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I am a 11 year customer with Harrahs. A DIAMOND player. In July 2010, I received a handpay from a machine for 809.00. The handpay was in question, I questioned the payout, the slot attendant called for a VISUAL, a supervisor also validated the payout, and they also called, TECH SUPPORT to the machine, after all of this I signed for and accepted the payout. Two days later Chad Carver, director of Security notified me that the payout was a mistake made by employees failing to clear the machine from a previous payout. He demanded restitution, all but called me a crook, changed the original incident report by omitting certains facts, to make the report more FAVORABLE for Harrahs. After calling corporate offices and talking to Reggie Kirk (CEO"s Asst) and Mr Jensen in Las Vegas corporate about the situation, Mr Carver has become God of HARRAHS, he listed me as Defrauding a Innkeeper in Harrahs Computer System, he also sent a nasty letter banning me from ever playing at any zHarrah's property again. I have tried repeated times to have the band lifted, and continue to be a loyal Harrahs customer. The problem is that nobody takes time to look at the facts, the real issue at hand, and could care less about the customer. This is not the first time a customer or loyal player has ran into a problem at Cherokee. there have been customers who hit jackpots and have not gotr paid, there has been a woman who was shocked, and injured by a machine. The problem with Cherokee is the casino and gaming regulations are owned and operated by the Cherokee Indians who only care about your money. Harrahs has a few key management in place but abide by the rukes of the Indians. In short they have lost alot of business from me and my family due to God (Chad Carver)


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    Silver Ray May 01, 2012
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    ...People kill me---- the greed of the Indians. Yes, ok..why dont' I walk into your llving room, rearrange it, change the furniture, kill your family, kick you into the little tiny dog house and give you a bone and feed you so you will have to be dependent on me and live life the way I tell you to and then call you greedy because you (not u personally) taught me to how to be this way...ACTUALLY...It is owned by the Cherokee, but it is Harrahs' managed, I have seen first hand the greed of Harrahs'...how corporate has come in and taken over in the process of going to resort status. I'm not going to say that the Cherokee are wonderful open people. They are not. Gee, I can't imagine why. I have seen managers who have busted their ### to help the casino make that step and then been fired because of their gender or because they wanted to protect the employees. I have even heard a corporate schmuck say there are too many women in authority at the casino. By the way, this guy is Austrian. I have seen employees been put to part time so they can't receive benefits anymore and the cooks' salaries reduced. Then the employees, as I was one at one time, are told they should be gratefeul they have a job. Thank you Hitler. so please don't blame the Natives...

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