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European Jewellery Company — RIPOFF+BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

This is the complaint i sent them on their website and THEY DIDNT GIVE A DAM to even get back to me or...

European Jewellery / Marex Jewellery, Toronto, Ontario — Bad Customer Service/ Rip Off

Marex Jewellers and Europeon Jewellers are the worst Jewellery stores ever. The only nice guy they had was a...


The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
European Jewellery / European Boutique — lost item

I took my mother's gold charm bracelet (without the charms) to European Jewellery to ask about getting...


European Jewellers — A damaged engagement ring

I work at a different jewellry company but decided to purchase from European Jewellers with my fiance. I...


The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
European JewelleryAwful Service and Shady Practices

I went to Yorkdale with my mom in search of a watch to buy her for around $800. We went to the first jewellery store we found - EJ - and browsed through the collection of watches. A Gucci in the display window caught my mother's eye and we asked a salesperson to have a closer look at it. As soon as we told the lady we liked it, she offered us a similar Gucci for $1000 more with a small diamond ornamentation. We politely declined and asked for the price of the white one with no diamonds. The list price was $795, and the employee told us she could get us a small discount. She seemed very eager to close the sale and was pushing for it as soon as she gave us the price. Didn't offer warranty information or anything. We told her we needed to think about it and left.

We found another store called Marex Jewellery (EJ's sister store) and found the same watch in white and brown. We asked a saleslady to have a closer look at the two different colors it came in for comparison. My mom liked the brown dial more and again we were immediately pressured to close a deal. I inquired about the warranty and was informed it was a standard 2 years for inner repair. The employee told us about the additional "buckle to buckle" warranty. We said we weren't interested, but she kept rambling and giving us this meaningful look like we were missing out on a great deal. She also gave us a 10% discount, but it didn't seem too good considering the advertisement of large sales. We also overheard a male employee talking to another customer nearby, discussing the no payment for 12 months deal. He actually told the man that if he was smart, he would make a down payment on the item. Of course, he was implying that the customer wasn't smart, since he was choosing no down payment.

My mom wasn't sure what to do, so I told her I'd quickly return to EJ and find out their discounted price. I asked the same saleslady from before if they carried the watch with the brown dial and at what discount. She told me to wait a moment and then spent 10 minutes on the phone. She said that they did have it. I again asked for the discounted price but she refused to tell me, ordering me to call my mom now and get her to come to the store. I said that I just came to find if they had the brown watch and at what price but that I wouldn't call my mom unless I thought we should buy it. She ignored me, ordered me again to bring my mom to the store, and said she'd be right back to get the watch. "Where was she even going?" I thought to myself. Frustrated, I walked out before she came back.

I really didn't appreciate being talked down to. I may have a young-ish face, but I am 18 years old and shouldn't be treated like a child instead of a normal customer (I even towered over the lady because I'm tall for a girl).

When I looked up EJ reviews, I saw many bad ratings and comments and also found out that Marex is the sister store. That's where the saleslady was going - to get the brown watch from Marex! The two stores were probably in the same mall so that customers wanting to compare prices would find the same ones and decide to buy from one of the stores since they couldn't find a better deal. I also believe the extra warranty is rip-off because intead of having a professional doing watch repairs, regular store employees were at the counter tweaking with watch parts.

Bottom line: VERY unprofessional behaviour toward customers and useless warranty!

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    • Jc
      JcLV Jun 19, 2012

      I agree, poor after sales service. Everything is good until the sales is close and then the customer is S.O.L. I would never deal with JW ever.

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    • Fr
      fragiledream Mar 07, 2012
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I agree with all the comments above. Marex Jewellers and Europeon Jewellers are the worst Jewellery stores ever. The only nice guy they had was a gentle who I saw once I went to collect my ring. Everyone else in the store was looking for victims to sell them high priced items which actually are not worth that much. I bought a ring and the very next day I wanted to return it. They refused to take it back, instead offered me store credit. I wanted to return it because I hated myself for getting trapped and scammed by these thieves because I found out that I was charged for this item more than 400% for the same item in different stored. And I feel like such an ### for trusting their word and not looking around. And their justification was "better quality diamonds". I just cannot believe how low people can go just to make a little more extra commission and profit. This is the worst type of customer service I have ever seen. Specially this manager "Donna". She acted like an angel when I was buying the ring and paying her but when I went back to return it, the whole attitude changed and the fake smile was gone. She said its store policy and then I asked for the head office number so I could deal with them directly. She refused to give me the head office number, I mean who does that now a days. Only and only cheats and frauds. Anyone who is confident of their quality of products and customer service, refunds don't matter to them. These thieves have good sales team so they trap people and push them it buy it right then. Once it is sold. it doesn't matter if a customer is happy or not because they don't refund you. I actually find hot dog vendor friendlier and nicer than these greedy people. She actually called security on me because I said I want a refund because I felt cheated. She offered me store credit but I refused to accept it because I didn't want to deal with these thieves again. I have accepted my loss already but please make this a habit to check refuse before spending decent amount of money anywhere. It is sad but this world is full of greedy people like Marex/Europeon Jewellers. I just hope my comments are of some sort of help to people who are thinking of buying anything from either of these two stores. And please spread the word too so that they can know it matters when you leave a happy customer, it damages your reputation. I have already made it my mission to spend at least one hour everyday for coming months to tell the truth about these frauds to everyone. At the end of the day it is not about the money, it is the feeling of being ripped off that I cannot even sleep now. I just pray to God they go bankrupt one day for not having any customers and then they can wear all their ### jewellery themselves. Please spread the word, it might help someone from being ripped off!

      1 Votes
    • Zi
      ZIMUIT Mar 21, 2011


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    • Na
      natalie_577 Nov 25, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      My fiancee bought me an engagement ring. Unfortunately, it wasnt ready in time for our trip where he planned on proposing. So he purchased a "temp" ring in the mean time until the real ring was ready. The store said that my finger was small so they have to make the ring from scratch and should be ready in 4 weeks... 6 weeks the latest. When we came back from our trip I was excited to get the real ring so my fiancee and I called the store to check up on the 4th week. They said it wasnt ready. We called the 5th week, again they said it has not yet arrived and that the manager will give us a call the following day to see status of the ring. We did not receive a call. The 6th week we called again, the person who picked up said the ring still hasnt arrived and that the manager will call us. Again, the manager never called us, instead the person on the phone said that it shows on the computer that the ring would arrive the following week, the 7th week. Getting impatient, worried and upset I told my fiancee that I had a bad feeling about this.
      The day the ring was supposed to arrive, I was waiting for the call from the manager to tell me to pick it up. Again, no call. I decided to call the store myself to complain. My fiancee gets a call from the manager saying that he still has not recieved the ring and that he has no idea why the supplier overseas still hasnt sent it. He then continues to say that the supplier has not returned their calls or email regarding the manner. Furious, I told him he needs to gave me ring asap because I had an engagement party in 3 weeks and that should give them enough time to figure something out because I have been waiting for 7 weeks already. He apologized and said that he was going to get an in-house jeweller make the ring because he was still unable to contact the supplier. He said that he could give me the ring in 3 weeks just in time for my engagement party. I called on the 9th week to follow up, he said he was going to look into it. Two days before I was supposed to pick up the ring he calls me and tells me that the ring is STILL NOT READY!! He said their in-house jeweller couldnt make the ring so now I have to wait a few more weeks until their supplier sends them the ring!!! OMG!! The same supplier that was supposed to have the ring ready 5 weeks ago! I was so angry and so disappointed with the quality of their work, customer service, their lies, their excuses and they still wouldnt do anything to compensate me for the time I waited! I started crying because I was so angry that I called the head office. Head office never called me back after I left a msg twice regarding this complaint! Until now... its been the 10th week and I still dont have my engagement ring! I had to go through with my engagement party without the ring I was supposed to have! Embarrassed, I had to tell all my 150 guests the story about European Jewellers/Marex and how much they screwed me over!!! I dont believe anything they say, anything they promise and I dont even want the ring anymore because they have completely angered me. I just want my money back and get the ring somewhere else. Unfortunately, they said no REFUND!!!

      After 10 weeks I still have to wait for my engagement ring which was supposed to be ready 6 weeks ago!!
      I am i furious with this company!
      They are the WORST company/jeweller I have ever encountered. They are NOT TO BE TRUSTED! I will have to tell everyone I know about this and I think that everyone should spread the word that this company should not be worth buying from! There are so many complaints against them, they should just SHUT DOWN!

      1 Votes
    • Fl
      flur Aug 23, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I also have terrible experience with European jewelry at Yorkdale then eaton center. I bought a diamond solitaire. Sales lady told me that I can upgrade my diamond any time within 2 years time frame and at higher price. She explained me about higher price by giving me an example that if I had bought a ring for $3500 and if upgrading then it has to be for $4000. I agreed.
      After a year I planned to upgrade my diamond I went to the store Talked to a manager ( Sheraz, very rude and ill mannered guy). He refused to upgrade for that price and informed me very first time that store's policy is that it has to be double the purchase price. I got socked because when I bought it this is not sales lady has told me. I asked him to call same sales lady, he replied "well she is not with us anymore and I can not confirm if she said it to you. Which was directed towards me as a LIAR.
      Anyways I called eaton center EJ asked them the procedure to file a complaint against fraudulent sale. Manager said its better if i come to the store so that they can figure it out how to accommodate me upgrade. INFACT SHE TRAPPED ME.
      I went there, she wasn't ready to listen my complaint and how upset I am she kept offering me upgrade with 100% more amount(double price). WELL THIS IS WHAT MADE ME MAD instead of realizing that MANAGER offered me 4 times upgrade with doubled the amount of purchase and I kept saying NO. I told here several time that I am here to complaint what can you do instead of making your sale. Suddenly she said since you are being rude to me I cant help you. Huh me being rude? THEY ARE BIG SCAMS. They do not disclose their upgrade policies they do not care about customer services. Like a ### she was forcing me to upgrade my diamond and pay double amount. Each time I opened my mouth to say that how upset I am already she cut me down . SHE DID NOT LET ME SPEAK, she doesnt even know normal norms of talking. It seems like her habit to interrupt. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE LIARS .

      2 Votes
    • St
      Stay away from marex Jul 29, 2010

      I've had terrible experience with Marex. Stay clear. The pearl necklace I bought fell apart the first time I used it. We brought it to another jewellery to have it fixed (matter of convenience) and was told the pearls were GLUED to the (silk) string.

      The necklace fell apart first time wearing it an approximately one month after their three month warranty expired. They absolutely refused to fix or replace the product. They were rude, abnoxious and try to sell the extended warranty. They wanted a 40 dollars to fix their defective product and when I complained, the store manager explained they have no say whatsosever over the products they sell and that everything must go via head office. I wrote a complaint on their website and there was no response. I will be complaining about marex jewellery at yorkdale at the better business bureau.

      1 Votes
    • Ho
      holagurrl Jul 05, 2010

      I also forgot to add that the brown Gucci watch at Marex didn't look new like the white - it was stainless steel but didn't shine like it should - it reminded me of used kitchen cookware.

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