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store # 2158/2373 dothan alabama at 12;44 my dauhgter and i went to this restaurant i never order anything else but the hot ham and cheese so yet again thats what i got i took one bite of this and spit it out immediatley the ham was rancid tasting ive been in food service for a number of years and never had this happen ive also worked in a hardees and seen enough to have concerns so after i spit it out looking at the ham it was not even really pink i was driving so i wasnt paying attention at all it smelt as well i immediatley called the store they offered to remake it i told them i wanted nothing from that store just pull it before someone gets really hurt there is no call for this at all im so disappointed but do know im definetly an ex customer of hardees

  • Updated by Rose Meyers, Jul 08, 2019

    #1 when I worked for hardees it wasn't even in this state I quit for many reasons one of which was im state certified and conditions we worked in at times was not what it should have been ive eaten at this hardees in Dothan a few times before never had a problem so I returned its obvious you either work there now or have as far as being sued I wish they would I have pictures of the sandwich and the contents of it as well I have no reason to lie I do hope they pulled that out of date meat but if not maybe one of you will get it so ENJOY and as far as spelling goes and grammer im suppose im just trying to put it as simple as I can for you both so you can understand it...….. if this is how hardees resolves their customer complaints we are all in a lot of trouble... have a wonderful day …..

Jul 07, 2019
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  •   Jul 07, 2019

    You knew enough to be concerned yet order their food often and keep going back. If I knew that they didn’t keep clean and food was kept too long, I’d not eat there. But judging from your spelling and grammar, you’re not too bright.

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      Jul 09, 2019

    @SubSquirrel I just made all that up about the food being bad because I was fired for stealing from the register. The food is fine. I just want this location shut down. I don't care if I have to lie to have them shut down. I hope everyone that I worked with dies a painful death.

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  • Rs
      Jul 09, 2019

    @allis bin dee I was angry at the time. I know I made a mistake.

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  •   Jul 08, 2019

    I don’t work there and doubt there is a Hardee’s in Massachusetts. I’ve never worked in food service. College was important for a better career.

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