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I have been through alot with hertiage and it is my position that they absolutely care nothing about your website, must lest your feelings about what your going through with them or have gone through.

We got your money and they keep your money.

Anyway enough of the drama with heritage web because these people are liars, and thefts and so if you really want to get somewhere you may consider not wasting anymore time with these people. Because even if perhaps months, and months, and months and months later they finally complete your website, they make no guarantees that it will even work.

They expect that they can just input what they want, not correct it or not complete it at all, send you some # email "your web is now live" as if you or a family member and potential customers can actually go on your so called "live web" and order products.


These people are such scam artist that I pray that the complaint board can actually move up to the first page on the search engine so that potential customers may read this comments. Because I never bother to go the the next page on the search engine I didn't see this complaintboard.com

We as you may figure out by now they pay for a whole page on the search engine into the second page so that "we" can't see any complaints about them.

If anyone out their knows about who governs their business tactics we can perhaps get them to change the way they do things. People need not to be tricked by submitting information to them and then once you submit information, without knowing you have already accepted their tos (terms of service) without evening knowing about it unless you initially read it on their home page. Why, because you don't get to see their tos until you are about to pick out your information for your web designer.

It is at that point that they present their tos for you to agree to before you submit your information to your web designer about what color and theme that you want for your web.

Aren't they really smart?!!

Anyway, I moved right on for I have no more time for lies!! I was emailed by one of their previous clients who told me she used a company called calabrix to design her website. She recommend them and they seem to be straight forward and all about making your vision come true. You work one on one with your designer to get the job done.

By the way they do not protect themselves only in their contract. They protect their client as well and encourages you to read their contract, take your time, before signing it. And one thing I can say they do have decent conditions for refunding your money. I have never came to a point where i'm not satisfied and don't foresee that it will come to that point either. Everything is going well.

So if you guys need a designer, check out calabrix.com and see what you think. It works for me!


  • An
    anny_ Jun 19, 2010

    Are you people really surprised that you get terrible service from Heritage web solutions? They offer websites for a couple hundred dollars, they give you the best possible service they can for that price because generally to make a quality website even a basic 6 page one takes at least 40 - 100 hours of time, do the math if they spent the low end of time on that you are essentially paying them $5 an hour, so in order to sell you a website cheap they have to skimp on quality. If you want excellent service and a great website that works you have to pay for it.

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  • Sa
    sassay4362 Apr 28, 2010

    The people at Heritage are truly liars and cheats. We have been dealing with them since EARLY Feb. with a PROMISE of a website within TWO WEEKS. Still hasn't happened. They do not return phone calls. The site is not finished, they have our money and won't return it. When we do call, the person we ask for conveniently no longer works there. We can't reach anyone. They don't answer email. We just don't know what to do. We don't have money to waste like this and here we sit. This is truly annoying and heartbreaking to lose this kind of money. I am going to contact the Attorney General in Utah first thing in the morning and see what can be done. I will shout about them from the rooftops. I despise these people. They need to be stopped!

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  • Hi
    Hitisgarbage Apr 02, 2010

    I payed 200 dollars to have flash buttons put on my site. After a month of going back and forth with customer service they told me it was already completed when the work never started. They said when you hover over the buttons they flash green and I told them thats been doing that for 4 months. They wont refund me they said they just did that even though the technician says he didn't do anything. Heritage Web Solutions now known as hit wont help me. I have sent tons of emails to all their complaint departments they will most likely post after I post this saying contact there 800 number and or email them at [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] Trust me you have to send tons of emails to those three emails to get a response. I have called them so many times for help and they wouldn't help me. They are now riping me off saying the work is done. HIT web design stay away. There customer service wont help. All the like to do is sell there service and make you wait months to do anything even though they have the resources. They will tell you after you sign up they have know SLA that's service level agreement. My site was supposed to cost 2999 it's now cost 2000 and still not done. This company will rip you off. HIT Web design should put and S in front of HIT. This company is also Mormon Owned. Their articles of faith state be honest in your dealings with your fellow man. I thought when i signed up with them they were honest. They just sell empty and very late results. I have emailed all of them 800 plus times since the start of my site and its still not done. HIT web design when you read this, this is no new news for you grow up and be honest will your customers tell them we will finish your site when its conversant for us. Also the designers will only email when the site is done so your site will never look the way you want it unless you call and email hundreds of times. Come on give me an AMEN on this report. Just google search HIT for reviews I am telling the truth as God is my witness and I am LDS also. These are just bad mormons.

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  • Ax
    axes450 Jan 21, 2010

    I had a very similar situation to bmkz9z9 in which there was confusion between account managers and tech support and there were several communication breakdowns - noone seemed to know what the hell they were doing. For somebody who doesnt have the time to create a good website I need a competent web and technology company and Heritage was NOT it. I got sucked into their $199 advertisement which was not $199 after the deal was said and done.
    After all was said and done I went to a different company called Potenture Technology Solutions, who were GREAT by the way and they had me up and running in about three and a half weeks and they delivered on everything that was promised along with holding my hand throughout the entire thing. Heritage promised they would do that in the beginning but to no avail.

    Heritage reminds me of the guy who was all sweet and nice trying to get in the girl's pants and then once he got the girl he stopped giving a ### because he knew he was in.

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  • Ke
    KevinLaughton Oct 12, 2009

    Please don't go from HWS to an Indian company! There are plenty of great web designers and programmers right here in the U.S. Let me tell you people a little secret. ANY competent web programmer can use a combination of templates and CSS code to set up a website within a few hours at most. I have set up websites for people that look much better than the HWS sites and only charged $100 for setup. Moreover the customer retains complete control over the domain name, not me! And I don't rely on Indians to do my tech support - never have, never will. My customers love me as a result and I have had to turn away work.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Sep 30, 2009

    I urge EVERYONE who has had any sort of issue with Heritage Web Solutions to PLEASE file a formal complaint with the Utah Attorney General's Office!

    These people MUST be held accountable. Then PLEASE file a complaint with the BBB. They are no longer accredited with the BBB however every complaint matters!

    Then PLEASE contact your bank or credit card, and file a charge back! This will be the ONLY way you get your money back from HERITAGE WEB SOLUTIONS!

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  • Bm
    bmkz9z9 Sep 27, 2009

    I cannot agree more with ALL the complaints on this board. I am big when it comes to customer service. Heritage web solutions can kiss my behind. They have the worst customer service on earth believe it. I told a friend of one that I will take a worst, crappy fast food service OVER the service from Heritage Web solutions. These are my reasons:

    1. Once you get signed up with the company, their 'devotion' to help you get your work done on a timely and professional level diminishes. The customer service at sales dept is great because they want your money, but once they get it, you better forget that friendliness from them.

    2. I thought several times that it must be a coincidence that I keep getting rude reps on the phone, but I kid you not, 99% of the time, THEY ARE not the most pleasant people you want to call. Therefore, when I call them for my service, I hated it because I knew it was going to be a nightmare trying to get what I want without being stressed about it, but I didn't have a choice because I needed to complete my site and I had already paid and got committed to their irrevocable contract.

    3. Their communication is the WORST. I mean that with all my heart. Say for example, you call and want a design update...as I did. I was told I had to put the request in on the update request page...which I did. Then, I called the company, and I was transferred to the account manager. From then on forget it. After speaking to the account manager (AM), it's like no one else knows what is going on. The AM supposingly communicated with the design team, and they never got back to me. YOU (I) will have to keep calling to get the status on your website update. It took 5 days for someone to call me regarding what I wanted, and then when I got the designer to call, he could ONLY do the home page (which is fine since they have to give the other page designs to other specialists). But here is the problem, just for the designer to relate the information to THE NEXT developer/specialist is IMPOSSIBLE. I have to call again and talk to the AM who will try to track down the NEXT person to continue with my site. This is horrible because if this so called company is really a TRUE company, the communication from the designer to the programmer/developer/specialist should be done internally or smoothly enough without stressing its customers. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME since I've had 2 updates. It's very frustrating. The worst is that; they don't give a DAMN!!! Worst tech support I heard? That’s more like putting the icing on the cake…how about incompetent and a house full of people just pushing buttons. Horrible all the way! They least care about your time or your satisfaction. Even the CEO, Brad Stone, who claims to email him…doesn’t do his job or cares about the customer. I even emailed him couple of times, but no response. So don’t listen to him at all. Go figure it out, if the CEO is claiming to email him and he doesn’t respond, you could ONLY imagine what service you’ll be getting as the hierarchy trickles down the line.

    4. The updates you request are given to less qualified people. For example, a programmer called me to start working on my site, and he had NO IDEA of what I wanted. I mean he has NEVER done what I was requested. Hear this: to the point that I had to email him a word document of my previously designed website by them. I copied and pasted EACH page of my previously designed website because of the experiences I’ve had with the company…you have to behave this way and be proactive should incase they come to you and deny things. That’s my way of defending myself because this company made me think this way…you have to be READY!!! Once I sent the guy the word document file of what was previously designed (because the site needed updates and some features were taken down), the guy was surprised to see that I had a word document and he felt stupid. I MEAN COME ON, I HAVE TO SHOW A WEB DEVELOPER HOW TO DO HIS JOB??? Interesting…believe me.

    5. When I finally decided to cancel from the company, I thought I would just request my files, but HELL NO!...That was literally what I received from this HORRIBLE company, they were so rude, they didn’t care I was leaving or tried to keep me as a long time customer. I couldn’t get my refund because they claimed my contract would be ending at the end of the month. At this time, it was still early in the beginning of the month. It was hell receiving my files. The files they created for me, it was CORRUPTED with virus, and guess what?: It DID NOT INCLUDE MY UPDATED FILES!!! This was a nightmare. I had to go back and forth to argue with them that the files and updates (WHICH I ACTUALLY EVEN PAID MORE FOR BECAUSE I NEEDED MORE UPDATES THAN WHAT YOU GET WITH YOUR YEARLY PLAN), was missing in the files. They decided to send me a CD since the ftp files they created could NOT be fixed from the viruses, but this was hell too. The files were STILL corrupted. I had business plans and knew it was a waste of time dealing with this horrible company. As far as I’m concerned there is a legal case here, but I just don’t want to deal with this company anymore in any format. As I’ve previously expressed my frustration to the company that calling them or dealing with them in any form, makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH. I truly mean that…though I’m still considering suing this company.

    6. I can go on and on and list legitimate reason why I DO NOT RECOMMEND HERITAGE WEB SOLUTIONS (who now call themselves HIT = Heritage Internet Technologies) or whatever they call themselves…may be to confuse customers, so they would not know it’s the same terrible company…but I don’t have the time of the day to write all that I want to say about the company.

    7. So if you want what is best for yourself or company, DO NOT MAKE A PHONE CALL TO THIS COMPANY. I REPEAT, DO NOT DARE MAKING A PHONE CALL TO THIS COMPANY. They would become your worst nightmare. THEY ARE NOT WORTH YOUR PENNY! Instead look for a web designing company in India or something; they are worth more than what you’ll get from HERITAGE WEB SOLUTIONS aka HIT.

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  • Co
    ConnectGO Sep 27, 2009

    It is possible to build a quality site for $199. I have no idea if Heritage does or not. Our design company offers customized design for $299. But since 99% of our business is word of mouth, we are offering customized sites for $99 to 2 customers from each state you can call us at 1-888-WEB-2009 to see if this offer is available to you in your state, we just launched this and haven't started promoting it, so it likely is available to you.

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  • Li
    lisalee1 Sep 25, 2009

    i spoke to a heritage staff first they did not call me back right away. then i told them my ideas after gave some some example of site which would be my competitors. How to improve them on my site. i went on my competitors site everything i told them went on my competitor site. this would not be a big deal if for 10 years my competitor had the same site. i feel like heritage stole my ideas. they kept calling and that feeling in my gut. i feel they are dishonest thieves.

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  • An
    Andy Apr 22, 2009

    Many times, potential customers do not know what quality they will be receiving. That is why our company, Avanix Web, offers free draft designs.

    Please visit www.avanixweb.com and fill out our simple form if you are interested. We have created many websites for small businesses and we start from $299. Unfortunately, we cannot match Heritage's rock bottom $199 ;)

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  • Ty
    tyler.nichols Mar 16, 2009

    This is hilarious I worked for Heritage, in Tech Support, and Flash and I know first hand this company deals poorly with customers.

    90% of the tech support crew doesn't have the tools or the know how to help anyone.

    This companies #1 priority is to make money by selling things people don't need, and then under performing on what they sell.

    Maybe there are some happy customers, maybe I was hearing all the bad. But I will tell you this that after my own personal experience working there I would never give Heritage a cent for any kind of work. Heck I would pay them to leave me a lone, and some people do.

    On a side note they are selling cheap web sites and the customers that are looking into this company are paying bottom dollar. So that said Heritage can't afford to pay for good customer service, or quality designers or programmers. So in a way it isn't their fault, they are just a product of the system they set up.

    But still the customer service is terrible. Maybe things have changed since I worked there but when I was there you received nothing but the run around.

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  • Do
    Dora Feb 16, 2009

    OMG I wish that I had seen this before I even signed up with these people. They are liars and cheats. Unbelievable I have no words to describe the anger that is boiling over. Spare yourself that pain don't deal with these people!

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  • Er
    Eric Hamilton Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't have anything to do with Heritage. I was doing research on them because my wife applied for a job there. I just wanted to point out that there are some errors in these complaints:

    First, there's no way for anybody to "buy" the whole front page of a Google search results page. Google sells a couple featured links at the top of the serps, and the right side bar as ad space. There is no way to purchase links in the actual search results page. Call Google and ask them, and they'll sell you Adwords links, but they will inform you that the search results are the result of their natural and organic algorithm, and there is no way to buy spots in order to hide information. If the complaint boards are on page two, that's because people are linking more to the other web pages. Google assumes that when you link to a site, you're essentially casting a vote that the site is relevant and useful for people searching for the keywords that page ranks on. If these complaints are buried in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), it's because too few people find the complaints interesting or relevant enough to link to them and promote them to the front page. It has nothing to do with conspiracy or deception.

    To the person who responded to Brad Stone - The reason I'm here is because my wife is looking into a tech support position at Heritage, and we wanted to know a little about the company. They are hiring tech support agents at very fair, competitive wages in Provo, Utah -- headquarters of Heritage Web Solutions. I can't say that they do *all* of their support in house based on their current hiring, but I can say with fair certainty that they DO care about quality technical support. Otherwise they would be outsourcing all of it to India or hiring at very low rates.

    So far I'm not very impressed with these complaints. On the other hand, I have seen some pretty cool magazine features... Any person can register for top 500 inc, but the growth rates are then verified by the magazine. Inc. is a serious magazine that does its research and publishes widely recognized and very influential top 500 lists. Not some mom and pop scam shop, like the poster seems to imply. They have also been listed in the Utah Business Top 50 - it is a real, influential magazine in this state, and another source of news and information that I trust.

    Whenever somebody offers to design a fully functional e-commerce site for you (including all the graphic design work, programming and hosting) for only $1, 000 -- it would be wise to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you are dis-satisfied with the quality or the timeliness of their work, maybe you should dip into your budget a little more and hire a boutique design agency with an impressive portfolio. The point of the Heritage service seems to be to get very low-budget web-based businesses up and running, before they have the budget to take on a $10, 000 - $25, 000 website solution.

    If you're looking for top-notch design, hire a top-notch design agency, not a budget design factory. If you need a solution that works on the cheap, this looks like a good solution.

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  • Ta
    Tac291 Nov 17, 2008

    I fully disagree with a one Mr. Brad Stone CEO/Heritage Web Soulutions;

    Mr. Brad Stone you company is nothing but small re-seller of website hosting. Not only does your company NOT produce what they say they are going to do... but your company takes it a step further and offers one of the WORST tech support (I will also say OUTSOURCED support to India who understand nothing) to an entire new level.

    For starters your company "Heritage Web Solutions" does nothing but the so called bait and switch method. You take advantage of people, take the money and produce nothing. Take for example my case (and a case it will now be) not only did you rip me off and take over three (3) months to design a simple one page website for me, you company took it upon itself to produce the worst thing I have ever seen and steal my domain name.

    Your sorry support does nothing but give me the run around about this (Yes I have just finished a ICANN complaint about you).

    Bottom line is... Any person that is thinking about using Heritage Web Solutions really needs to think twice. This is a SMALL company that has no clue what they are doing. I would assume Mr. Brad Stone is going to shoot back with being listed on some "top 500 inc" website... FYI if he does post that link, please visit this link and you will see in a clear way THAT ANY PERSON CAN REGISTER for this and you as well can be listed.

    Heritiage Web Solutions a web host that can not even do a simple DNS transfer... And you call your self the top 1%... GET REAL


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  • An
    a.non Jul 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The TOS are not secret. There is a link to it at the bottom of their web page (heritagewebdesign.com). If you don't agree with the TOS, you don't have to do business with them, but don't complain after the fact if you send them money without reading the rules.

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  • Br
    Brad Stone Oct 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Heritage Web Solutions values all of its customers, especially those who have voiced complaints. It is in our best interest to work with these customers to reach a reasonable and fair resolution. In most cases Heritage tries to go beyond what is fair for the company and errors on the side of the upset customer.

    Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for some customers who, no matter what we do, are never truly satisfied. This is especially disheartening, as Heritage has the solid reputation of providing excellent customer service.

    Some customers, as illustrated on this complaint website, have resorted to airing their grievances on the public Internet, in hopes of resolving their particular complaint. We do all that we can to help meet a fair resolution to their satisfaction.

    However what becomes unfair to us, are those customers who we feel have received everything they have asked for, and more, but then take it upon themselves to have an ongoing vindication against Heritage. To us, there is nothing more we can do to satisfy them. They are who they are. Vindictive and angry people do more harm to themselves than they think they are doing against a company. It is sad but true.

    Heritage Web Solutions, with a customer base of over 10,000, receives less than one half of one percent in complaints. That is an impressively low number compared to the standards of today. We certainly would like to have zero complaints, but that is just not realistically possible. There will always be those people who cry foul, no matter what.

    What you don’t see on this complaint website are all the positive emails and letters we receive daily from customers who are extremely happy with the service and work we have provided for them.

    Heritage Web Solutions is a good, solid custom web design and hosting company that has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and the Utah State Department of Commerce. We are ranked in the top 1% of web hosting companies in the United States and have recently been recognized by Inc 500.

    If you feel that Heritage Web Solutions is not taking care of you, I would invite you to contact me at my personal email address at [email protected], and I will personally follow up on your issue.

    Warmest Regards,

    Brad Stone
    CEO/Heritage Web Solutions

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