Hertzabusive behaviour of staff at hertz rental

S Aug 04, 2018

I am a Professor in Neurosurgery in Perth, Australia.
This morning (4 August '18) around 11.45 am I dropped off a BMW 530 4WD at Zollistrasse 42, Hertz Zurich Railway office. I had picked it up from Geneva (60 Rue de Berne) on 25 July '18. I had arranged the booking thro Amex Australia and took all possible insurance for the car. I also took very good care of the car.

Prior to returning the vehicle, I filled the car tank 50 km outside of Zurich. I deliberately 'overfilled' the car (beyond the automatic stop of the bowser) so as to allow for the additional diesel consumption. I took this step as often times it is difficult to find a enroute filling station in a new city. I have used this methodology over many years, without any problems.

I encountered a young man at the Hertz office in Zurich who questioned me regarding the petrol tank and I provided him with the petrol receipt. Upon noting that the car had been filled outside of city, he took a very nasty attitude and admonished me in a loud voice in front of other customers and colleagues. He stated that he would have to charge me extra for the missing petrol. I told him that if he came to see the petrol tank fuel guage indicator, he would see the needle above the 'full' limit. After a few attempts to convince him, he came out to the car. He started the car and noted that I was correct but proceeded to call me a "LIAR" (amongst other insults), and stated "other people do this all the time." This abuse was heard by is manager, who came near, investigated and said there was no problem.

Not wanting to make matters any worse I took it upon myself to go with another Hertz employee to a bowser and check whether the customary limit of more than 5 Swiss francs worth of petrol was needed. The amount came to exact 5 francs. The manager and her other colleague apologised for the rude behaviour of this young man. I left Hertz and continued with my journey but only after a long discussin with the manager, who also advised me that this sort of behaviour was not uncommon for this man.

I write this letter of complaint to bring to your attention an acute deficit in customer service at this site by this man. I am not accustomed to being treated in the way he did and neither is any one deserving of his unprofessional behaviour. Social courtesy, good business ethics and etiquette are paramount in the service industry.
I took the liberty of taking down his name from his manager. I believe his name is Sandro Zehnder.

I have been travelling for over 60 years in my life. I cannot recall ever writing such a complain. One mostly accepts human frailties of one or another nature as part of life. The situation today was rather very embarrassing and demeaning for me. I hold a good community reputation with social and academic standing. To be abused in such a manner is just not acceptable in any circumstance leave alone the one today.

I hope you will follow through and advise me in due time as to the outcome of action taken to rectify and not let an event such as this occur again in a reputable company such as Hertz.

Yours sincerely

Prof Mr Soni Narula FRACS
Suite 33, Wexform Medical Centre
Murdoch, Western Australia 6150

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