Haier IndiaPathetic customer service!

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I purchased Haier windows AC, model AC-HW-18VX from Hazrat's Vision (East), Vikas Marg, Delhi on 07-Mar-2007. Since the weather was good, I didn't get a chance to use my AC till couple of days ago. The AC developed problem within 4 days of usage. It simply stopped cooling !

I logged a complaint with Haier's call centre on 16th May 2007. My complaint# was 283967. I had left a special instruction with them, asking them to send the engineer at my place by 1 pm since I am not available at home thereafter. However, the engineer visited my place on the same day but at 6 pm. He told my parents that some component needs to be replaced and he shall replace the same within two days. He made them sign some paper stating that its necessary as per their process. The engineer didn't return for two days. When I called up Haier's call centre again to check the status of my complaint, I was told that my case has already been closed. The executive again booked a fresh complaint for me (Complaint# 286327, dated 19th May 2007).

I am surprised that how could the complaint be closed without its resolution. The call centre executive told me that I should not have signed the paper offered by the engineer till the time my AC was rectified. But such a process is never explained to the consumer while logging a complaint hence they do whatever they are been instructed to do by the service engineer.

I wanted to escalate the issue to someone more responsible at Haier. I was provided telephone# [protected] for Ms. Sudha. I called her up and explained her the situation. She told me that she shall give me a call in another 15 minutes after talking to the concerned person. Ms. Sudha called me soon and told me that she could not talk to the concerned person but promised that someone shall attend to my problem soon.

Ms Sudha was called again later during the day. Instead some Mr. Vikram attended the call. He told me that engineer shall visit my place with an hour or so. Though as usual, no one did.

I am disillusioned by Haier.

a) I wonder how a new AC could develop a snag within couple of days of its usage ? How can I now expect years of trouble free service from this AC ?

b) I find Haier's service extremely poor. They could not resolve the issue for 3 working days. Instead my case is closed without resolution.

c) Contact number for Haier's service centre for Delh+NCR is mentioned as [protected] at their website though this number is unreachable.

I bought Haier AC with a hope of getting a better product and good after-sale-service. But this doesn't appear to be the case. I purchased my AC to spend my time in comfort rather than chasing you guys for any action.

In fact after buying my Haier AC, I had recommended it to everyone. In fact, my acquaintances bought 3 more Haier ACs (Two in IP Extn and one at Gole Mkt). But I now realize that I have made a wrong judgment in deciding about my AC. I shall ensure that I shall neither buy any of the Haier's product now on nor shall I recommend it to anyone. On the contrary, I shall share my experience with Haier to enlighten them about your 'Inspired Living'.



  • Gi
    giriraj daga May 23, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Mr. Sahid, H.O.D.
    We have bought a wasting machine from miraroad from shenahanjali in 2007 model no.wg1135 but we never got a satisfaction of a washing machine as every week we had to wash clothes by our hands. After several experiences we have come to a conclusion that your customer care servicecentre at Mira road particularly is pathentic . They have no no skill to repair a washing machine and also no manners to talk with the customer . We have requested for a full machine checkup but each time they come only to take Rs.250 and fill their pockets . They dont even bring their equiptments properly .Each time some or the other equiptment is missing . We are fed up of all this. If u cannot provide proper machines and proper services to the customers then i advice u to close your company . we are totally fedup of all your nuisence . WE REQUEST U TO TAKE A STRICT ACTION OR ELSE WE WILL HAVE TO TAKE A STRICT ACTION AGAINST U .

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  • Ka
    KashifM May 17, 2012
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    I had bought a Haier Split AC on 23rd May 2007 in Lucknow. Since the time I bought it there were cooling problems. Every year I kept reporting this to the technicians who visited my place for servicing. But they kept telling me that after service it will be fine.
    It never got fine. The cooling is there but it is very less. Finally last year a technician admitted that yes there is problem in cooling. He said that another technician from Haier will visit my place but no one came.
    Now AC is going out of warranty and product is at its worse.

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  • So
    sonu21 Apr 22, 2012

    Dear Friends,
    I was having the same customer issue with Carrier AC.Since I was planning to buy one more AC so i thought of buying and AC with good customer service.I read a lot on various forums and ultimately came on the conclusion that in india service sector is very poor.Not only AC but what ever product you buy you will face this issue.
    So best of luck to all of us for the future.
    Rupesh Kumar

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  • An
    Anil Mahawar Apr 18, 2012
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    I bought a refrigerator on 8th april, 2012 . but there is internally gas choke problem. i come to know on next day when it was not cooling. i complaint for this to dealer nd company. but still today they are not trying to solve this problem. So bad company is this HAIER. Listen everyone plz don't but any haier product . It is the worst customer service ever i hav seen. I told the dealer for changing the fridge bt still today he is making me fool everyday with the HAIER executives. Now i will go to consumer forum for complaint against the dealer nd against the company.

    - Anil Mahawar

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  • Aj
    Ajay Gulati Jan 17, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Mr I wish to inform you that I purchased anew LCD 32INCHES from your showroom in Dehradun on 6th of DEC2011 as we started viewing the powersupply circut blasted.I complaint to your service centre, Mr Rahul had send Mr Bhatia on complaint Mr.Bhatia told us that power supply circut of your L.C.D has failed he has taken a week to change and as he pluged the L.C.D the same circut blasted again... Mr.Bhatia gave acall to Mr.Rahul on his mobile that there is a manufacturing defect in there L.C.D and he suggested him for replacement. But MR.Rahul has not taken any response on his suggestion and ignored the fault of L.C.D now my L.C.D is in lying in your service center from last 15 days... Now you tell what to do. May i go to consumer court ?
    Ajay Gulati Senior Journalist.([protected], [protected])
    address-67/5 moti bazar kashmiri lal building d.dun [email protected]

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  • Aj
    ajaz syed akram Dec 26, 2011

    i bought a haier semi automatic washing machine XPB62-0613D on 22/7/11 from then to till now it got repaired for 2 to 3 times by your costumer care guy.. and the machine has some motor problem so for that we asked that guy to replace over machine then he contacted us with subramanyam mechanical engineer of the haier company his contact number ([protected]) and the subramanyam told us that he will replace us the machine within 8days and now its over the days like 15 to 20days..
    today again we called him up and reminded him up of the replacement of the machine, the subramanyam is telling that no you just take and come the machine to over place will again check it and then will decided to replace it or not..
    we are just feed up of that is these the way to response to the costumers i want you to take a serious action against it...
    response me @ [email protected] will waiting for reply... cell phone number [protected]

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  • Be
    beena rao Nov 30, 2011

    i bought washing machine and register a complaint over 2 months ago...the engineer refused to believe there was a problem...he said it was working fine...although i told him repeated that the machine vibrate violently...i had to replace the outlet pipe paying 600 since the machine moves away from the connections...the BSM (branch service manager keeps telling me it will be resolved soon...they r expecting a courier of the PCB...nothing so far...havent been able to wash clothes for the last 2 months...shud i ask them to reimburse my part replacement cost n drycleaner bills?...i regret buying the machine...used IFB for 13 yrs without any complaints...frustrated n fed up with Haier...n there attitude...

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  • Mi
    Milind J Patil Sep 06, 2011

    I do aggree with the above views, Haier is the worst with the bad customer service. Am also facing the issue with LCD wall mount kit not provided from Haier from last 3 weeks, as it was commited to be provided within a week. After 3 weeks still my service request is not attended from Haier..

    Milind Patil

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  • Ra
    RAJ_2011 May 02, 2011

    Dear All,

    I have a Haier full automatic washing machine, bought in chennai viveks ltd. If any repair comes the service people will come in within 24 hours, but the guys coming are very much inexperienced, they come and open the machine and just explain in their mobile to their boss abt the problem, finally close the machine saying some other expert will come tomorow... thas alll tata bye bye only. When u ask again in the customere care about the problem, they are saying like the complaint is closed.

    Dear Haier if you dont have a proper customer service center why u r selling ur products. Electronic goods are to be serviced periodically particularly any problem occurs. only for name sake u have customer service center that to with amateur repair guys. In Chennai Z-axis is the authorized service center for Haier and elctrolux. I feel its better to do the repair works privately. y becoz after they service, instead of solving the problem its get increased. I WONT RECOMMENDED HAIER TO ANYONE.

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  • Ja
    james chacko Sep 20, 2010
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    Verified customer

    i made a coomplaint about an lcd tv on 6th august 10 and till date (20th sep 10) there has been no call from the company regarding this. every time i am promised that the engineer will attend and change the faulty part. no the supervisor refuses to come on line and talk. absolutely pathetic and sorry customer service!!!

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  • An
    animesh_999 May 23, 2010

    I have been frustrated by the service being provided by Haier to it's customers. I unfortunately own a Haier Window A/C and unfortunately this A/C required service. After landing in this unfortunate circumstance, I realized how unfortunate I have been to buy a Haier appliance.

    I lodged a complaint number HYD105090148 around two weeks back with Haier's all india call center. After multiple follow-ups with them, finally a service engineer arrived. He started quoting rates for service out of his own wish. List below
    1. Gas Recharge: Rs 2200
    2. Service Charges: Rs 500
    3. Transportation: Rs 500

    Rates provided by their call center and confirmed by Haier's hyderabad head are
    1. Gas Recharge: Rs 1650
    2. Service Charges: Rs 350
    3. Transportation: Rs 250

    I asked Haier's call center to escalate it and they assured me of the same. Finally what happened, they closed the ticket without addressing any of my concerns.

    I again started following up with them and they again sent a service executive. He again quoted the same rates as he had done earlier. I had to either stay without an A/C in scorching heat of Hyderabad or pay their service executive the rates quoted by them. I went by the second option with escalating the first option.

    Now more than 10 days are over and I am still waiting for my A/C to arrive. I don't know whom to escalate it to. I feel all jokers are sitting at Haier customer service. Biggest jokers sit at their call center (good for nothing), second biggest jokers are their local leads (in Hyderabad it is Mr Janardana - [protected]).

    I feel Haier has the worst service amongst any company existing in India. Please think twice before buying any Haier appliance. I would suggest never ever to go for a Haier appliance even if they offer you half the rate.

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  • Mu
    Mukesh Kapoor Mar 27, 2010

    I purchased window AC in Chennai 4 years later. Now I am in Delhi. There seems to be a problem in my AC. When it works it store water in tray and do not dispose it. Beside this there is no cooling. Please inform your service center in Delhi to visit and rectify the problem. My address is:

    Mukesh Kapoor
    A-4/T-1, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-110095
    Phones: 01-[protected] and Mob.: [protected]

    Hope for a favourable an early action.


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  • Mo
    Monica01 Feb 16, 2010

    Haier customer care is the most pathetic so are there products as well as there staff and service centers employees .
    My Haier washing machine has given me enough problems in the past 2 yrs and to add to the misery repairs are not done before 3- 4 months ever.
    My advice to all is the same Never buy any Haier products we must rather get inspired to throw their produts on the road

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  • Sw
    swati bhatia Jul 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes I absolutely agree . Never buy HAIER's products . They have the worst possible customer service. My LCD TV packed up and in 5 days of trying to get an engineer to fix it..we failed . We spoke to everyone from execs to floor supervisors who kept promising someone will come today - but they did not show up .
    This is the worst Product with the Worst cUstomer Care ...

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  • Ta
    tapas mitra Jul 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do agree with this view. i have seen my friends facing problems with haier products. I do not want to buy anything from this company.

    Thanks friends for sharing your views...

    Tapas Mitra

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  • Ja
    Jayanta Bhattacharjee Jul 08, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dear Mr. Navin,

    I do agree with your assessment that Haier has displayed the worst customer care service ever possible!!! I have been suffering from this since 23rd May, 08 as on when I purchased a washing machine form Sales Emporium, Kolkata. The model was delivered in the evening and the inside part was full of scratches. The model looked old and dirty which we could not point out at the time of taking delivery.

    The very next day we made call to Sales Emporium about the problem but they bluntly replied that only Haier can replace it.

    The engineer, who, came after 3 days for demonstration also agreed on our claim and assured us of the replacement.

    But, since that day there was a series of phone calls from our part and a series of commitments from their part continued till last week when they finally told me that there is no stock of this model available in Delhi and Kolkata perhaps in the country!!!

    The poorest of all, some Mr. Rudra thoughtfully advised me to go to Sales emporium again and request ( beg ) them to replace the set!!!

    I strongly recommend all of you who have a plan to go for 'inspired living' never ever be lured by the Haier products and their claims.

    This Chinese company ( which keeps mum when its dealers claim that it's a German company!!!)is stumbling with huge loss this quarter.

    Thanks Mr. Navin. Unfortunately I read your message after being hatched.



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  • Ma
    mani kumar tamang Jun 25, 2007
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    Verified customer

    We bought a microwave oven 23/4/07 we'd been using this but after a 2 months it suddenly stopped working. We made end no. of complains a man came from service center and assured us that will repair the microwave but never showed up again... We still are waiting after a month but we dont get to hear from them any more... We never had expected such a service from haier... now as our family friends come we suggest them not to go fr haier products anymore as their service is pathetic and poor.

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