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several missing items not shipped/received - please see below

On February 8, 2020 at 2:03:45 AM EST February 8, 2020 at 2:03:45 AM EST I placed an online order (Order # UNU12393464). I received an order confirmation. On February 11th I received a shipment notice and on February 15th a package was delivered (because I was away, I received the package on the 21st). Upon opening the package I realized the following:

Women Soft Knitted Fleece Dress Dark Gray (SKU#: 418319COL08SMA004000) - 1 item

Women Ribbed Merrow Extended-L Yellow (SKU#: 419563COL47SMA004000) - 1 item

Women Ribbed Merrow Extended-L Dark Brown (SKU#: 419563COL38SMA004000) - 2 items

2-Way Multi-Color Block Stole Wine (SKU#: 418660COL19SIZ999000) - 2 items

Girls HeatTech Knee High Socks Pink (SKU#: 420892COL12KSS019000) - 5 items


2- Way Neutral Checked Stole Navy (SKU#: 418662COL69SIZ999000) - 4 items

2- Way Neutral Checked Stole Gray (SKU#: 418662COL04SIZ999000) - 2 items

2- Way Neutral Checked Stole Wine (SKU#: 418660COL19SIZ999000) - 2 items

2- Way Neutral Checked Stole Blue (SKU#: 418661COL68SIZ999000) - 2 items

Kids Stretch Warm-Lined Pants size Age 7-8 (420657COL68AGK130000) - 1 item

Kids Stretch Warm-Lined Pants BLUE size Age 3-4 (420657COL68AGK110000) - 1 item

I only received 1 "order shipped" and 1 order.

A call to customer service did not result in a resolution of my concern. I was told that 2 emails informing me that the order was shipped were sent and that 2 deliveries were made were in fact there was only 1 email and 1 delivery. I am requesting a refund for the missing items or will consider taking legal action and filing a complaint.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Espert, ESQ

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lack of delivery

I placed and on order for two shirts on a Sunday, Nov.3rd and paid 22$ extra for next day delivery, The order was placed around Noon. Delivery never happened on Monday.
Tuesday when I returned home there was only a note that said they tried to deliver but did not, this was despite a note left on the door to leave the package at my door.
The delivery notice requested a sign off to allow them to deliver the package without a signature and I complied and left that note on my door for delivery Wednesday. I came home on Wednesday at 3 pm and only to find another note stating they did not leave the package. WTF?
I immediately called the "FED EX" number supplied on the delivery notice and told them I was leaving town the next day early, 6 am, and need that package. They had plenty of time to send a person to deliver that afternoon or evening. Instead I am told that the delivery people are independent contractors and will not do that, instead, they said I should drive 45 minutes to their offices and pick up the package that I had paid 22$ extra for the next delivery despite it now being three days later? I could not and would not do that, that was not what I paid for, I paid for the package to be DELIVERED TO ME, NOT FOR ME TO DRIVE 90 MINUTES THERE AND BACK TO PICK UP! Since I was leaving town for 4 days the next day, I asked for the delivery to be done Monday, Nov. 11th and then was told they do not work on Mondays or weekends. That is not FED EX!
Supposedly now the package will be delivered tomorrow and left at my door, but we will see. I want a complete refund of at least the "overnight" delivery charge of 22 dollars. I am extremely upset, I did not get the merchandise for the trip that I was needed the shirts for, and more upset with the poor response from the Uniqlo people I emailed three times about the issues. They were not helpful at All!

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customer service

I placed a order on Nov 12, 2018, and called Uniqlo customer service a couple of days later to cancel the order. Uniqlo customer confirmed the order was cancelled, after kept me on hold for a hour. However, the clothes were still shipped to me, I called Uniqlo customer service again, who instructed me to return the clothes, with a note attached saying the clothes were mis-shipped, and promised me that a full refund, without any reduction of shipping costs, will be issued to me. Nevertheless, the return receipt shows the shipping costs were deducted from the refund.

They could simply told me the item couldn't be canceled, instead, the customer service lied, and just waste my times.

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short brown stretch down coat

I purchased the above item on 26th November i London. I am very disappointed with the coat. Within 2 weeks of purchase there were 2 areas {mid front and right pocket) where threads of the material that have pulled and broken and areas across the coat where there are signs of small bobbles forming. During the two weeks I did not wear the coat every day or for long periods. I have e-mailed your customer service twice re this matter and also tried to ring your London stores and no one has answered the phone ( and no message or indication that there is likely to be a responses.
Please can you advise how to arrange a return and refund of the coat.

I live in the North of England so my returning to your store is not practical.

S Porter




short brown stretch down coat
short brown stretch down coat


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two payment for one bill on 24-dec-2016

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online order

I can't say anything bad about Uniqlo products, their prices and products are great, but it's really hard to order anything from them online.
I've ordered online twice and twice they gave me nothing but headache. First time they sent me the wrong size clothing and it was extremely hard to return and get a replacement.
Second and last time there were two items missing and these guys keep telling me that is not possible. I said a million times that two dresses were not in the package but they just don't want to believe me. And of course they refused to refund the money I paid for the two missing items.
Shopping at the Uniqlo local stores is great, but their online order system is terrible! Their supports are highly unprofessional and unhelpful!