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HC Processing Centercredit payment on website

This place is a scam! They have multiple ways to get you. I’m on my way to the bbb website, but i’m filling out every site on the way. I bought a nordictrack treadmill with financing from hccredit.
The first way they get you — they constantly change their due dates. I saw the part on the contract that told me when they would send the statement — mine is the third friday of every month — but I missed the part that the date changes. What other company does this? When I called today and spoke the csr (who told me he was the floor supervisor answering the phone due to high call volume) and asked him several times for their billing cycle, he told me it could run anywhere from 28-35 days. Don’t think that they don’t know that that will screw up your budgeting and make you have a late slip up.
The second way they get you — i’m curious as to how many times they have changed their website. I called today-5/8-after trying to pay my bill yesterday online. I couldn’t pay it online because they changed their website. You couldn’t go in with your old login and set up your account again that way — you had to enter all the information in again, including this “access code” from your statement. I don’t save my paper, I try not to get it if I don’t have to, and I shred. I get electronic confirmations. I didn’t have the access code, so I couldn't set up my account (that I just set up 3-4 months ago) and couldn’t pay my bill. Additionally, I have never worked with a company that changed their website and login procedure that didn’t send you some type of notification to give you a heads up.
Now I know I made some mistakes. I wrote down that my bill was due the 8th rather than the 7th, however, I tried to pay it on the website on the 7th, but couldn’t. But here’s the third way they get you…
The third way — if you try and call to get any information, they stonewall you. If they don’t want to talk to you anymore, they apparently hang up on you. I was hung up on by a woman named "kat" who wouldn't put me on the phone with the supervisor that I had been speaking to less than 5 minutes before. That is just ridiculous!
So now, because my payment was 10 hours late one time, truly because of the changed website, I have a $39.00 late fee (i’ll take some responsibility — i’d pay that), and my “promotional” interest rate went up more than 5% (there is no way i’m taking that!)


  • Bi
    Bill Hall Mar 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    very unhappy with your deferred interest plan on the promotion plan, here it is only march 20 and already been charged $ 273.51, that is more than all 3 payments for 2017, jan, feb, mar. this is overly ridiculos and my balance went up about $ 150.00, my payment went up $ 6.00, I don't pay my bill's that seem to go up on the balance and payment. when I pay my bills with what I get on my disability check I expect them to go down if anything. don't think I have ever been late with paying your payments one time and this is how I am rewarded by just looking at it looks like just a scam to punish a worthy card holder. if this is how it's going to be I am done with this card and will mail the card to you shortly !

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  • Si
    Sister K Mar 22, 2016

    I'm in the same situation. I pay my bill on time monthly paying more than the minimum and still my balance doesn't go down. They keep adding interest monthly. This is the worst company I have dealt with and the highest scam artist I had to deal with. This needs to stop. When I asked for a payoff amount, the surprising thing was that the amount was the same as the balance even if I paid it off early.. I haven't been with them a year and it seems like the more I pay the more I owe. I won't recommend them to no one because they are a scam and a ripoff

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  • Le
    LegalServ Nov 11, 2015

    CUSTMER NOTICE: Please write in to your Attorney General's office, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and better business bureau to collectively report FORMAL COMPLAINTS about deceptive business practices against this company Enhanced Patient Financing/HC Credit (and what is their true name anyway!) as I am having my attorney do this when I contact them tomorrow! You must contact an attorney and collectively we will all be heard to potentially have this company brought up on charges of deceptive business practices, false advertisement, etc. via a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT! If you don't think you can afford an attorney, buy a pre-paid legal services membership (and always keep it; range $17.95 - 19.95 per mo depending on your state) and have an attorney represent you. As I type this complaint, I am on my 4th phone call (I can hear my cell phone still ringing after calling their, supposedly automated phone system for bill payment, by now, it's probably rang 100 times, but HC Credit's automated system won't let my call switch into the next step to actually either pay my bill or pay off the balance before my promo period ends tomorrow.) I initially called their automated payment system at 11:49 pm (CST) and HC Credit disconnected my call (I have the call recorded as proof) after progressing to a certain point within the automated payment process in the middle of attempting to make a payment due the next day. Now at first I thought, that's strange, I dialed the phone number in my billing statement of [protected], pressed opt 5 to use the automated system as done many times before, and after I entered the automated system to begin my bill payment, the call suddenly just dropped. Ok, so I am thinking, my call must have just dropped, so I dialed in again, not once, but 4 additional times, only now, the system is obviously been put on notice, maybe based on my phone number programmed in their ("automated system) that this person is trying to pay her bill, never mind that her promo period ends tomorrow and she might also be trying to pay off her balance and thereby prevent us from taking even more of her money "illegally" by manipulating our automated payment systems to rack up even more late fees revenues from her! (Once before I made a payment in good faith before on the date it was due via their website, but was still slapped, illegally, with a whopping $38 late!) HC Credit appears to be carrying out deceptive business practices by playing all types of games with their customers who attempt to make their payments "by the due date!" in order to rack up additional late fees and finance charges. late fees, so it stopped answering my calls at all by just simply allowing their automated system to ring about 100 times, but never allowing me to make my payment. Now here is what's happened to me with this company over the past year: I paid a bill online by the due date (front of billing statement warns, "If we do not receive your payment by the date listed above, you may have to pay a late fee of up to $38), but this company still found a way around my good faith effort to charge me this late fee by saying, "but you didn't pay it online before the due date, and our company has the right to decide when you actually made that payment." So, they are manipulating the system to rack up late fees. Okay, I am attempting to make this payment again, by now it's after 12:30 am, and walla! The system allows my call to progress to the point of finally answering my call and allowing me to proceed with making my payment! REALLY? Can you believe this? Now, I am gearing up for the fake late fee to appear on my next statement, but we are not simply complaining over the internet, we will be proactive by getting attorneys on this immediately. This has gone on long enough and I can't take their customer or abuse of the public community anymore! Do you know how much money companies like HC Credit rack up each year in late fee revenues? It's astronomical! So, clearly they have a vested interested in scamming their customers as long as they are allowed to get away with it! This stops today!

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  • Je
    JessyNic22 Sep 30, 2015

    I went to a Select Comfort store and purchased a new bed. I received my financing through the Help Card. At the store the salesman told me that the credit had no interest for the first 6 months. Now that my 6 months are up apparently, it was deferred interest NOT no interest. The "HELP" Card then charged my account almost $400 on "deferred interest". When I called them, they advised that it shows on my statements. Well I thought it was just showing me the what the interest normally would be, so I would not have any surprises when it kicked it. Nope, apparently they were trying to get me to to pay the interest, so that I don't get a deferred balance, which I did. I think it is funny that the salesmen did not mention this. Apparently they lie to their customers, or the credit company is just not clear, nor does it mind telling those who sell the card to clarify the information. When I called everybody just kept telling me it is on my statement. Well am I a banker? No. How the HELL am I suppose to understand what all that is, if nobody bothers to point it out upon my sale. I would have never purchased this bed, nor gotten this credit card if it was explained properly. What a bunch of money hungry pigs.

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  • Jo
    JohnRG Mar 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HCCredit/The Helpcard are underhanded in the way they even open individual credit accounts without the person actually purchasing a product.
    In February 2012 I visited my local Sleep Number store to try out their products, the sales lady was very good at her job, I tried out various different beds, selected an option and continued to make a credit application. For whatever reason my application was denied for the amount required to purchase the bed of my choice so even though the sales lady tried to push different options I backed out and left the store.
    About six weeks later a letter appeared in the mail from HCCredit with my approved application for credit with The Helpcard enclosed. This provided my with a credit account with them for $2500 and they were congratulating me on my successful application. I was bemused by this and could only think that this was as a result of my visit to the Sleep Number store.
    As I didn't owe they anything I didn't think it would hurt just to have a credit account open with a zero balance, surely it wouldn't do any damage to my credit history, it really should be a benefit.
    About six months later I started to think about this again and did some research into HCCredit only to find some terrible feedback on website such as this, all mentioning an annual fee for holding an account. Based on this I wrote to HCCredit, returning The Helpcard (which was only a printed piece of card!) instructing my wish to close the account.
    To this date the account still appears on my credit report with all three agencies, yes it is all positive information, $2500 credit limit, no high balance, zero outstanding and a perfect payment history, the question remains, why are HCCredit still reporting the account to the credit agencies.
    I have never borrowed any amount from this company, what do I have to do to have the account closed and stop them reporting each month. I no longer want the credit facility they offer based on all the scare stories I have read but I am also mad at the Sleep Number store as it is them that instigated this whole situation without explaining anything in the store.

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  • Ed
    Edgar Branham Sep 12, 2012

    Ive been making billing payments to hccredit since 6-09-09 and my whole bill should be payed up by now everytime they put out a statment it seems they wanna add more money to the bill today when I called and tried to figure out how many payments I had left hccredit was no help with information

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  • Ki
    kind of nice Mar 06, 2011

    This company is still deceiptful and running the same kind of scams. I bought a Nordik Track Treadmill financed through HCCredit/HC Processing and they have changed the due date many times and also made accessing their website very difficult. It is not a user friendly website and not easily accessible. They are not a customer oriented company and will scam their customers for every dime they can get. So, because of their deceitful ways, I had to pay a total of $249 in late fees wich currently are $49, not to mention the yearly $59 annual fee. This was in 13 months. I also see 2 to 3 seperate interest charges on my online bill for the same day and billing period. I will never purchase anything from any retailer who has financing through HCCredit/HC Processing and I would recommend the same to anyone else. They are a nasty company and will take what you actually owe and more than double the amount with late charges, fees and interest. I suggest complaining to the company you purchased the product from. This is what I am going to do and maybe if enough people do this, they will finance through a different company.

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  • Ka
    Kaiyha71 Jan 23, 2011

    This company has been more of a pain in the behind than they are worth! The due date changes and most of the time my payment amount changes from month to month. I am hard pressed to get in touch with anyone unless of course my payment is one minutes late. Look out if you are late...their fees are through the roof! A few late payments, a hike in the interest rate and WHAMO, I owe more than I borrowed and I have been paying on the dang treadmill for over two years!!
    Their customer service is borderline harassment when you do talk to them and they are no help whatsoever. The website has changed several times and each time it is more difficult to navigate and make a payment through. Save the darn account information like every other site does people!!
    I just tried to log in to get a payoff amount so we could get out from under these people with our tax refund and apparently the site is being changed AGAIN. The server can't be found. I am going to bet it will be the same when I try to make my payment. I won't be able to log in and I won't be able to get anyone on the phone to help me. Here comes another late fee I can't avoid unless I learn how to read minds.
    This place is a joke. Don't borrow anything from them and if you have get out from under them as quickly as you can.

    Here is another vote against them...
    You can freely access information about their site that shouldn't be so easily accessed. If they allow their own underbelly to be so open then what are they doing with our information???

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  • Mo
    Momof2js Oct 26, 2009

    They are insane. They called my mother, who apparently was the emergency out of state contact. My husband is deployed and they kept calling his cellphone instead of my home phone. I had NO clue this bill was due. Partial blame on my husband of course but I have NO bill what so ever, have never received them. When I tried to call them to remove my mothers name, they yelled at me telling me they cant authorize that. When I asked to speak with a manager, she said fine but you will get her voice mail. I tried to explain to her that I didnt want to leave a message and she hung up on me. I tried to call back and got a wrong number, he was rude and pathetic. Just flat out upset and pissed over them. Derek was the name of the rude person. Perry was the supervisor AVOID HIM like the plague! I hate them, worst company ever! Once I paid, she also informed me I had a 9.99 processing fee tacked onto the end of the loan. I will pay these people every week to get them out of my life forever.

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  • Jo
    John Smithes Aug 17, 2009

    HCCredit is run by complete dirt-bags!!! After financing new flooring through them. I paid on time for 6 months. I changed banks which resulted in my auto-payment being 2 days late. I called to explain the situation but they wouldn't even consider letting me slide for any reason. Being 2 days late cost me slightly more than $500!

    They love this - it's one of the many ways they screw their customers. If you are a day late for ANY reason, it doesn't matter - you're screwed and they laugh on the way to the bank.

    Seriously, I wish the people running this organization would all die painful deaths - the sooner the better!!!

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  • Te
    T Evans Jun 19, 2009

    This "new" website was a shock to me. This company didn't even think enough of their customers to contact them my snail mail or email to notify customers of the new website. I have been trying for four days to pay this bill online, now I'm getting harrassed by the company collections department. I tried to explain to the person on the phone that I am having problems with my login and password, but the person offered no solutions and did not know who to transfer me to.
    So now I have to pay the late fee and my interest rate will increase to lord knows what!!!

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  • Mr
    Mrs. McCain May 22, 2009

    Yes, these people are horrible!!! The bills are due when they feel like making them due. Watch their $39 annual fee for having an account with them. We just found out that you can cancel your account with them to avoid that, but continue paying on your account after this is cancelled. Paying through their website is a total nightmare. Every other site that I pay online saves payment information. Not this place. You have to fill out an online check with routing information each and every month. When they changed their website, as already stated...AGAIN, it obviously lost my payment somewhere in limbo. Yeah, so there is $39 for the late fee on a payment I PAID!!! I can't help it that it was lost somewhere in cyber limbo. Funny, you would think someone who changes things would do so in a positive way, as the consumer, I see nothing convenient about it. You still have to enter all the routing information to pay. UGH!! I hate this place and am so frustrated with all their hidden fees and that they change the rules to suit themselves. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!

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