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2 wine basket

I ordered 2 wine bottles of Chardonnay for my valentine's day gift.
After the only email of order confirmation, I never got 1 other communication of whether my order was shipped, if it was on time for the delivery date, if it was delivered, or if they were making any substitutions.

Finally, when my boyfriend did receive my order, it was 1 bottle of cheap red wine local to the delivery location and some hide and seek biscuits and candy. All local to where I sent it. And I paid $29 in shipping!

Now my questions are:
1. Why wasnt I ever sent a "Your order was shipped" email. How was I expected to track my consignment which cost me $75.
2. Why was I not informed about substitutions made from the local market?
3. Why did I pay international shipping all you sent was some 5 cents biscuits with some cheap red wine.
4. How do you decide on the substitutions? When someone orders not ONE but TWO bottles of WHITE wine, doesnt that tell you something ? That THEY DO NOT LIKE RED WINE?
5. When I reached out to them wanting to speak to their upper management, all they replied with was, We will not issue a refund - Is that what I asked you for ? a refund? or did I ask to speak to your manager?


2 wine basket
2 wine basket
2 wine basket
2 wine basket
2 wine basket

box of chocolate covered strawberries with bottle of champagne and glasses

Our son who lives in Langley, British Columbia ordered a gift box from Hazelton's of Scarborough, Ontario, to be delivered to Destin USA. He sent the order on Monday December 9th, USA on December 13th 2019, for my husband birthday. The package was delivered on Monday 16th December so three days late, it was in a huge box with no indication of the up or down side, so when the parcel arrived the bottle had mashed the chocolate covered strawberries, and it was full of strawberry juice in the box. I sent an email to complaint but they say that there is nothing they can do because it was perishable item, sorry but if it was delivered on time in a proper box it would not happened!

box of chocolate covered strawberries with bottle of champagne and glasses
box of chocolate covered strawberries with bottle of champagne and glasses
box of chocolate covered strawberries with bottle of champagne and glasses

hazelton's cake which arrived crushed and disgraceful customer service.

We ordered a birthday cake for my son who is away at college from Hazelton's USA. I cost more than $70 to be delivered and included a happy birthday message for my son which cost an extra $8. The cake arrived crushed with no discernible message. Because my son did not take a picture of the damaged cake on his 18th birthday, Jane in customer service implied that we were lying and did not offer even a partial refund for the very disappointing product. To make matters even worse her response was a cut and paste email referring to our basket multiple time, not cake. There was absolutely no concern for our situation or circumstances. Disgraceful delivery of product and customer service.

gift basket

My complaint is exactly like the others here. Ordered a gift basket, the order allowed me to select a day for delivery, but instead of that day of the week, a plain box arrived at the recipient's office late on a Friday afternoon where it sat all weekend.

NO customer service at all; all the items perished; there was NOTHING on the box that said it contained perishable items, and their horrible customer service by email (they have an automated answering service if you call with no live support) was atrocious.

gift basket
gift basket
gift basket
gift basket
gift basket
gift basket
gift basket

wrong delivery date

Please see the attached photos. My order was specifically arranged to be delivered on 26-08 but so received an email saying it is out for delivery. Why then ask for a delivery date? Plus now my recipient will get a gift on the day that's not their birthday. Making me look horrible like I don't know when it is!!
I don't understand how you get this wrong. Even in RSA where I am from they get it right and we are a third world country. I am really upset with this!

wrong delivery date
wrong delivery date

delivery of flowers and chocolate

My mother ( client # HC296092) received the flowers and the "Boss" chocolate as expected July 15th. However, my mother told me that the flowers were rotted, dripping in water and...

Gift Basket with Champagne - she rec'd lemonade!

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered a gift for my sister in Norway - a specialty basket with fruit, 2 champagne glasses and paid an extra $88 for a bottle of Veuve Champagne.
It arrived late and it was a box with 2 bottles of lemonade and some crappy crackers and chocolates. NOT WHAT I ORDERED and I was never notified of the change. Nothing in there was worth the $150+ I paid (not counting shipping). To make matters worse - a couple days later she had to pay a customs bill for $65 more!

Tried reaching out to the company and got nowhere. DISPUTING THE CHARGE AND WARNING EVERYONE!

late delivery

I had a similar complaint as others here. I ordered a gift basket for my nephew who had just had serious surgery. I got a notification shortly after making the order that it was on it way. Several days past and it still had not arrived so clearly it had not left when they said. Meanwhile he checked out of the hospital - even waiting a few extra hours for the basket he now knew was coming.

We had to re-route the basket to his home. Hazelton's was no help at all. Fortunately Fed-ex was more helpful and was able to deliver it but still a few days later.

Clearly Hazelton lied about sending it when they said they did. I think they send the notification so you can't change your mind.

I complained but they were unapologetic. So, be careful. Never again Hazelton.

sympathy gift basket

Not only did the basket arrive disarrayed; they also substituted "less than" the quality of the wines advertised and which I paid "extra for", plus they omitted another item I...

gift basket

611453 This company should not be in business! I placed an online order for a colleague going into surgery on 3/23/2018. They confirmed the shipment will be delivered on 3/24/2018 since...

Hazelton's Gift Basketservice

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. Ordered online from out of province for a package to be delivered on Valentines Day. they delivered it a day early, forgot the additional bottle of wine I ordered and got the address wrong. The worst part was that when I made a polite inquiry, they refused to respond. Don't waste your money, they are useless and don't care about building a customer base

Hazelton's Gift Baskets — gift baskets and customer service

Hazelton's Gift Baskets in Toronto (under the business name "The Baskets Group") needs to be exposed and shut down. They not only have an 'F' rating with the BBB, but they have a...

delivery of rotten food - small credit with high delivery fee - 2 months attempting to resolve

611453 I received a basket from a client Order #52073 the fudge was rotten the crackers stale and the Tim's travel cup broken when I contacted customer Service 2 months ago December 4...

venetian gift basket

I ordered the Venetian Gift Basket with an additional bottle of wine on 14th December 2017. It was supposed to be a christmas gift, but after a mix up with the delivery address it was delivered two weeks after christmas on 8th December. I paid a total of $241.48. The basket that arrived has multiple items missing. These were: A bottle of red wine, three different kinds of pasta, a cheese knife (which was one of the main items in the advertised gift), a salt grinder, a pepper grinder. Please note these items were MISSING, not substituted. In addition the balsamic vinegar that was delivered was leaking. I have a photo of the item as it was delivered. It is nothing like the basket that was supposed to arrive. The main purpose of this complaint is to warn others about this company. Most people who receive gift baskets have no idea what they were supposed to receive or what was ordered (since they are gifts). I think Hazelton's are taking advantage of this so I would like to warn others against using this company. go unnoticed.

venetian gift basket
venetian gift basket

incorrect order and horrendous customer service - buyers beware

Our company decided to try out Hazelton's for the first time this year - and we are shocked at how terrible of a decision it was. We ordered 5 large gift baskets to be sent to our clients. I repeatedly called Hazelton's to confirm my order over the phone, but the lines were busy and their voicemails were full and I was unable to get through. The gift baskets were sent out without the message I attached, so nobody knew it was from us. On top of that, some of the baskets were delivered at 7:45PM to a business (which was guaranteed delivery before 5PM) and sat outside in the snow overnight.
I finally got through to customer service today (after 5 days of calling repeatedly) and was told there was nothing to be done. I was not offered a credit or refund of any kind - a first time customer that spent $1100. When customer service asked "Well, what do you want me to do?" and I said "I want the gift baskets sent out correctly, with the message" she laughed hysterically and hung up the phone on me.
When I called back, and reported this instance to a manager, I was told the phone calls are not recorded and she was "Sorry". Still, no credit or refund of any kind offered.
We will never use this "service" again as the way their operation is run and how they handle incorrect orders is abysmal. It is clear that they rely on volume orders and take zero effort into making customers happy and want to return.

gift basket

I ordered a gift basket for my son and his fiancee on November 17, 2017. The basket was supposed to contain chocolate covered strawberries and champagne with a ceramic dish and 2 champagne glasses. The shipment was not delivered until November 24th. Chocolate truffles were substituted without any notice, for the chocolate covered strawberries. Apparently, hidden someplace on the website the company has a disclaimer stating that they will substitute products when necessary. One of the champagne glasses was broken and the ceramic dish was also broken, making the chocolates inedible.
I have called the company 4 separate times and emailed. I have been treated rudely by most of the customer service agents that I have spoken with and given different excuses each time I have called. I was asked to send pictures of the damaged items, which I did. Here are some of the different excuses and stories that I have heard:
-We are filing a claim with the delivery company.
-I will give this information to my manager and we will get back to you.
-Our e-mail system is down.
I am now planning to dispute the claim with my credit card company. This company has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced! Total scam.

lies, rip off, unreliable

on October 12, 2017 I ordered a custom bucket to be delivered to my husband, as a surprise on his 40th birthday. ORDER NO. 50668.
His birthday was the next business day. I chose the "Same Day Hand Delivery - Guaranteed" to businesses by 5 pm/ residences by 8 pm. I specifically instructed them to get to to his workplace by 4:00pm. I also mentioned on the order note that, if they were unable to do so, to cancel it.
I got a call the next morning from Hazelton's Canada about a discrepancy with my order. They have charged me more for in item due to an error in their website. I asked for a refund. I also reminded them of the 4:00 pm deadline and was assured that it will be done.
Around 3:20 pm, I called customer service to inquire about the delivery. They said that the driver was still an hour away and won't make it by 4:00om. I was really disappointed. They assured me that it will be delivered to my home by 8:00 pm. They even reconfirmed my home address.
My husband left work at 4:15pm. He called me and said he was received several calls from a guy inquiring about when he will leave work (!) and that he is running late for his delivery. He also started to go on about how he was all these other deliveries to make to Oakville and such! First of all, my husband was the recipient of a surprise. It is beyond me why the driver will call him and not me! Secondly, it is definitely not my husband's problem if he has too many deliveries to make. Right there an then the company failed me! My husband, not knowing anything about what was going on, asked the driver to deliver whatever it was to our home address.
Despite my original request of 4:00 pm deliver, my 2nd phone request to get it delivered to my home (since they failed to keep their commitment), and my husband's request to the driver; the gift basket was still delivered to his workplace on a Friday at 4:48 pm, before a long-weekend, by the same driver who called and harassed him multiple times at his work!!!
As soon as I got the delivery notification, I called the delivery guy on his cell, begging him to get it to my home by 8:00 pm. He flatout lied about ever knowing about the 4:00pm deadline, or about the home delivery. He said, he is leaving for Mississauga and can do nothing about my problem; as if he gives a [censor]!
My husband came home on his 40th birthday without getting his surprise, or a present waiting for him on his big day!
The next morning I called the customer service and asked for a refund, since they have failed to do what they have charged me for - "Same day hand delivery", taunted my husband at his workplace, and caused me to lose face. She was the same person I have been speaking with all of yesterday; and yet, she went back on her words and said, they did what they are supposed to do and delivered before 5!!!
Hazelton's have totally ruined our day unapologetically. They did not reimbursed me for the original overcharge; nor they have refunded me for their failure to provide me service. They haven't even called me back to inquire about my complain.
I have nothing but regret that I took my business to them!

gift basket

I ordered a birthday cake and some gourmet items for the birthday of my father who is in a nursing home. The cake arrived completely dilapidated - as if it had melted - with the top of the cake smushed against the top of the cake box. It had been raining outside and apparently the whole box of items arrived soggy and wet. They didn't have the cheese that I ordered so they decided to substitute other items without informing me. My father ended up with a brick of parmesan cheese and an ugly looking cheddar with porter in it. I would never send parmesan cheese to my father in a nursing home. I called the company to complain and they said that they would refund the amount of the cake, I'm sure only because I had a photo of it that I sent them. My family thought the cake was such a disgusting mess that they took a photo of it to send to me. The company also tried to blame the fact that the box was wet on someone in the nursing home and refused to refund the amount for the cheese because they claim that they say that they have the right to substitute items without notifying the purchaser. Luckily, there were no substitutions to which any of my family were allergic. I was not charged for them but there were items in my basket that I ordered that were not delivered but I would have only noticed that had a scrutinized my invoice. The entire order was botched and it was an embarrassment for me and much worse, a disgusting mess to deal with on my father's end. Considering how messed up this order was, one would think the company would be offering to give me an entire refund, including the $40 for delivery but the two people to whom I spoke refused to give me any refund beyond the price of the cake. I will be disputing the charge and urge anyone considering ordering something to be delivered by this company to steer clear.

gift basket

Hazeltons,yorkville,basket and boardsRemoving expiry date on the product

If you want to find this guy you can find him in his new location the address is 130 sparks avenue the name of the company is basket and boards. This guys is trying to move secretly so he can escape to all those costumers that are complaining about their basket. He already closed hazeltons which is in 3816 victoria park avenue because he doesnt want the people to see him.. Act fast guys so this guy cant run anymore. We need to shut down his company right away. Anyone knows him as mark roberts. But he's real name is loren drotos.. Be careful on this guy because hes always sending expired stuff. He doesnt care to those people who are eating his products.. He's not human !

Hazelton's Gift BasketsHazeltons gift baskets

Horrendous experience. Customers beware. St. Nicholas gift basket for Christmas had a confirmed date of Dec 23rd. Website claims same date free hand delivery in the GTA with orders over 100 dollars. Paid $114 (mostly for the promise of the expedited delivery) - more than twice the value of the goods included. No delivery until now. Office claims to be open, nobody answers the phone. Phone routing system is not working.
Live chat with the agents (at least half a dozen attempts) resulted in nothing but lying agents, promising that the gift basked it already out for delivery. After filing cancellation request and a transaction dispute on Paypal, - Hazeltons proceeded with UPS label creation despite several requests to cancel delivery. Unacceptably rude staff. Email response when finally arrived - not signed and not a word of apology.

  • Bu
    Bubbalouis Nov 21, 2017

    I have had a terrible experience with Hazelton's. Do not buy from this company. Basket arrived all smashed and food spoiled. Hazelton's refuses to refund money or supple replacement product. This company has received several complains. Check out the Better Business Bureau Website for a list of complains logged against this company.

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  • Na
    Nan Partridge Apr 03, 2018

    This company will never get another dollar for any type of item, gift, etc. from me. Customer service is awful! I ordered a Great Harvest Gift Basket with fruit and chocolate on 3/23/2018, expected to be delivered on 3/28/2018. I called after the tracking button did not work in my email. Hazelton's customer service said the courier "evidentially" lost my shipment. I instructed customer service I am canceling my order; and disputing the charge from my bank. They said we understand, but our policy states; if we deliver your order then we are not liable for the condition the package is it.
    WHAT? You got to be kidding me. No credit is due or will be given from Hazelton's. So I am now letting my bank handle this with them. I received an email notification today, 4/2/2018 that my package arrive. Again, you've got to be kidding me. Why in the world would they deliver a perishable gift basket with chocolate after 11 days being with the courier. $114 +?
    I will blog and warn others not to ever order with this company again!

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  • Do
    Doreen S Sep 19, 2018

    Awful, Awful experience!! Company stands behind NOTHING!!! Customers beware, do yourself a favor and just go somewhere else...

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  • De
    Deborah Ball Conlon Oct 18, 2018

    Horrible, horrible, horrible customer service. They advertise 7 days a week customer service but do not provide it. I had ordered a basket on 10/9/2018. Advertised as 3 day delivery. I called customer service on Friday (Day 3) to check status and was immediately told yes it was out for delivery. I called to question as I had not received a shipping confirmation. This was a bereavement gift that our team wanted delivered before the funeral. Basket never arrived. Tried to contact Saturday afternoon, no one answered the phone and no one was available on online chat despite advertising 7 days a week customer service. On Sunday I tried again, I spoke to a very rude gentleman that informed me the basket was returned due to damage during transit and nothing would be shipped on Sunday as he was the only one working. Again, this was the first information I had received as to what happened to the ordered basket. I requested a call back from a supervisor and did not receive a call. I contacted customer service again on Monday and requested a supervisor return call, never received a call back. Agent I spoke to assured a basket would arrive by Wednesday. Nothing arrived. Still no supervisor call back. This company is horrible and does not deliver, communicate or apparently seem to care if they provide any level of customer service. I am extremely disappointed and will not order from them nor recommend them. All this hassle and the basket finally arrived and is missing multiple items. I cannot get anyone to answer at customer service and still have not received a call back from a supervisor as requested 5 days ago. I wish I had read these reviews first. AWFUL...

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  • Be
    Betty Formoso Balli Dec 21, 2018

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! If I could give them zero stars, I would. I ordered 7 gift baskets for holiday client gifts on Friday, December 14th, to be delivered by Tuesday, December 18th. I specifically chose this site because they claimed that it was same day delivery. After multiple calls on Tuesday with no answer, the rep who finally answered said the baskets had not shipped out yet. I asked them to send out ASAP and he said they would be delivered the next day. That came and went and another 3 days later and I still don’t have the baskets. I have called over 20 times (many without any answer) and emailed over 15 times (also without answer). When I finally got a hold of someone on the phone, all they could tell me was that they were shipped out from their NJ warehouse but they had no tracking information; that I had to email customer service to get that. After 2 DAYS, I finally got a reply back from the emails today, they still can’t tell me where the baskets are. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!

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  • Hm
    H Malibu Feb 25, 2019

    Do NOT use this company.
    I would give this company, and Quinton - the customer service guy - 0 stars if I could.
    I placed a same day order online, and the website allowed me to choose my delivery date of the same day.
    The gift didn't arrive so I emailed to ask what had happened.
    I was told that they cannot make same day deliveries to the address I had chosen. So why did the website allow me to choose same day delivery? He said, "the website will not stop customers from placing orders." Horrendous business practices.
    When I asked for a refund as the website had misled me and as they hadn't yet packed or shipped my order, I was told that I couldn't have one.
    Quinton said that this was because the order included chocolate dipped strawberries, a perishable item that they say isn't allowed a refund. So I then asked for a refund for my order, less the cost of the strawberries - even though they hadn't been packed or shipped yet.
    Quinton refused because: "this constitutes nearly half the cost of your original order" THIS IS NOT A REASON TO DENY A REFUND!!!
    Horrendous company. Truly the worst internet company I have dealt with. Their website is misleading at worst it's a complete scam - I think that the company needs investigating.
    Now I am totally out of pocket and my child hasn't had the congratulatory gift she was meant to receive.
    Don't ever use this company.

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hazelton gift baskets, Canada — Gift basket

My worst online ordering experience ever. their website is completely misleading. They do not list simple policy statements close to the place where you choose your options. Like...

Hazelton's Gift BasketsHorrible Customer Service

On December 14, 2015, I placed an order for three "A Lump Of Coal..." baskets, each one to be sent to a different address on December 22, 2015. At NO point was there any indication on their website or in their confirmation emails that this was not an attainable delivery date. When I asked the three recipients on December 23 if they had received their baskets the day before, they all replied that they had not, so I attempted to call Hazelton's. Despite calling over thirty times (believe it or not, I'm not exaggerating) and trying every extension, I was not able to reach anyone, so I sent message through their website. I finally received an email reply from "Amanda B" later that evening, providing me with the tracking numbers for the three packages. She advised me to check on Canada Post's website to determine their location. When I checked online, I found that one of the three baskets had been delivered to Recipient A (a day late), the second basket for Recipient B was scheduled for delivery the following day (two days late), and the third and final basket for Recipient C was showing a delivery date of December 29, a full week after it was supposed to be delivered!! I replied back to Amanda advising that this was unacceptable and asked that a supervisor contact me immediately. She replied with a standard, sorry for the delay, etc., etc., and told me that any requests to speak with a supervisor would be put in a "queue." On December 24, Recipient B advised me that the delivery had (finally) arrived, but the card was addressed to Recipient C!!! I apologized for the mix up and asked if he could send me some additional photos of the basket so I could see what it looked like. I also sent a list of what the basket was supposed to contain so he could let me know if there was anything missing. He said some of the items were there, but the majority of the items were "substituted, " and some were omitted entirely. Not to mention that "keepsake wooden box" was damaged. Later in the day on December 24, I received an email from Recipient A advising me that he had received a SECOND delivery, and this one had Reipient C's card attached to it!! Again, I was forced to apologize for the mix up - how embarrassing! Recipient C NEVER received his basket!!! When Recipient A brought the second basket he received into the office after the holidays, I inspected it. I took photos of the badly damaged box, and the contents of the basket. Like Recipient B's basket, the majority of the items were "substituted, " and some were omitted entirely, and this box was even more badly damaged than the other. Their substitution policy that states, "we will substitute items of equal or greater value in all cases. We reserve the right to substitute any item with an item of equal or greater value. For example, if a particular type of pasta is backordered such as Spaghetti, we will substitute if with a closely related item at a higher value such as Fettuccine." Although some of the substitutions in the basket were relatively obvious, other items didn't come close to the missing items, and we were short two items in each basket! My experience with Hazelton's was abominable at best; from the delayed deliveries, to the mixed up baskets, to the one basket that never made it, to the missing products from at least two of the three baskets and finally to the complete lack of ANY semblance of customer service, the entire purchase has been a catastrophe. Despite repeated emails and phone calls to this company, I have yet to receive a call or email back from anyone, even though they have assured me someone would get back to me "that afternoon." PLEASE!! Don't let their company website customer reviews fool you; they review all posts - I tried to post one and it's not online. They clearly only post the good reviews they receive. Do yourself a favour - NEVER EVER purchase anything from this terrible company.

  • Ma
    Maurice Apr 11, 2019

    My name is Maurice I just ordered a gift for my wife this morning For our 4 year wedding anniversary I was under the impression that it will be delivered today that was the date that I chose to have it delivered I got a text message saying that it was shipped. So when I called I spoke to somebody they were very rude about the situation and they told me that my gift will be delivered two to three business days which is not the option that I had picked when I checked out this has been a very bad experience the customer service is very very poor at this moment I don't even want the gift because I refuse to do business with any business that has poor customer service are who hire people who are extremely rude to their customers. I want my refund!

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Hazelton's Gift BasketsAround the World - Gift Basket

I ordered a 'Around the World' gift basket for my son-in-law for Christmas. This basket consisted of 1 dozen imported beer and 4 food items. The package was delivered to my front door-step while I was at work. My immediate concern was whether the Beer froze from sitting outside. I immediately sent an email to Hazelton's - ZERO response. Christmas morning my son-in-law started to open up the wrapping and all the bubble wrap around each item and much to all of our shock and disgust, there was mold everywhere from either the contents of the antipasto jar. It was oozing everywhere on the other items wrapping and was green and very disgusting! I was so embarrassed! I immediately called Hazelton's on December 28th and they had the nerve to say I was at fault for not refrigerating a perishable item! I reminded their rep that the jar was NOT PERISHABLE until opened! After several follow-up emails, they still HAVE NOT responded back to me, nor did they ever attempt to make this right after I reminded them that mold takes several days (if not weeks) to form and this obviously happened in their possession! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCTS!!!

Hazelton's Gifts & Gift Baskets — Product Never Delivered

I ordered a gift basket for a on Dec 12. It was never delivered!! The website stated that delivery in Ontario was 1 to 3 Business Days. After a week had passed I started trying to...

Hazelton's Gift Baskets — Damage Product

507892 I ordered a gift basket for a friend who's son passed away. Their website indicates same day delivery and free delivery over $100. When you choose your basket - it request...