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H & M Hennes & MauritzOrder placed 1‌705‌721‌919‌3

Placed an order November 30th it is now Jan 4th still not here h end m is refusing to cooperate they are stating they shipped it out December 15th why send it out so late I understand the pandemic makes things difficult but this is insane they will not refund my money they are saying oh keep waiting you have to wait not one person is helpful or understands this was an Xmas gift they ruined that and to top it off they just say it's protocol I have to wait because they shipped my order on dec 15 even tho it was placed Nov 30th

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    Dec 15, 2019

    H & M Hennes & Mauritz — employee behaviour

    On 15 Dec 2019, at 1940 hrs While my daughter trying her clothes, she called me in to check her fitting...

    Dec 10, 2019

    H&M — unprofessional manager

    I purchased a pair of 30.00 pants for work. I didn't have time to wait in line and try them on, so I...

    Jun 05, 2019

    H & M Hennes & Mauritz — I am complaining about your employee

    Hello I would like to send you my concern about your employee in Fair Oaks mall. I happen to be shopping...

    H & M Hennes & Mauritzfull refund

    I made an online purchase on 8/11 and returned a few items in the store on 8/22. On 8/23, I only received partial refund in my credit card. H&M emailed me of the error they detected and promised to rectify the situation with my full refund in the form of a check. I have called their customer service on 9/17, 9/24, 9/28 and 10/6. I have yet to receive my check for my full refund. I also have a email conversation exchanged with their backoffice and yet my issue has still been unresolved. I just want what is owed to me.

    ticket #[protected]

    full refund
    full refund
    full refund

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      H&M — customer service

      I suspect H&M Customer Service based in Malaysia whose named Torstan, Thomas, Ryan, Nick might be the...

      H & M Hennes & Mauritzrude cashier worker and bad systems of queuing

      The date of the incident was 28th January 2018.

      It was during my trip to miri by using bus. It only short period of time when going to each location so we went rush to H&M to shop. At first, it was okay however when it comes to my turn to pay for my item, they (the cashier) asked us to queue up to the back. We both feel frustrated on their customer services because they pretend to see us like we are invisible. Even though they are trying to make things like it never happen at all, everyone saw it. we were queueing for more than 15 minutes because the customer in front of us bought a lot of things probably more than rm200.

      I felt unhappy because how they served us were poor because some of them especially the women cashier. In that station, only her that scanned the price tag, the one also who put the items inside the bag as well doing the cashier machine.. it is seriously very slow. I do not know how come this happened. For future suggestion, it is better to have 2 worker in a station; 1 who put the items neatly inside the plastic and one who handles the money and return the remaining money when the customer is paying their items.

      Secondly, the queue itself is a major problem other than the customer services. The way how they asked us to queue is by going through the maze that are at the same time tables of accessories such as necklace, socks etc. I do not think it is appropriate way of queue because 1) small space 2) No sign of 'please queue here'. I hope when I enter that H&M located in Miri, Sarawak (Malaysia). It will resolve and it will not happen to other customer as well.

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        H & M Hennes & Mauritz — service /non caring attitude

        I purchased a Gillet at your H&M 731 Lexington Store 002 New York US on the 01/01/18. As I bought this I...

        H & M Hennes & Mauritzcustomer service

        I've been a loyal customer for years buying H&M's products for the whole family. But I was shocked last week doing shopping at The Forum Plaza location (Carlsbad, CA) by very poor customer service provided by Wendy Aguilar, the manager. She was unfriendly, not responsive, and simply walked away while I have not finished talking to her. All I was asking for was to prorate the price for packs of socks that were missing some pairs (they didn't have full packs for the sized I needed). She said she could only give me a 10% discount which would made me pay more for the pair of socks than its original price is... Why should I pay more for the pair than its normal price? She demonstrated her stupidity, bad attitude towards customer, and helped H&M to loose the loyal customer.

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          H & M Hennes & Mauritzcustomer service

          I made a purchase at the Stadion shopping mall in Braće Jerković, Belgrade, Serbia on Wednesday, November 22. Today, November 24, I made another purchase at the same store and I asked the store manager, Dušan about receiving the 20% off promotion for the current Black Friday sale on my purchase from Wednesday (two days ago.) I asked if I brought my receipt if he could adjust my total to reflect the sale. He told me that whatever was purchased before the sale should be forgotten about because this was a new sale and there was nothing he could do. I then said that they were in effect making us return the clothing and then repurchase it to receive the discount. I was told that I was free to do as I wish. Anywhere else in the customer-service-oriented world, they would be glad to honor the sale prices on a purchase only two days prior with the receipt. They are running the store like it is their own rather than H&M. What is the benefit of him making a customer return the items to the store and telling me that it's at my discretion to purchase them again, and risk me, as a customer not purchasing them again simply due to the hassle? When I asked, the store manager gave me the number to speak with Vladimir Ilić [protected].) When I phoned him a male answered and told me that he was not Vladimir and that he could not transfer me and I would have to call back. When I did, the line repeatedly rang with no answer. It seems a convenient way of screening phone calls and not actually addressing customer service problems. The items that I purchased were gifts for my children for Christmas, so they haven't been worn or even had the tags removed, but regardless, this treatment shows that all patrons are viewed as crooks. If you doubt my assesment of the situation, take a look at the policies of Macy's, J C Penny, or Kohl's just as examples, and you will see how their policies empower employees to provide good customer service that ensures those customers will return to shop repeatedly in their stores.
          Tiffany Marinković

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            H & M Hennes & Mauritz — purchase receipt not provided therefore cash return denied

            Two weeks ago I bought 2 sweaters at H&M. The day of purchase I got home and realized there was no receipt in...

            H & M Hennes & Mauritz — h&m sold me a tampered product

            I purchased an ivory open sweater priced at $49.99 at the H&M at the Glendale Americana on September 15...

            H & M Hennes & Mauritzthe supervisor

            I called in customer service to have an order place but was having issues and spoke to a rude supervisor named Eric. He wouldnt give me his last name and I felt like he treated like I was a piece of [censored]. He stated that I wouldn't be able to place an order with someone else credit card. Stating that the card had to match what was on file. I explained to him that it doesnt make any sense why no one would be able to use another form of payment. I explained to him that I also work in retail and that we are able to charge someone's card with no problem. He then stated that since I don't work at H&M that I wouldn't know what I was talking about. I asked nicely to speak to someone else besides him and he would not transfer me to someone else stating he's the only in charged there. I had to go out my way and call from a different phone and get someone else who can help me speak to someone else. I believe if they are going to be a supervisor that they should have some type of people skills. This makes me scared to call customer service again.

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              H&M Mumbai ( Phoenix mill) — I am complaining about your service in h&m mumbai store

              Why are women/men in H&M Mumbai store not allowed to try swimwears /undergarments(bottom wear) . How does one...


              H & M Hennes & Mauritzmanager/sales associate eddie - customer service

              Sunday September 10, 2017, Store number is 120194, time around 14:00. My grievance is really towards 2 employees at the store today. I was standing in line waiting for the next available cashier, then as the customer in front of my left, I went up to the next open, however this Sales Associate didn't acknowledge me and just murmured something like his cashier wasn't open (I just saw you ring up somebody), I didn't catch want he said so I waited and stood there while he and his manager (I'm assuming), Eddie, just talked about scheduling and then Eddie signaled a "shoo, go away" hand gesture as if I were a little kid in a fancy store. Needless to say I was pissed, felt belittled, and glad another cashier opened (and he was pleasant). I am posting this review here but I am also trying to figure how to report this to corporate to address Eddie's non-customer service attitude.

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                H & M Hennes & Mauritzcustomer service

                I had been to your store at Bangalore MG road on 07th, One of the worst shopping experience of my life, there were hardly any staff to assist and I found a sales lady to help but she was arrogant in her voice and behaviour same service quality by the same lady even at cash counters, the lady inherits from north east part of India, short heighted and fairy in complex, completely spoiled my mood of shopping just decided to get out of this Store as soon as possible, Last time ever I will step into H&M, with this kind of staff where H&M will end

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                  H & M Hennes & MauritzI would not recommend shopping at h&m

                  I ordered clothes online. ne dress and three similar shirts. But they sent me only one shirt and a different dress. I would try to express a bit of understanding if I ordered from Aliexpress, they often send wrong items, but what happened to h&m?? I phoned them to clarify the situation and waited for about30 minutes before they picked it up. I talked to a rep about the situation. They said: ok, if you're not satisfied, then ship those items back and we'll refund.
                  BUT I had to pay for the shipping!!! By their fault. I didn't want a refund, I wanted to replace wrong items to the right ones. But my request was declined.
                  They made me sad. I don't want to buy from them again and will not recommend you to do so. At least don't buy anything online.

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                    H & M Hennes & Mauritz — store manager called lex

                    I am visiting the U.S. From England. My family and two friends went on a shopping trip today (8/1/17) in...

                    H & M Hennes & Mauritzthe behaviour of the staff.

                    Hi. I have been a regular customer at your stores and was always satisfied with the services provided but this time I am highly disappointed with the behaviour of the staff. I usually shop from the Phoenix Lower Parel branch and the staff has always been cooperative but this time when I shopped at the Phoenix Kurla branch, I regret it. The staff has no manners at all and they should be taught as to how they should behave with their customers. I belong from a Muslim family and we wear a hijab, me and my three sisters occupied 4 trial rooms and my mother was there along with us, helping us to choose. When my mother was standing there, the executive Sheetal pushed her outside saying it's not allowed to stand here. There might be some rules, I understand but there is a certain way to behave or request the customers to move aside. When my sister tried to explain her that we will not be comfortable around the males outside, her reply was "That's not my problem. That's your lookout".We have shopped from most of the brand outlets and they allow 1 person accompanying to help the buyer choose their clothes but the female executive there, Sheetal was completely ill mannered and had no courtesy for her customers.atleast she should have the manners to talk to an elderly person which was my mother, which she completely lacked.We immediately felt the need to contact the floor manager asking for a feedback form. The manager Shakir also had no manners, how to address their customers. I insisted on getting a feedback form for a written complaint and was denied the same. I am highly dissapointed by the service quality and shocked as to how such a brand is running without even having a feedback book/form. I felt that the discrimation was wholly because of me being a Muslim. We live in a country like India where under the section 15 and 25 of the constitution, I have freedom of religion and I can practice my religion freely which includes wearing a hijab. She hurt my religious sentiments as well.We are customers, and we are the ones due to whom the stores run.There should be ethics in the Staff to behave with the customers.We are educated people, aware with the laws and will not remain quiet against this misbehaviour.I demand our safety and security. I would like a proper complaint number for this and will be waiting from an appropriate reply as soon as possible.

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                      H & M Hennes & Mauritzitem arrived having been worn by someone


                      The womens v neck linen top coral that arrived in my shipment today had been worn by someone. It smells heavily of body odor/perfume and is a bit misshapen. Are people wearing the clothes before shipping them out?

                      Order no: 000825
                      Order date: 6/8/17

                      I am returning it. I just wanted to report this as it is important for your quality control.

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Sophie Brennan

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