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My package with 2 wedding dresses NEVER arrived, because they INTENTIONALLY issued a wrong delivery note and chose a type of pack, that was immediately returned to CHINA after the carrier failed to deliver the pack due to missing delivery info (the address provided was full and correct). The HEBEOS company never informed me on the status of my order, I never received any tracking number for my parcel, until I contacted them myself asking for it, after which they just informed me that my parcel was already NOT DELIVERED FOR 2 DAYS whilst I wasn't even informed that it was shipped!

I went through 2 weeks of hell phoning constantly the courier company that was blaming the seller, and the seller just saying "the carrier company takes time" which was a load of bs, as they orchestrated all this so that my pack would never arrive. I even went personally to the main sorting centre of the Postal Services (30mins drive one way) to ask for my pack and twice I was told that such pack was nowhere to be found, although the courier website said otherwise - it was a ghost package, never meant to arrive to me.

Customer service is non-existent, it is a bunch of fake profiles or bots, they don't speak proper English and they do not want to help you, they're plain rude and offensive. Noone ever offered me a refund for good that were NEVER DELIVERED.

I reported the case to legal authorities in Italy and to my bank to open a dispute. I am also going to report them to the police.

I was waiting for over a month to receive my wedding dress, I went through hell of stress (in already stressful situation), and I ended up having to go to another shop and spend money for another dress in the last moment, with the 400 euros being stolen until this day.

I never got any apologies from them, nothing.

Now when I informed them that the pack was send back to them, they stopped replying to my communication.

Claimed loss: €400

Desired outcome: full refund of money

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