Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG]medical bill resolution - rude and belligerent associates


I received a phone call today (April 17, 2017) from a gal name Elaine at HRRG Collections. I did not hear who she worked for so I asked for the company name. She said HRRG (Healthcare Recovery Group). She informed me she was a bill collector and this was an attempt to collect a debt. She instructed me that I had an outstanding debt from an emergency room visit on September 10, 2016. She informed me that my insurance company had paid $97.56 and the balance of ~$247 was left unpaid. She told me a bill was sent to me. I had told her I did not recognize the company name, but I had my medical bills in front of me and asked her to wait while I looked through them. She hung up the phone on me.

I then looked on line and discovered there were many complaints against this company and questioned their legitimacy. I decided to call the phone number back [protected], as the Internet indicates the number was a local insurance agency office. When I called back, a man answered (could not understand his name due to his broken English) and greeted me by name, "Hello Mr. Abare". It's obvious they have caller ID and/or their computer system is linked to their phone system. He then thank me for taking his call. I said, "What! I called you", which he then seemed to fumble his words. He then asked for my birth date which I refused to provide with the intent to share I was questioning who they were. He talked over the last part of my reply. He told me he was with HRRG and they had all my info including my social security number which he then asked me to provide/confirm. I told him I was trying to verify if they were a legit vendor which of course he claimed they were. All this was going on and he was still talking over the top of me. I could not get a word in edge wise as he kept talking. He indicated they sent an invoice on March 4, 2017. (I do not have any receipt of an invoice from HRRG). I asked if he could send it to me again. He said he already had sent it referencing the address he sent it to. I said, if you would allow me to talk we might get through this. I then asked a second time for him to send me the invoice. He then hung up the phone on me.

This may be a legitimate bill. I was hospitalized on that date. When I check my insurance claim files I do see an amount matching what he says would be do, but it does not correlate to the emergency room, but rather to a doctor who I do not recognize a name. I am willing to pay my hospital bills. I have already had two medical scams in the past 12 months and am trying to be cautious to not fall victim again. I have an open account with the emergency room at the hospital as my wife an I have been in the ER 3 times in the past 7 months.

If I had a client number, an invoice, something... I would be glad to provide it.

I would think that bill collectors should have a protocol to adhere to when trying to confirm information and how to reply to a consumer that is not trusting of the suspicious nature of the calls. If Elaine had not hung up on me I could have checked (and was checking) the invoice and/or if I had received an invoice from them. FYI... I have nothing from HRRG. It is bill collectors like this that give the industry a bad name.

At this point I want this documented so should they not comply with sending me an invoice I have some reference to why they did not see a timely payment (assuming they are legit). I don't want their lack of customer service to impact my credit rating.

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