page that is not torn or skewed, and even these have a dentation at the top of the page. This has been a problem since the printer was new and still continues. Printer stayed unopened for 4-5 months and when I tried to call HP customer service, there was no such number listed on their website. I finally found their number and despite my telling them the problem I had in reaching them (the store I bought it from, OfficeMax, did not have a customer service number either), HP refused to do anything about it, saying the warranty had expired---by 72 hours!!! I would never buy another HP again (this was my third one). OfficeMax store personnel told me that they have a very high return and failure rate on HP printers...about 10 to 1 over other brands like Lexmark. They also said that they do not even suggest a customer buy an least not where I live where there are two stores. I wish there were a class action lawsuit as many people have been victimized by HP poor quality and customer service and HP does not seem to care. Submitted by D. Boullemet at [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Miss Sunshine Jun 15, 2011

    Wow! All of these complaints sound rediculously similar to mine. While I found the call centers kind- 22 hours on the phone and 7 different people later ...HP 8500 sucks and the HP Product has deteriorated to a horrible money sucking/time consuming failure. I agree with the class action lawsuit - and an "I hate HP" Facebook page. That may be the only way to bring this to light. I have some friends going through the exact same thing- still seething about their non-working HP 8500- and would be happy to "like" that page!

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manufacturing defect piece

Purchased hp laptop PAV DV4-1411 Sr.No.CND93250BB on 19th Oct. 2009 against payment of Rs.44300/-. Warranty of one year given for Hardware and Softwares. No terms & conditions of Warranty supplied. In middle of Jan.2010 Laptop went out of order. On checking by local service center it was conveyed that mother board has gone out of order. Mother board replaced after 15 days. During this process windows vista Home Premium corrupted. Complaints lodged have gone in vain. DVD Writer of the laptop was also defected one. It has been replaced with new one. LCD of Laptop also became defective. Internal LCD changed but not working properly. Matter still pending. The laptop is a manufacturing defective piece. It requires replacement with new one of same model. If same model not available then with model of similar configuration and of same price.

abuse of 'extended warranty'

I bought an HP Pavilion Desktop from Fry's nearly 3 yrs ago. I was told by the salesman at the time, how important it was for me to purchase an EXTENDED WARRANTY, informing me, that in the event my PC needed repairs, "we will replace it, with a new one'', so I was sold, bought a 3 yrs. warranty.

Well, a couple of months ago, my desktop suddenly went out of order. Would not come on at all. I took it to Frys. The motherboard was out of whack they said.

I was told they would give me a call to pick it up once it was repaired. I waited God knows how long. I had no PC at home. I went back a couple of days latter to pick up a loaner, which turned out to be so slow, that the grass in my lawn grew faster than that piece of junk to boot up. I took it back.

I bought a new PC, not from Fry's (they lost me as a customer for a new PC, but hey, why should they care, my business is just a drop in the bucket for them).

I finally get a call to pick up my PC, ''its as good as new'', I was told.

Well, a couple of days latter, same thing happens. I take it back, again, they said it is the motherboard., '' we'll make sure it repaired to your satisfaction'' says the sales guy.

I think it was May, the first time I took it to be repaired.

After a couple of months, I had a call from a sales person, my PC was ready. This was on Wednesday September 16th 2010. I was told, that a new motherboard was replaced, along with a faulty memory stick, and a new hard drive. ''YOUR COMPUTER IS AS GOOD AS NEW'' had I heard that before?

I went to pick it up the next day. I told the service person, to switch it on. Wow, they forgot to install the operating system. I had to wait for them to do that, no apologies on their part. I live 20 miles away, would have had to make another trip.

Today is the 19th, I switch on the PC at home, and you guessed it right, its out of whack again.

So I have to make another trip, 20 miles, so they can perhaps get it repaired by Xmas of 2011, that is, if its repairable at all.

Since the inception of Fry's in Houston, I have been their regular customer, over the years, have given them huge amount of business, but I, like you, are just a NUMBER to them.

I never complained to the manager, trying to protect the employees from negative feed back, but enough is enough.

I wish their service was monitored.


''Conns'' a well known electronic outlet in Texas was recently fined by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY general, for screwing people after they bought an extended warranty. Not repairing, replacing, or making good on their promise to be honest, seems that they need a name change ''CONED''

computer caught on fire

My Hp G60 series has been overheating from the moment I purchased it. I was a nursing student and lost...

warranty of my tv

My 50" HDTV HP, have a problems with the left speaker (crack) and it's sound is bad. It's under extended warranty until 12/2010.
I call Warrantech to make a report (8/3/2010) & they bring mi a R.O. #4231814TPT, by problem time, I call BrandsMart Service Repair Center the next day (8/4/2010) for Tech. repair appointment, it was scheduled for 8/7/2010 at 9:00 am. It was sharp. The tech. saw the problem and told mi it's goin to be repaired in less than a week. Seven days later (8/14/2010) He call mi and told mi THIS PART IS NOT LONGER AVAILABLE.
I call again on 8/23/2010 requesting my credit, the answer was: CALL IN 24-48 hours for information.
8/25/2010, 3:45 pm: Mr. Martin told mi NOT ANSWER YET, call again in 3 days for answer.
Motivated for this, I was admitted in Baptist Hospital, bleeding blood for high pressure, released on 9/2/2010.
I call again 9/3/2010, the answer was: We are to send you e'mail
with the answer between Saturday and Tuesday.
I call again 9/7/2010, 3:40 pm: Mrs Veronica told mi again the same answer: CALL 3 TO 5 DAYS and get the answer.

defective laptop and damges done by helpdesk

Dear Sir's,

My company variant Corporation purchased this new laptop from HP authorised dealer in South Extension Part-2, New Delhi, model no. HP Compaq-420 (Serial No.SCNU015CHJ).

This laptop started fuctioning poorley only after 10-15 days of its purchase date. Th complaint was registered with ther authorised dealer whose address is given below. This dealer sent his person to my place for repairment but that engineer damaged the keyboard while opening the laptop and was unsucessful in repairing the problem too.

Since the first day of my complaint I have been asking HP to replace my laptop as it is under warranty and I cannot carry a repaired laptop which i just bought but no one ever listens. I have been searching HP email id s and contact details to register a complaint but nothing is given on their site.

The dealer has now gone against and is not agreeing to replace or even repair the laptop and says that I need to talk to HP directly. I do not understand how can someone force such a big company to come to my home to repair it. Further I have also registered complaints in HP customer care whose responses are even poorer.

I request you to take strict action against HP-India for keeping such stupid dealers in their contacts and supplying defective pieces to the consumer.

Address of the Authorised Dealer from whom I purchased the Laptop:
Micro Clinic India Pvt. Ltd.
302, South Ex Center
273, Masjid Moth,
South Ex-II, New Delhi 110049
Fax No : [protected]

I request you to please take strict action against them as i am facing serious problems in my business and can't afford further delays with such kind of nusance given by such a big name company called HP.

Bhaskar mishra
For Variant corporation

not received gift (home theatre)

I had bought my hp pavillion dv5-1102Tu, Serial no.- CNF8433HDW laptop in 28 feb, 2008 and i had sent all the required documents to the redemption cell, redemption code- 1A7R0107DY and i have not received my gift ( home theatre) till now. i called that place many times and they keep on asking me to call next day. they have lost my documents and are not locating it.This is my third time complaint. please send the details on [protected]
Name- Trilok singh
Mob no.-[protected]

not received gift (home theatre)

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