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i've been going to my same stylist for 5 years but just recently left the hair cuttery that she was working for, she is a good person, great stylist and i consider her my friend, but when i witnessed and found out how over worked and underpaid she was there and how unfair she was being treated i decided to never go back to any haircuttery. according to some of the things she has told me, the Ratner company who owns haircuttery is truly not concerned about the well being and moral of their employees. it is basically a "sweat shop" there is no benefits for their employees and harsh treatment and games that these managers play on the employees and clientel. i really hope that people can understand why these people look so miserable at their job. THEY ARE BEING TREATED LIKE DIRT by their manager and corporation. and in this economy there is no where for them to go even though my friend wants to leave there is not alot of salons that are hiring and busy. they are also forced to take services they are uncomfortable preforming or their is the threat of them losing their jobs. they cannot refuse any client or pass them off to a "more experienced stylist" There for that is why there are many bad experiences at Hair Cutteries because the stylist does not have a choice under their managment. They HAVE to do your hair whether their comfortable or not and the managment restrains them of honesty, calling it "discrimination" Wouldnt you rather have someone be honest and not jack up your hair? Or would you want someone to cut your hair whos been working 8hours and have not even been able to take a break to drink some water? This is not an exaggeration, i've seen it my friend/stylist has been through it, and im done going their!


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    proud hair cuttery employee Nov 02, 2009

    I'm quite curious as to where this particular stylist works, because I have worked in three different hair cutteries, under three different managers, and never have i been forced to work all day without any breaks. I have NEVER had to do any service that I felt i couldn't do, although if she went to a descent beauty school, she should be comfortable doing ALL hair and services. Ratner offers free training in everything from cuts to color to texture services. So maybe she should have taken advantage of the tools that are available to her. Perhaps it's just her manager that poses these issues, so to put the company down as a whole without know all the TRUE facts is a bit premature. There are always 3 sides to every situation: hers, theirs, and the truth, and no one is gonna tell the parts that makes them look bad! If this is your friend you arent helping her by not continuing to go into hair cuttery. you are actually taking money from her and giving it to someone else! That's a GREAT friend!

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    kydouble Jan 29, 2010

    ima master stylist at a hair cuttery...and i HAVE seen managers treat stylist unfairly..they try to make you work shifts that s not ur schedule...and constantly tell you that you can be replaced..and i think to myself..yeah ..thats goning to make me want to work harder for you..The district managers keep requiering us to do more and more...sell..sell..retail...and once again if you dont...youll be replaced...what they fail to understand is...they replace the great stylist with apprentises..or people that dont have the passion or drive to do their job well..also the benefits arent the best...when i first came to this company in 2000..they had a great heathcare plan...and a good district manager...but of course thing change...another thing is that they tell us its mandatory to come to salon meetings...ok..thats cool..but m suppose to get paid for those we have the choice to clock in...but in return it hurts our weekly numbers..and when the district has a goes to the district managers...i really dont get this...we as the stylist are making the hair cuttery the money...we are the working class of hair cuttery..but rarely we get reconised or a personal bonus...this company has potential...but until hair cuttery can see its faults and understand that they need to change..its going to be the same..

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    grneyedgod Aug 31, 2010

    I agree with the two employees of hair cuttery. I have had nothing but games with the salon i work at. I am not allowed to take my paid time offf, am forced to do services at which i am not super proficient, am not allowed breaks because "people are waiting", have been told I am "too gay" during a write up, have been forced to come to unpaid mandatory meetings, am yelled at when they have to pay me minimum wage when the salon is not busy, am forced to sell massive amounts of retail or else i have to go to mandatory unpaid classes, have been told by the asl in my store that i dont count and i do not mean anything to the company, and was recently hung out to dry over a customer complaint that i had nothing to do with. Hair Cuttery is in short bad for it's employees, bad for its cusomers and the sole purpose is to make the owner money, very little of which does he share with his employees.

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    SummerWhitney87 Sep 15, 2010

    I also work for HC at the moment and I have to say it is a complete joke. And that's putting it lightly. My manager is the most unprofessional person I have ever worked with. We are told to attend UNPAID but yet mandatory meetings and are threatened and given a hard time if we say we are not able to attend. If my numbers are low for the week and instead my manager asking me what I feel I need to be improving and finding a way to better myself she straight up will tell me how my numbers suck and I need to do something about it. I work very hard at my job and I love doing hair, I'm at a point where I am currently building my client book and I can't leave for probably another year to keep my following. The "perks" of HC do not make up for all the other BS. We are free maids and we make the company what it is and we get no real credit. The salon I work in is so run down. Paint chipping, broken chairs, capes that are literally falling apart, and slow computer, and crappy AC unit and nothing ever gets done about it.

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    Bone16 Sep 16, 2010

    I have worked for hair cuttery for only a week now and I see exactly what you are talking about. The management makes you take customers and do services that you are not so comfortable doing. The supply of capes are slim to none you have to use the same cape on every client you perform a service on. They also make you work off the clock at the end of the night. They want you to clock out right away, but stay and work 20-30min off the clock. This place is a joke and I'm already getting fed up. Dennis Rathner claims that his company has a family feel and you are treated as such, but I think they treat you like perfect strangers. This company is a joke and they better hope they don't get slapped with a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock and come to mandatory meetings and aren't compensated.

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  • Ko
    kosmogurl Sep 26, 2010

    OH MY GOD! I totally agree! I have been working at the Hair Cuttery now for almost 6 weeks and I have been treated so bad it's unbeleivable. I quit, but was forced to ask for the job back by my better half because we really need the money. I really hate going into work. My manager helps me with my cuts and then the client comes back and it's blamed on me. I have been totally disrespectd by someone who is training to be assistant manager and also treated bad by another coworker. I really hate working there. I would give anything not to go back. My manager said I am there over a month and that I should know how to do fades and other cuts by now. I think I am an excellent stylist just I never did fades before or have worked in the salon for a very long before. I am also forced to do cuts by myself now and I don't feel comfortable with somethings I haven't done before. I also take a medicine that requires water on a constant basis or it can be fatal to my health but yet they tell me even with a doctors note Im not allowed to have bottled water at my station. I feel there are alot of things wrong with these haircutteries. They do not practice sanitation procedures. They do make you sign off the clock and then clean the shop and not get paid for it. They also don't allow breaks. I hope something will be done soon they shouldnt get away with this. Im being pressured and put down already because of quotas and commissions and I have been doing great but its never good enough. The manager does color using her fingers and rinses colors without gloves which to me is very unprofessional but yet she says im unprofessional because I am friendly and outgoing and like to talk to my customers. IM going through so much stress im ready to have a break down!

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  • La
    Laura Lacy Mar 23, 2011

    I got let go yesterday. I was told that I was one of the best stylists in there, skill wise. I do not sell enough retail, and I only bring in an average of 20 an hour. I am supposed to bring in 24 an hour. I do take my time with my clients', by the way. The real ereason I got let go was due to cheap gossip that the district manager, (Stephanie Williams) believed without ever asking me about it. I found this out from my old manager who had quit. She wanted me gone. My old manager asked me about talking to a Union official. One of the stylists had turned what was actually a walk-in into something I orchestrated so that I could start a Union, I suppose. We had just watched a film on unions (45 minutes of my life that I will never get back) and I was joking with the guy about the film I had just seen. Stephanie Williams never once came to me to ask. Regardless of the fact that it is a human right to seek advocacy, it was not even a case like what was presented to her. I have NEVER felt so violated, or de-humanised ever at ANY other work place in my LIFE. My mother is a lawyer, and I may even have a case. I am still angry and may pursue it. It is true that you get no benefits worth writing about. Also, unless you sell a great deal of retail you stay at 45% commission rates. They want you to average 24 an hour so that you can earn at least your minimum wage, and they can 'earn' about double minimum wage. They also do not take into account the side work you do that counts againstyour average.

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  • Do
    DoNotGoToHAIRCUTTERY Dec 17, 2018

    @Laura Lacy They suck looking to get out, they cut my hrs and the threats are bullshit
    How is
    They can advertise 401 k But they don’t match you for anything they lie and they will do anything and if you’re not making the money then they’re going to get rid of you because they are very discriminative the salon that I am currently working in is ridiculous I am not even going through corporate I am going to the board of cosmetology

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  • Ka
    Karmawillgetu Jan 21, 2019

    @DoNotGoToHAIRCUTTERY They’re doing the same to me at the other one that I work at they have discriminating against me they have cut my hours without notifying me and I lost clientele as a result they are constantly making that threats and screwing with my schedule and lying to my clients I am considering as well going to the board of cosmetology not even bothering going through them because it’s a waste of time

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  • Zd
    ZDv73 May 18, 2011

    Asked for a trim. Explained I didn't want the style altered; just wanted the bulk trimming out.

    Result was a lop-sided cut, one side shorter/thinner than the other.

    The back was uneven, a chunk missing, one part noticeably spiked longer.

    Paid cash; she put it into the drawer. I noticed she seemed to take too much money out of the drawer.

    I later noticed from the receipt that she'd keyed in less than I had given her. She'd effectively "fiddled" the cash register.

    She didn't introduce herself but the receipt said "Dana", Westtown Hair Cuttery.

    Thank goodness hair grows. I'll know not to let Dana near me again.

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  • Ku
    KUCO Aug 15, 2011

    You all should come to the salon that I work in...some stylis(the non-smokers, ones without an iphone ) have to be on the floor all day without a break. If I try to take 15 minutes to basically inhale my lunch, I get told to that there are people waiting...mean while the lazy people that have been out side smoking all day get to stay outside and download more apps for their stupid phones. My asst mgr wont even take a buzz cut if he has an appointment coming in 30 minutes! If he does come in from smoking or looking for frogs in his farmland app(on the iphone, that Im praying will catch on fire one day) he just sits in his chair and watches us work, while the clients wait and look at him like wtf? He even told me that I took to long to blow out someones 300 pounds of hair. I said oh Im sorry did you have to take a walk in while I was busy with that princess? Nothing is ever done about this issue. Im sick of it and ready to quit. I also get yelled at if Im out sick and bring in a note, yet other people dont call or show up and they still have a job...can we say different rules for different people????

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  • Lo
    Loraine Keeler Nov 10, 2012

    Bought day before, had receipt, pd with debt card. Non opened product. Tried to return to get refund on card They said No. There is no sign posted anywhere that says No Refunds, only store credit . This is not right nor far, bought for my sons birthday and then found out he did not use it. You tell me why with receipt unopened product that I can not get a refund. I do not know of any store like this. Mt. Dora is a small town and I am from here I tell you want my mouth will never shut up over this I will tell everyone I know thats a promise and most this town sticks together. Believe me I am writing to anyone and everyone with a complaint about this. There is no way this is far to any customer. YOU ONLY KNOW THIS AFTER YOU BUY SOMETHING AND OH GUESS WHAT ITS ON YOUR RECEIPT, AFTER THE FACT . REALLY What a way to ripe off people Loraine Keeler

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  • Hj
    H. Jasim Nov 25, 2012

    One of the worst hair beauty saloon, they are trying to be a professional but they are the big [censor] in Germantown area, their all beautician experts just only trying to get tips and stuff they dont care of their customers hairs, most of them they cants understand that what the customers are explaining about the hair style. when they finished the hair cut, after talking shower and drying the hairs brush them, some hair look long and some look very short, they never do the right job, I tried them upto 3 time and everytime they were not friendly, and all of them hair experts dont know about the hair cut at all, I dont know, how they get their license.
    I will never recommend anybody to go to Hair Cuttery.

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  • Fo
    foxygrandma Nov 25, 2012

    Could their lack of understanding have anything to do with your poor grammar?

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  • Am
    Amy Lovelace Mar 22, 2013

    I wast just fired from Hair Cuttery with-in the past month. I was basically fired for not selling enough retail. I love doing hair and working with my clients but Ratner has this horrible policy about sales. The manager, Tara took me to the front of the salon and threatened me in front of everyone expressing her disappointment in my numbers. She continued to lectured me on how to PUSH product for the good of the company. Out of the 10 stylists that are employed at Queensgate in York, Pa, Myself and 3 lucky non-smokers cleaned, folded and worked the front while all the smokers spent hours out back smoking between customers, including my heartless boss. These lazy Stylist smelled like an ashtray. I never received a break and has 5 minutes to inhale food. We has "clean sweeps" every other week that was mandatory to come in after closing on Sundays to clean for free. The Ratner Company does not pay their Stylist fir mandatory meeting that are at times in Maryland, 45 minutes away for 8 hours. If you do not attend these meetings on how to see product and push extra services you will be fired. The managers are trained to use humiliation tactics to increase revenue for the salon. When I was threatened for not being "good" enough and made to cry, I asked to put my 2 weeks in and Tara replied, "just get your ### and go". The most madding thing was at Christmas I was nominated to run the toy drive for our store and I raised hundreds of dollars and collect a truck full of toys for a needy family which took weeks and many hours of heart and soul. Only then to be told to get out! I am still heart broken and embarrassed. Shame on your Tara for being a terrible person with no integrity. You might sell product but you have no redeeming qualities. Hair Cuttery is a horrible!

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  • No
    notsure87 Feb 22, 2015

    I can't tell you how many times I was made to cut my breaks short- or how many times I was expected to work while clocked out. I was always scheduled for like 27-32 hours a week, my pay usually only showed that I worked like 22 hours. you have to attend unpaid required meetings all the time, and you have to stay after work for a half hour off the clock AND follow the manager to the bank after close...ALL off the clock. They give you this "you CAN clock in, but it's going to effect you commission" essentially, you would lose money by being clocked in for those things. I wouldnt send my worst enemy to work for this company. I'm just waiting for a class action to pop up.

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  • Ju
    Just a stylist Jun 17, 2016

    I have worked for Hair Cuttery for almost 4 years, we've gone through 4 Salon Leaders in the past year. They push you to do services you're not comfortable doing, they push you to sell retail, and make it seem like you're bonuses are easy to make. Which in the the time I've been there they've raised our RPO, and retail numbers which makes it very difficult to get any type of bonus. They expect us to work till we drop, and don't care if you're sick or if a family member is sick. I've had to stay an hour after my shift for meetings that weren't even scheduled, and have been ask to come back to the salon after a doctors appt to have a meeting. Which my doctors appt was after my scheduled time to get off I was still expected to come back. At our salon we've all put in for our vacations well in advance, but seeing a Salon Lead that is no longer there approved them we might not get our request time off. Our employee handbook is nothing but a joke to the company, seeing all the SL, ALS, and RSL all say there is a grey area where they can bend the rules to suit them.

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  • Ch
    ChellieBean Jul 26, 2016

    I had been to the Hair Cuttery before for a simple trim, and I always came away adequately confident in the work they did. This past hair cut, though, I had not been to a salon in a while, and needed slightly more off than usual. My hair is a little longer in the back than it is in the front, and I asked to maintain as much length as possible, but the incompetent *** working on me cut until it was even, taking some 4 to 5 inches off in the back. What's more, he gave me a blunt fringe without asking, and trimmed in layers that I was trying to grow out. He didn't listen, didn't care about what I as a client wanted, and ultimately ruined my hair because he thought he knew what I wanted more than I did. This is going to take months to grow out and until them, I look like one of the Ramones! Never again, Hair Cuttery, never again!

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  • Be
    bella0785 Aug 01, 2016

    Worst experience ever . Went in to get a color. 5 hours later, 3 toners, and bleach job later, because they made my haor orange, and could not fix. I still had to pay. My scalp is buring, and have had a very bad headace sinve that nigjt. 3 days of burinh, and a headace. On top of that they also ruined the entire back of my shirt. I will be sssking legal action, as my docter confirmed the burns were second degree, and headaces were caused by all of the chemicals plaved on my scalp in short period of time. I will never go back amd advise the same for anyone else. There are to many salons to go somewhere where they actually. Be okay with this happening.

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  • Cl
    Cliffy44 Aug 12, 2016

    I write this, I a perplexed and confused as to why a Hair Cuttery stylist would demean a good tipping customer, who was praising her expertise.
    On Friday, 8/2/13, I went to a Hair Cuttery, where I had been frequenting, on and off, for 5 or 6 years. There was a brief interlude, where I met "Cairlen" (name changed, as per advice of counsel, to avoid liability) at a erent styling establishment; and those 5 times, I got the best haircuts of my life. And at "Cairlen's" other salon, when I mentioned that I converted from Hair Cuttery to her location, her comment was that she "WOULD NEVER WORK AT A CHOP-SHOP DUMP, LIKE HAIRCUTTERY". The owner of "Cairlen's establishment smiled, when she heard "Cairlen" say that".
    When "Cairlen" and the owner parted ways, I visited her where she worked bussing tables, at an "Italian" restaurant (Liability again. It wasn't an Italian restaurant.)
    I offered her $100.00 to cut my hair; and she declined; so, I took my roast pork fried rice and left. The next time that I visited that "Italian" restaurant, I again tried to get "Cairlen" to cut my hair; and, again, she declined.
    SO, when I needed a haircut, I visited "Lyndsey" (NOT her real name); and I was shocked to see "Cairlen", who had said that she "WOULD NEVER WORK AT A CHOP-SHOP DUMP, LIKE HAIR CUTTERY". And, "Cairlen" pretended that she didn't know me.
    On my way out, I told her that it was nice seeing her again.
    Needless to say, since "Cairlen" had done an exemplorary job on my 5 haircuts at her other location, when I tried to make an appointment, I was sort of routed to the district manager Kristin, who said that Hair Cuttery was now only walk-in styling's.
    When I went there on Friday morning at 8:45 AM, there were also 2 other women waiting.
    After I got inside, one of the waiting women said that I had to stop harassing her daughter, "Cairlen"; and I had no idea as to who she was even referring to, or why she didn't speak a word to me, while we were waiting outside for Hair Cuttery to open.
    No idea, that was, until I saw the 3 Lower Providence policemen, who questioned me; and told me that "Cairlen" had told her mom, her employer and the police that I Found out where she had moved to; and that I also found out that she had purchased a new car. AND, that I was stalking her. I'm not sure if that meant at her home or at Hair Cuttery.
    I need to say that I couldn't give a rat's butt as to where "Cairlen" lives, nor do I give a "frig" as to what car she had purchased. I even said to the police, that I didn't think that with the salary that I figured that they made at Hair Cuttery, that I was surprised that "Cairlen" could afford a new car.
    The police checked out my ID and my CCP; and everything was in order.
    The police told me that I wasn't allowed back there again. BUT, "Lyndsey" had been cutting my hair, other than the time that I visited "Cairlen" at her other place. Ya know, the place where she said she "WOULD NEVER WORK AT A CHOP-SHOP DUMP, LIKE HAIR CUTTERY".
    I will close with my opening remarks of this saga: I am perplexed and confused as to why a Hair Cuttery stylist would demean a good tipping customer, who was praising her expertise. And other than low self-esteem, I'm I was always nice to her and I constantly praised her styling expertise.
    Since I'm not the one pursuing "Cairlen", that means that her ardent fan is still out there seeking her out.
    There are 2 people who know deep in their hearts that I did nothing wrong; and they are "Cairlen" and myself. GOD also knows that I did nothing wrong. I wonder what GOD now thinks of "Cairlen"
    Oh Well, Tomorrow I'll have some roast pork fried rice at that "Italian" restaurant's all you can eat buffet.

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  • So
    soooounhappy1 Aug 12, 2016

    Ok so this is going to be some what lengthy as it took place over two days. On 10/5 I went to a local Hair cuttery for my first time. The company was recommended by a friend. I wanted a cut and color and ended up getting my eyebrows done as well. The stylist and I discussed what I wanted and I even asked if it was possible to go a shade lighter on my over all color. I guess I should add I was light caramel with blonde highlights. He said it would be hard and suggested I stay the color I was. I was ok with that. So we go through the cut and color process. As I am in the chair and he has finished up rinsing the color from my hair he says he will be right back. He comes back with a bottle and says it is more color because my hair soaked up all the color he originally put in and needed more to blend with the high lights. He put the contents of the bottle on my head left it for a few minutes and then rinsed again. He then started looking through my hair while my head was still in the sink. He then tells me again he will be right back. He leaves and comes back with another bottle of liquid. I honestly can not say if he told me what it was or not I dont remember. He put that on my head and it almost instantly began to burn my scalp. I made comment to him that it was extremely strong smelling and was burning. He left that in for a few minutes and my the time he came back my eyes were watering and the smell was over powering. He rinsed my head and asked if the burning had stopped. It had. He then started to look through my hair again and at one point bent down and whispered " your highlights will be more caramel is that ok" I was ok if the highlights were slightly darker so I said yes its fine. Ok so done with rinse and we are back in the hair. I have long side bangs and asked if he addressed them in the cut because I didnt remember him trimming them. He said no I just cut them in with the rest. So I asked if he ould do it now. He did. Now keep in mind that I am use to my hzir looking datker when its wet so thought nothing of it when I looked in the mirror and saw dark hair. I am a brunnett so thats how it looks wet. Ok so after he touches up the bangs he asked if I would like a light blow dry. My reply was yes please. He xried it z little znd said I dont want to dry it to much because of the humidity and didnt want it to frizz. Again sounded ok with me however when I, ooked again it still looked really dark and should have lightened some even with a light blow dry. I said to him that it looks way to dark his reply was dont worry it will lighten up. Ok. So now I guess I should mention that his mother had been waiting oh about an hour for him and he was getting calls from people he said were his face book friends and who were thinking of coming in. Ok moving on. I paid...$203...I went on my way. It is about a 25 minute drive home. As I am driving home and my hair is beginning to dry it is getting darker and getting a reddish pupleish color to it. Of ourse I started to freak out. I got home and started to cry when I looked in the mirror. I washed it several times in the hopes some would wash out but it didnt. So I went from a caramel to a I dont even know what color it was. Ok next morning...the salon opened at 10 am I was there by ten after ten. The gentlemen who did my hair was at the front desk. I said hello as he looked at me like a deer in headlights. I then said to him, please fix this, I know it isnt right and you know it isnt right. He looks at me for a few seconds and then says " its to dark?" I wont say what I wanted to say. My reply was come on itx like 5 shades darker than what it was. He comes around the desk and starts digging through my hair. I am ofcourse crying again at this point. He asks me to take a seat and says he will be right back. He apparently went to call his manager as one was not in the store. He comes back about ten minutes later and says his supervisor said to wait a week so there wont be damage to the hair. Now keep in mind that I am a 40 year old woman and I work in retail. To me the color would have been ok for a twenty year old not a 40 year old. So zt this point I am thinking I have to walk around for a week with this hair. I decide that answer was unacceptable and I go to another location. I was met by a young lady who I told the whole story to and she szys ok lets see whzt we can do. This salon gives little key fob cards that they can swipe every time you come in so they can see color formulas and what no that were used on you durring previous visits. She looks it up and what do you know there is no formula there. So she calls him. She says he told her everything he did and the colors he used. She showed me. The color he said he used was not the color we discussed nor was it the color on my head. I also told her about the horrible xmelling stuff thzt urned and made my eyes water. She said it sounded like a bleach wash but he said it was toner. When she sent through my hair to check the cut the layers were horrible. There was a 2 inch difference all over my head. Some short some long. She also saw no reason to not re do my hair minus some damage caused from over processing. But he made it sound like my hair would break off or fall out. She did re do it. I did suffer some damage. The shocking thing to me was I was told that when they color the hair is to be dried completely so the color can be seen and that the policy is that if I was unhappy with it that day then they would have redone it and I would not have had to pay. I was not told this policy and was kind of shocked when I was told that I could not get a refund because it was now the following day. After all I had been through not even a free hair cut was offered not that I would have used it because I will never return to them again but it would have been nice to atleast have the offer. The girl did her best to fix it but still it is no where near what I asked for. I am no in the process of trying to get a refund. I will let you all know how it turns out.

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  • Ls
    LSer May 19, 2017

    I currently work for a Haircuttery and have been doing hair a very long time. I've worked in different types of salons and I must say at least where I am it is the worst management I've ever seen and I have never come across such immaturity. The policies said to follow are a joke. When u don't meet certain requirements as for your production you get written up. Tell me if ur job is slow and no one is coming in how can u do that? Asking that question a lot never seems to get a true response. Your expected to pull customers out of thin air. I agree with one of the comments made about they simply have no loyalty to their long time employees. U are simply a number and told you are easily replaced. As a corporation these policies are supposed to be followed and the same at every Haircuttery but you will find each one has their own set of rules and what they want to do. A very do as I say and not as I do. Interestingly I know someone who is building a case against them. They have been harassed, discriminated against and is suffering emotional and mental breakdown because of the way they are treated. Also even if this case was not to be won for all u gals and guys working for them you do have a choice one thing I have learned from this person you may not win. It you can take your story to all your news channels and they would be happy to tell it for you. They worry about bad internet reviews wait till their blasted on TV

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