Hardee's Restaurantslack of food available and time waiting

O Apr 19, 2018

It was 9:22 pm on april 18th 2018... I was the only customer in the store and I waited over 5 minutes for someone to come out of the back to notice me (I assume they were all busy cleaning up getting ready to close??) I tried to order a big roast beef meal and they said that they were out of roast beef, then I tried to order some sliders and they were out of those as well... The girl did apologize for not noticing that I was there and for being out of what I wanted... I'm not sure if they were really out or were just to busy closing to fix what I wanted?? The combination of not having what I wanted and having to wait so long just to find out that they didn't have what I wanted was a little more then I could take and to add to the disappointment it was for my son who loves the roast beef... Thank you for letting me vent

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