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Helzberg Diamondsfraud and cheating


On October 25th, 2008 Helzberg was having a jewelry show and I purchased a 2 K princess cut diamond for $10, 000 and a mounting for $3, 000. The next day we noticed a spot in the center of the diamond and returned to the store where they showed us 2 yellow diamonds that we could trade it for. My choice was clear with carbon in it or yellow with no flaws. I was told at the time of purchase I could upgrade at any time and receive full credit for the ring so we decided we would just upgrade next year once this ring was paid off.

90 days later the engagement ended and I went to sell the ring, assuming that I would receive about 1/2 of what I paid. To my surprise I was offer $1500 from the first Jeweler and $2500 from the second. The reason - they don't carry such low quality diamonds! I was embarrassed and humiliated that I had over paid by so much!

The next step was to call the store, that is where my sales person Mike told me that I would pay more for 'Mall Quality' diamonds that from an individual jeweler. Boy that made me feel wonderful. He also stated that if I wanted to upgrade I would need to spend at least as much as I did before to receive my full credit. This was new information to me and I'll be darn if I am going to give you another $15, 000 for a higher grade “Mall Quality Diamond". I was told my best option was e-bay to sell the ring. Frankly if I thought an e-bay buyer wouldn't be as upset as I am I would try it, but could you imagine receiving a diamond ring in the mail and noticing the huge carbon deposit in the center like we did? I could not pass this one to someone else like that. He did give me the customer service phone number so I called them and spoke with a manager of customer service.

His solution was to have the jewelry store document the cut and clarity and write a letter to Helzberg. Has anyone tried to do this? No one wants to write a letter for a consumer that had obviously been ripped off! Two of the stores told me they would not get involved, however the 3rd one did – I call him my new diamond guy for life! He frankly felt so bad for me, knowing what I paid, he wrote the letter and stated he could buy the same diamond for $1500 and would sell it in his store for less than $5000.

ith a whole lot of hope and a letter in hand I followed the Helzberg process and took the ring and all paperwork back to the store and they sent it off for their internal grading report and up through the customer service channels. So 3 weeks later guess what - I am sorry there is nothing we can do says store manager Anna! Come and pick up your worthless diamond ring!

I am writing this to protect the consumers of America and if through my efforts I protect just one consumer that walks away from this store I will be satisfied. I purchased the ring and with in 90 days discovered I bought a $1500 stone for $10, 000. I believed all the hype about Warren buffet being an honest business man and that a consumer could believe in a company he owned. I am not a diamond guy but this is atrocious that a business can simple do this to the consumers. I hope several people read this and decide to purchase their jewelry elsewhere. Please for my own sanity let me know if I saved your money from Helzberg's.


  • Gi
    Gina122 Nov 14, 2013

    Well it seems like buyers mistake and probably uneducated sales people. A mall diamond store hires random people where as somewhere like Tiffanys probably educates their sales people or hires gemologists. Before you buy a diamond you have to know what you are getting. A diamond is a diamond neither Tiffanys nor Helzberg can make one good or bad. You have to know the grade, the cut, the color, the clarity, depth. I have a 2 ctw. (two carat total weight) ring from Helzberg that is four diamonds in the middle. I know this is not going to retail as well as one that is a whole diamond middle but It is beautiful and I got it at a great deal. I went to the gemologist and they appraised the ring for 4k when I bought it for 3600. So that is good news for me. They also appraised it for a higher clarity and color. I don't like their warranty policy (where you have to bring it in every 6 months to get it "checked out" because I don't trust sales people). Stores like Helzberg don't get GIA certificates for smaller diamonds that are worth less. These places are not good to go to unless you find a really good deal. I would never buy 10k from any of these places, not even Tiffanys. Go to Blue Nile, James Allen etc.

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  • Wa
    Wanda McLane Jan 17, 2012

    A customer of Helzburg wished to sell a ring she had purchased from them to me. I met her at Helzburg to view the ring and confirm it's value, carat, etc.. She had advertised the center stone as 5/8 ct (marquis) and side stones total .36 ct.. The jeweler, I'll call her Sue, looked at the ring thru her loop and stated it was .28 carat. I asked her to double check, which she did and again stated .28. With that the seller pulled out her appraisal from Helzburg which stated in one place that the center stone was 1/2 carat and in another place it was 5/8 carat and in no place did it state actual points of the center stone. It also stated the side stones totaled .36 carats. It was immediately obvious when I first saw the ring that the center stone was not 5/8 carat, but closer to 1/4 carat, however, I didn't say anything at that time.

    I asked "Sue" how the math worked on that appraisal since the stone had the lazer .28 carat and the appraisal had two different carat weights and either of which were on a point basis, just fractions. She looked up the ring in her computer and explained how it's value had really increased over the last few years. I told her that was very nice and again asked her to explain the math. With that she took the ring and appraisal to the store manager. When she returned she explained that the center stone was 5/8 carat and when fractions are used the points encompass a range. I told her I understood that, which is why the appraisal should have the point carat weight and why the stone DID have the point carat weight which was .28 which does not equate to 5/8 but to 2/8 or 1/4. I asked her to please explain that math. She took the ring and appraisal back to the manager. This time when she returned she fed me the same line. I asked her point blank, "Does 5/8 carat equal .28 carat?" and she said yes. I asked her if 1/2 carat equals 5/8 carat and she said yes. I asked her if .28 carat equals both 1/2 carat and 5/8 carat and she said yes.

    I find it totally amazing that when Helzburg is caught, in writing, making such an error, they will stand behind their lie. She looked me straight in the eyes and lied to me. If I had been somebody that didn't know much about math or diamonds, which most consumers don't, I could have been defrauded to the value of about $2, 000.00 because I relied on the expertise of the jeweler at Helzberg.

    I will never do business with Helzberg and I highly recommend that anyone seeking an honest business transaction not do business with them either.

    We took the ring to 3 other jewelers to see if they would give us an approximate idea of the carat weight without removing the stone and actually weighing it. All 3 did so and the general consensus was 25 - 30 pts.

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  • Br
    bryanintexas Nov 22, 2011

    o ya i forgot to ask how the hell do you not see something like that if it is sooooo "noticable" i mean are ya blind and someone else saw it or what?

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  • Br
    bryanintexas Nov 22, 2011

    i bought my wifes ring from helzburg the associates were nice and clean cut. payed about 4k for the engagment ring and wedding bands altogather total of 2 carats. great ring and went to any other retailers and will they will give 5k+ for the ring so sounds like most of the ppl on here didnt take the time of day to figure out what the hell they were doing and if u do that u are gna get screwed on anything...guess they learned their lessons lol.

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  • So
    SONGC17 Nov 16, 2010

    O it figure some Hellsberg employee files a rebuttal. I am in teh same fiance' got me an UNCERTIFIED DIAMONG from HELLSBERG for $4K. All i can get now is $150 for the P.O.S. THEY ARE FRAUDULENT AND SCAMMERS. NEVER AGAIN. STAY AWAY FROM HELLSBERG.

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  • So
    SONGC17 Nov 05, 2010


    For starters, I received a 14K Marquis Solitaire .50 UNCERTIFIED ring years ago from my then fiancé. The original sales receipt lists this ring at $3995 retail! He got this on a holiday special and paid with taxes around $3k. At that time, I did not press him for paperwork..I was happy to get the ring and thought nothing about it. He had the receipt and other warranty documentation, and the last thing on my mind was whether he was ripped off.

    I ended up leaving him, and upon his death, he left the ring back to me. Being that I am under 40, single and can’t wear the ring, it will sit in a box in my closet. I figured it would be best and he would appreciate me selling it for something else of value that I could use everyday. HOW WRONG I WAS. I CAN’T GIVE THIS RING AWAY. NO ONE WANTS IT. I have sent this ring to 4 diamond buyers with offers between $200-$300. To my ASTONISHMENT, I took it to a jeweler myself, to receive a verbal that equates to this diamond being a piece of crap. HALF OF THE JEWELERY BUYERS SIMPLY DO NOT WANT THIS RING, or they lowball me offering $200 (majority).

    I wrote to HELL-ZBERG’S CORPORATE OFFICE, to get very RUDE customer service if you want to call it that. I inquired as to whether this ring had certification that was simply not passed on to me or my then fiance’ and I was told that it is uncertified and the reason is that they do not certify all of their diamonds in order to keep a variety of offerings to their customer (total b.s.). I then wrote back asking how it is, if a diamond is uncertified the value is determined. It makes no sense they would price a HALF CARAT RING at $4K retail that is uncertified and they offer nothing..they said the best there were willing to do since I can’t get to a retail store (which I would still get the same outcome anyway) is to get an insurance appraisal. I do nto need an insurance appraisal, I need what EVERYONE WHO OWNS A DIAMOND RING NEEDS, PARTICULARLY AT THIS OUTRAGEOUS PRINCE…A FREEGIN CLUE OF THE 4 C’S. I find it hard to believe that I can walk in any jeweler and ask for this information, yet the place I purchased it from CANNOT AND WILL NOT provide it after they received $3k for a $200 ring. Anyway, once I caught on to their b.s., they then stopped returning my emails…I was blown off completely. I did warn them that if they treated me that way I WOULD POST THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK THEY DESERVE and they IGNORED THAT TOO, so HERE IT IS JERKS.

    This was my first diamond and first engagement..had I known, I would have NEVER allowed my fiancé to purchase this ring or I would have immediately returned it myself. They seem to prey on men and their ignorance, and clearly they saw mine coming…he is CLEARLY unknowledgeable about this and they sold him an UNCERTIFIED DIAMOND at the price of a PERFECT CERTIFIED HALF CARAT DIAMOND. I could ring his neck for buying me this P.O.S. The only value this contains is that it is from him…it’s a cheap piece of crap and he worked very hard for his money.. It’s nothing short of awful and with all of the complaints I see they will be out of business with these sales tactics. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO ETHICAL SALES PRACTICES….HELL-ZBERG *^&*&^ SUCKS.

    Oh, and for you HELL-ZBERG sales clerks – do not bother responding with your b.s. excuses. THI SHAPPENED TO ME, and it’s happened to many people from what I see..your apologetic emails do no one any good who was ripped off having no recourse. I could have gotten an UNCERTIFIED DIAMOND at KMART or would hold more value than this I am sure of it.The point of going to a “fine jeweler” is to get QUALITY. Jewelers should NOT be allowed to sell UNCERTIFIED defeats the ENTIRE PURPOSE of paying more money.

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  • Kr
    Krista2332 Mar 30, 2010

    You should have researched diamonds before buying...That's your own damn fault!!!

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  • Ma
    mary8885 Jan 21, 2010

    i found a beautiful carat solitare ring that i fell in love with, but after hearing your story...forget it! Thank you for sharing it with us. My bf and I can def rule out Helzberg as an option now!

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  • Fy
    fy martinez Dec 07, 2009

    anytime you enter a jewelry store wherever it is located, one must realize the objective is for that store to encourage you to make a purchase.I visited several stores before making my choice and i knew going in I would be asked to make a purchase at each one.The salesperson would not being doing his job properly if he didnt ask me to buy.Checking my buying power or suggesting opening a credit card is all the same, how else do you think they can come up with your credit line?as far as what swayed my decision out of numerous stores to choose from, it came down to who I felt confident in their company and their quality of merchandise and the presentation by the salesperson.Helzberg Diamonds educated me about my potential purchase, I got to see several qualities of diamonds in the carat weight I was interested in.They were the only store that allowed me to see my choices under a gemscope, when every other store just offered me to see it with a eye loupe or nothing at all.I even got to look at the diamonds in just normal ligthing after seeing them under the gemscope which made me feel even better about my choice, sometimes all those bright lights can be misleading.I did decide on a 3/4 ct round diamond that was not certified but was just as beautiful as the ones that were.I even took my diamond and had it appraised by a G.I.A. independent gemologist and paid about 50 dollars to do so.It turned out to be an I1 clarity and H in color, it also recieved a good polish/symmetry and a good cut.I was very happy with my decision, Helzberg guaranteed those ranges even though it wasn't certified and as I was talking to the appraiser/gemologist, he said that a diamond thats not originally certified does'nt mean its not a quality diamond.It just hasn't gone thru the proccess of certification and thats exactly what was stated by the salesperson at Helzberg.In a world of limited trust, I would trust the people at helzberg.Just remember most people have experienced problems in numerous jewelry stores and its unfortunate.But think about all the people who have had a wonderful experience like myself.I am a Helzberg customer for life and have made several purchases within the last 3 years.

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  • Mo
    Moniquin Oct 04, 2009

    Thank you!!! You definitely saved us... Before reading your story, we were at the retail store getting the whole Warren Buffet story too. It was amusing when I read your comment and heard you got the same line!
    We didn't get around to buying a ring yet because we had just started looking, but our issue has to do with dishonesty too...

    After an hour and 1/2 of sitting through their presentation, the store manager asked us if we wanted to see what line of credit we qualified for. We said yes and proceeded to fill out the application he presented to us. Mid way through before signing, we specifically asked if the application was to open an account or to just see what we qualify for. He reaffirmed that it was to simply see what we qualify for. He got the response back, and we were thrilled. We told him we still needed to look around before making a decision and would go back. Before leaving he told us our Helzberg credit card should be arriving to our home within a week! I can't believe he lied to us!!! They played us and opened the account. Talk about dishonest!

    We called HSBC and there was nothing they can do. We had HSBC comment in our account that we dispute the account and was opened under false pretenses. We didn't want to close the account either because then it reflects negatively on our credit score. It's deception at its best!! We were very upset with the manager, but didn't rule out the possibility of doing business with another person in the store. But after reading all the awful review... we're staying far far away!!
    Thank you for your story. Hope our story will help someone else too.

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  • Df
    D-Flawless May 20, 2009

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  • jamesisajeweler Apr 03, 2009




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  • jamesisajeweler Apr 03, 2009

    Hello i'm James The Jeweler in Atlanta, Ga and i read your complaint here and I HONESTLY MUST SAY YOU SHOULD'VE NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D GET A "QUALITY" 2CT PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND FOR $10, 000? but i'm not going to bite your head off because you're not a jeweler so you didn't know what you were really paying for, you thought you were getting DEAL ON A LARGE DIAMOND when in reality you weren't.

    Now i'm a REAL JEWELER as well as a GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST and the first thing i'm going to tell you as well as anyone else here who may be reading my comment, DON'T EVER BUY A DIAMOND WITH "BLACK CARBON" IN IT, though this is a natural occurance in some diamonds, I DON'T SELL DIAMONDS WITH "BLACK CARBON" IN THEM, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU BUY THEM FROM ANY JEWELERS.

    Everyone if you're going to pay GOOD MONEY FOR A SOLITAIRE DIAMOND OF 1/2CT AND LARGER MAKE SURE THE DIAMOND IS "CERTIFIED." "CERTIFIED" diamonds have more value than "UN-CERTIFIED" diamonds because with "CERTIFIED" diamonds you'll know their TRUE CUT, COLOR, CLARITY, & CARAT WEIGHT of the diamond you're buying or have bought.

    If you're on a BUDGET and you want a large diamond i suggest you get diamonds with a color of no less than I color, and no less than an I1 clarity. Though I1 is considered an "IMPERFECT CLARITY" it's really not because many I1 clarity diamonds are "EYE CLEAN" but make sure you cannot see any inclusions with your naked eye, like the SI clarity diamonds that are considered "EYE CLEAN" diamonds. Never buy any solitaire diamond that you can see inclusions with your naked eye, regardless of whether it's an SI clarity or an I1 clarity, and never buy diamonds that may have an inclusion you can see with your naked eye IN THE CENTER OF THE DIAMOND. Diamonds that have " NAKED EYE VISIBLE" inclusions in the center of the diamond are considered LOW QUALITY DIAMONDS so stay away from those makes of diamonds as well.

    If anyone here ever needs my assistance on getting a "QUALITY SOLITAIRE DIAMOND" feel free to contact me.

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