Harvey Normandelivery of vacuum cleaner

Purchased a Dyson online, for pick up in store
Go to the store, the store can't find it...they locate one in another store and will arrange to have it shipped to me instead.
A week and a half later, no delivery, nobody knows where the product is, the courier company don't want to know about it, Harvey Norman call centre don't bother to contact me or check on the progress of my order, i call each day to find out what is happening...nobody follows up and calls me back
now they tell me they will investigate and it may take up to 3-5 business day...are you kidding me...i asked for a refund...they can't do that either until they locate the product which apparently can't be found

Harvey Norman you are a joke!
Learn some customer service skills, follow up with your customers and perhaps find a more reputable courier service.
First and last time I will EVER make a purchase with Harvey Norman and will encourage others to avoid them like the plague!

Oct 01, 2019

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