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June 25th 2012- I am writing to make a complaint about the store manager named Joe. I inquired about a 5 pack of socks priced at $9.95 that only had four pairs in the package. He said he can give me 10% off. I said ok, but they about $2 a pair so shouldn't the discount be more than .95 cents? He then rolled his eyes and rudely spat back that this was store policy, and he walked away. Now, that's fine. Store policy is store policy with these big box places. But DO NOT roll your eyes and bark responses to a customer who simply asked a question that simple math can justify. When he saw me looking at his name tag he then rudely said, "what, were you expecting some bigger discount?" I said smiling but with frustration, "No Joe, don't worry about it, it's not a big deal, " because if he hadn't so far acted like a person or better yet, a MANAGER, he wasn't going to start then. To that end, he then said while walking away (because a customer apparently doesn't deserve ten seconds of his attention, ) "Yeah well obviously it is." That's the way he chose to act towards a paying customer.

I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you are in the service industry, and especially a manager, customer service is key. It's most important. Store policy is one thing, but at the of the day, it's about being a human being and actually caring about the customers. Without them you have no job. Maybe there was nothing he could do and that's ok. But the thing he could control was the way he spoke and his body language.

Writing this, I'm sure, will do nothing to remedy the problem of Joe the manager and his crappy, I'm better than you attitude, but it feels better getting it out into the world. We all have bad days, but don't crap on my day Joe. Because you are so NOT better than me!


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    Jen 1 Nov 02, 2011

    I went to H&M at Westfield shopping centre at White city on Saturday 9 october 2011. There was a very long queue to pay. I was in the queue try to pay for about 10 mins. Finally, it was my turn to pay but there were 2 women and a boy came through from the side of the cashier straight through the front of the the queue. I still went straight to that same staff to pay because I thought that female staff would tell them to go back to queue. Those 2 women who cut through the whole queue said to me "excuse me" I said "you aren't in the queue." One of them said "we are but we are from the side of the queue." Obviously, there was only one queue and there weren't in the line. I thought it could be the case that those two women wanted to exchange something before they were paying, so they didn't need to queue again or something but that white female staff didn't explain to me, instead she shouted at me... "yes they are in the queue and you have to go to pay somewhere else!" Everyone else who stood in the queue were so shocked and few of them left the queue. I've never ever faced unacceptable rude manner at this level from any staffs in h&m or any other shops before. I've been a very huge fan of h&m for years. I spent a lot of money in h&m every month. I bought a lot of products from here from clothes, shoes to home ware from both in stores and online but not anymore. I hope this comment would be seen by the manager or the management of the company.

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    unsatisfiedShopper Aug 01, 2012

    I bought a knitted sweater at H&M went home, saw that it had a snag on the sleeve so I went back to return it, no problems. Well I bought a dress and it didn't fit right and I went back to try a different size to exchange but still didn't fit right. So I went to the cashier and gave my receipt and the dress with the tags on but he said there was make up on it and it couldn't be returned or exchange... I was stuck with it. I asked to speak to a manager, and well she wasn't so nice or helpful. She basically accused me of wearing the dress (which didn't even fit) and told me the dress was not in re-seleable condition... I pointed out that the damaged sweater I bought and returned a few days ago was still on the rack for sale... and it wasn't in "re-saleable" condition. She got more aggressive and had nothing more to say but "No" so disappointed I asked if I could get a number for head office, she unwillingly wrote it down on a post it and when I asked for her name she yelled it at me, when I asked for the cashier's name that I was originally talking to she said "You don't need to know his name" in a very unfriendly way... (and to point out, I wasn't aggressive towards the manager, I believe if you want something done for you, you have to be nice about it)

    So after trying to call this number she gave, I realized it was a automated line and I would never get to talk to a H&M representative. I looked up their e-mail and sent an e-mail about my experience. They e-mailed me back... apologizing for my experience and offered me 20% off my next item... ?!?! Clearly I wasn't interested, it wasn't even about the 34.95 I spent, I really didn't care about getting money back, I just didn't want a dress that I was never going to wear again. So I emailed back and explained that it was unfair to accuse me of wearing an item, as the little bit of make up could have been from someone else trying it on... but I guess the manager saw that I am from a minority group and assumed that the bit of orange makeup on the collar was mine, I thought this was discriminating and probably why she was so rude to me. I even offered to mail the dress back to head office at my own costs in exchange for a gift card so I wouldn't be left stuck with a dress that didn't fit right. Well H&M's email back was not very impressive... They stated that they trust in their management's decision and again offered "appreciation cards" for 20%.

    I responded back and told them not to bother sending any appreciation cards because I wouldn't be shopping with them anymore. There are so many comparable retailers that I'd rather shop with! So I don't think I'm missing out on anything H&M has to offer!

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    XenoMiang Aug 01, 2012

    They have to have regulations with what they can and can't return. It does look like that dress has been worn and they need to enforce things like that so that they can run an efficient business. They weren't pulling the race card on you, trust me. There is makeup on the collar and it clearly looks worn, people try to wear and return things all the time. I'm not saying you wore this item, but they have no obligation to return it in the condition it's in. You must've seen the makeup when you bought the item right? I agree that trying the item on in the store before buying would have saved all the grief.

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    JISCal2 Aug 01, 2012

    Most of the complainers on here want a billion dollars for nothing.
    And a lot of us on here are on the receiving end of customer attitude
    and ###edness. You all think you can treat customer service
    however you want, and you can manipulate them to get what you want.
    Nearly all of the complaints are either about inncorrectly claiming
    racism... when its not, trying to get something in return without a
    flippin' receipt, or someone who is racking up some shotty credit with
    late payments. You had probably 15 days to pay, you waited til the
    last day or the day after, and now 360 hours later you aren't paying
    50 bucks more. Well, yes you are.

    To get the racism card, they have to be actually singleing you out
    because of your race. About your genetic makeup. Not about being
    from a different state, or because you have cancer. Those are NOT
    races. Treating someone bad because they are French is NOT racism
    either. Your caucasian, I'm caucasian, I can't understand you, end of

    Most of you just expect personal butler attention, and someone to hold
    your hand through every situation.

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    ChiTownLove Oct 12, 2012

    I hope that you also called corporate to complain about him. I'm sure there are plenty of other employees in the store who would love a promotion and actually act the way a manager should. I get that managers are asked all sorts of questions by customers and employees alike all day long, especially about store policies, but that's no reason to be flat out rude.

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    Rena7 Apr 10, 2013

    So I called H&M customer service for items in the inventory. The representatives kept saying there is 0 in the inventory while I saw at 5 on their rack this years from the Conscious Collection. I asked them if I can put items on hold and they kept telling me it's impossible.
    I went in to a local H&M in Santana Row, California and saw the dress I was asking about in the exact same size I was asking on the mannequin. When I asked if I could purchase it (I was very sure I was going to purchase it since I was basically just trying to exchange sizes), the sales associate/merchandizer whose name was John told me it's on hold for a customer. I was speechless for a while and asked them if I could call back to check back with them next week to see if it's still available. And when I asked them for the store number it took 2 confused sales associates 1 minute to figure out the correct store number. Later on I found out this store number is totally available online. One day on my lunch break I tried to check with H&M customer service again to see if the dress was still available while I forgot to save their store number in my cell phone. They checked and told me it was not, which I didn't believe and asked to be transferred to the store in Santana Row. The representative said h couldn't do that; he insisted that the stores never gets phone calls from customers. What's more, he began talking to me in a very offensive way while explained I was given the number but just didn't have access at this point. (And I actually just called the other day) He said: "The sales associates are not supposed to give you the store number, and I don't know why they did. If you have a number call them!" I felt like I couldn't handle this conversation like a human being, and just hung up on them.
    So far, the customer service in H&M is the worst and unhelpful one I have ever experienced. I am not surprised by why many people like their products due to their cheap ideas of imitation and, a lower price due to the lack of originality.
    As a freelance designer with profession in customer service myself, I do really get headache by such a business still making money.

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