SUBMIT A COMPLAINT debit on incorrect day; refund for failed x2 debit orders

K Jul 12, 2019

I want my account to be credited for x2 failed debit orders due to GYM Company Bara's incompetence. I had requested to change my debit order date as I have changed jobs and my payday now falls on the last day of the month instead of the 25th of the month.

In the month of May the debit failed and I was contacted by Lekeleli from the Bara Gym who I arranged with for my debit order to be changed to the last day of the month, which he/she stated that is was no problem and confirmed that I will be making an EFT payment for the arrears amount and the amount due for June would be debited as per normal from my bank account. On the 25th June 2019, two amounts went off my bank account for R99.00 and R199.00 which in turn failed to go through as there were insufficient funds in my account.

I contacted Lekeleli, enquiring about the debit order submitted early and why were there x2 amounts submitted where as we agreed I would pay the arrears amount via EFT and they would debit the June premium? I was advised by this individual they submitted the amounts to recoup my arrears amount she/he tried to revert from the terms of the arrangement that we had set in place to get the account paid.

I advised the individual that I would pay the amount in arrears and premium due for June via EFT and send proof of payment which I did on the 28-06-2019. I had requested that the failed debit order amounts be refunded as I had made the necessary arrangements to ensure I would not find myself in a position being billed by my bank for failed debit order returns and I also sent them my bank statement reflecting the x2 R150.00 charges for their incompetence.

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