Hawaiian Airlinesunethical behaviour

B Sep 10, 2018

Dear Hawaiian airlines,

I made my first trip to Hawaii last week for 14 days with my friend, Kacila Hall, and we were blown away by how nice and hospitable the Hawaiian people are.
Although, our rental car was broken into and all my money and cards were stolen, within the first few days.

Our only sour encounter in our entire trip, including having my things stolen, was with the Hawaiian airlines, Kona, customer service team.

I was shocked at the bullying and discrimination that I received upon check in at the Kona airport.

Below is a recount on my experience.

I had a flight from Kona - Honolulu at 8.17am on 08/01/18 (code IQHOYO) and then a flight the same day from Honolulu back to Auckland (UAGCYU).

Because my wallet had been stolen, I had no access to my funds and had been transferring money to my travel buddy, she would then use her card to withdraw my funds.

When we arrived at the airport to check into our Kona-Honolulu flight we had no money on any cards on our person.
I had made transfers to my friends card the day before but it had not appeared as available funds.
When I went to check in my 2 bags I was told I had to pay for them.
I think the manager/Rep I was dealing with was Kirsty.
After explaining that I had been robbed, that I had a international connecting flight in Honolulu to make, and providing the police reports I was told by the manager that it "wasn't her problem" and that "i should have thought about this before i came to the airport" when I asked what I should do she said "we will just wait until you find some money before we check your bags in".

After a while Kacila, my travel buddy, managed to increase the limit on her overdraft so we could pay for the bags.

I returned to the counter to pay for the bags and check in and was told that the body board tapped thoroughly to my surfboard bag with duct tape would count as a 3rd bag and I needed to pay for it.
I explained that I had flown with Hawaiian airlines twince with my board packaged this way and it was never a problem, that is was secure and there was no way the body board could fall off, unless someone cut the duct tape.
Her response was she will remove the tape and it will be a third item, so I could either pay for it or remove it and throw it away.

Deciding to throw away the board I removed it from the surfboard.
At this point I was distressed at being singled out and picked on by the staff member and also that we were about to miss our flight.
I requested the name of the manager I was dealing with and said I intended to lay a complaint against her.
I cussed that I was "effing pissed off at this service"
This language was the wrong behaviour on my part, and I should not have sworn, I recognize that.
After my cussing the representative took me off the flight and refused to book me on to any further flights.

I left the counter distraught and in tears.
We spent the next couple of hours on the phone trying to get a flight to Honolulu.

The complication was that The Hawaiian airlines reservation team, apparently, could not change our flights, the travel agent that booked the flights had to do it.
But our travel agent could not rebook because of the +22 hour time difference, he couldn't book flights in the past.
He, apparently, needed to authorize Hawaiian airlines to change the flight at the airport counter, but the representatives at the airport refused to serve either myself or Kacila.

Eventually we had our flights changed over the phone by the Hawaiian airlines reservation team, for a fee, and I paid for my bags and checked in online.

I have since been informed by 2 different Hawaiian airline staff and the customer care team that I should never have had to pay for my bags in the first place.
Although my flights were on different bookings, it was possible to check in my luggage and have it transferred to my next flight, an international flight, as baggage is already included on all international flights.
Which also would have saved me having to collect my bags, recheck them in and go through security.

I am stunned at the behaviour of the Hawaiian airline representative that I dealt with.
Not only was she not helpful, but from the moment I arrived at the counter she did everything in her power to hinder my journey.
No consideration or empathy was given for my situation, robbed and unable to access my funds.
When I found the funds to pay for the bags, she decided to charge me for a 3rd bag, why she had not mentioned previously.
And to discover at the end that it was not required that I pay for baggage in the first place.

I hope that this behavior does not represent Hawaiian airlines and I would hope Hawaiian Airlines will try and make this right.
I think the managers name was Kirsty.

Kind Regards
Georgie Young

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