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Dear mr. Andy puzder,
My name is hani fahim it’s a great pleasure writing to you sir, however I have a complaint against hardees egypt, I will explain what happened briefly, I called hardees yesterday at 11.45pm for delivery for only 2 five stars burgers combos and 1 super star burger combo after waiting for more than 50 minutes the order came wrong they brought only the 2 five stars burgers combos and forgot the super star sandwich, I called the customer complaints department 3 times and talked to 3 managers explaining to them what happened there names are khaled & ndash; e-kramy & ndash; sameh night shift in (Maadi branch) and nothing happened till now it’s the second day 5.30pm and till now I did not get my sandwich or refund the money! Please help and try to teach these people how to work professionally.
Thank you so much sir


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 24, 2020 2:59 am EST
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Good Morning Sir

I visited Hardees Egypt Manshet el bakry helioplies on 21/11/2020, I ordered chicken salad take away and when I go and I did not open the box as it was sealed with a sticker on the side and I saw that it is not fresh from the transparent cover so I moved immediately to the store to return it.
but the waiter told me that he will not return it back as I opened it and said that there should be cheese on the top and he is sure that I opened the box and took the cheese before returning it back to the shop which was not the truth. I told him how could I open the box though the sealed sticker on the box is not broken. he replied that he is sure that he added cheese and he will not return the salad pretending that I am a liar.
I shouted at him but what really annoyed me is that he threw the salad box towards my face which is not acceptable attitude from such a multinational chain staff.
I asked for the store manger he said that he is there and when I shouted at him with a loud voice the manager came back and refunded my money back.
actually I was really very disappointed for the very rude treatment I had a very bad experience that I will never come back to ur shops
Several negative points :
1- No change to pay in cash and get back my change so I had to pay in credit card as the waiter told me that she has no change 2 EGP and seems to keep them.
2- unacceptable treatment.
3- staff has to take training courses on customer service skills and body language.
4- I called call center complain center and no feedback received from them to date

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