Hardee'snasty attitude at the drive thru window

M Feb 03, 2018 Review updated:

In Chattanooga TN on 4831 Hwy 58 I was at the drive thou and the staff that was filling the orders said a nasty comment when she took my card to pay for my order. I talk to the manager about if she is that unhappy don't be at the drive thou. She had a nasty attitude so I told her give me my money back and I want be back. I told people in know not to go to that Hardee's. I think her name was Shell. I want be going back their.

Mary Smith
Chattanooga TN


  • SubSquirrel Feb 03, 2018

    Go back to school

    "drive thou". Drive- thru or drive-through

    "don't be at the drive thou". Ditto

    " I want be back" won't

    "told people in know not to go to". In town

    "I want be going back their". There

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  • [email protected] Feb 04, 2018

    @SubSquirrel What an [censor] you are! You must be out your mind!!!

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  • Wine Is Good Feb 04, 2018

    I want to know what she said. "Hello"?

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