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GunBroker  -  worst eCommerce auction website in the history of the internet!

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Gunbroker is the worst eCommerce auction website in the history of the internet! To start I have been a member for 8 years and had over 300 transactions on gunbroker until I willfully terminated my account (quite the process in itself). But, It is completely a sellers world the opposite of Ebay. There's no real buyer's protection at all against dishonest scamming sellers. The reason being is they have a monopoly and abuse it.
For example sellers will put "actual shipping cost" then charge you 3-5 times what it actually costs to ship an item (happens almost every time) and if you argue it you will end up with an NPB (none paying bidder) if you get 2 or more of these in a 90 day period you account will be automatically suspended. I know becuase I have several friends that this happen to. Also, Item will often (more often than not) not be as described e.g missing parts/accessories or completely none functional (it's the reason lowlifes sell their broken c*** on gunbroker because there is no accountability for sellers and they wouldn't last 2 mins at a gunshow or a website who actually cares about it's buyers).
I have bought several hundred firearms off gunbroker in 8 years and can't even began to remember how many of them were defective and not as described. Luckfully I am an experienced gunsmith and have access to lathe's and cnc's therefore I've been able to fix most of them but if aren't be prepared to be screwed eventually. The customer support is a joke! if you do get them to actually read you're comment (assuming they can) in a support ticket and reply you're lucky. And pray to God you don't get GBsupport2006. This piece of SH*T is a the most unprofessional ahole I've ever encountered. Really all the support staff is that way. All they care about is getting their final value fees and could care less whether or not the buyer is scammed.
If you want to buy guns online I recommend Auctionarms, armslist or gunsamerica... really anything other than gunbroker. I terminated my account last month after being screwed for the last time and as usual not getting any help from gunbroker staff. I will never do business with them again. BTW I don't work for anyone this is an honest assessment based on over 300 transactions in 8 years. I hate to see people get shafted. Especially my fello gun nuts. I can't say strongly enough to avoid gunbroker at all costs. I know it is tempting when you see the low prices but it's not worth it you will get screwed eventually and will be out more cash than the amount you would have spent by going to another site or just going to your local gun store.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 25, 2019 6:21 pm EST

300 guns bought in 8 years? Didn't you learn your lesson after the first 100?

Mar 07, 2009 3:37 am EST

Being charged with having an account with this website and charges back to 2002 and service charges for past due account.


You are blaming your own failure to perform due diligence on items you're purchasing and sellers you're buying from on Gunbroker?
You have "friends" who have had all these "problems" occur - but you don't have any first-hand experience like this.
You're blaming Gunbroker for the seller not sending you items you think you're supposed to get?
You've bought "several hundred" guns over 8 years time - why did you stay so long if you're "always getting ripped off"? Are you stupid?

The only reason the other online auction companies aren't on your "hit list" is because they're insignificant in the market.
Plain and simple, you are either an anti-gunner shill posting your "review", or someone P.T. Barnum described as being "born every minute"!


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