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I purchased an item on gunbroker, only to have the seller try to invoice me for his cost of the sale, even though the auction clearly stated "seller does not collect taxes / fees"... Also, the seller tried to charge me for a more expensive shipping option (ups ground), when he stated in the auction usps priority was available, and I requested the cheapest available option. When I confronted him about that, he claimed he no longer shipped via usps because he had something stolen at the post office, despite the fact that he listed usps as an available shipment method in the auction. When I requested support from gunbroker, they waited 4 days, did not contact me to get more information (though they were apparently in contact with the seller) and after four days issued a dismissive two sentence response that demonstrated that they had not read my complaint or the rationale for requesting bid cancellation, and only covered one of the two problems I indicated in my support request, affirming that I had to comply and pay the previously undisclosed fee. I tried following up with them, but they didn't respond.

Either the person who responded to this claim is intellectually deficient and can't be bothered to read what I wrote, or he is biased towards sellers and/or completing the auction so gunbroker can get their fee. Either way, I don't think i'm going to do business with them any more, since they treated me like I was a second-class citizen in the dispute resolution process, and ultimately ruled against me when it was about as clear as it could be that the seller engaged in deceptive advertising.

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Apr 05, 2021 7:00 pm
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The big problem is ...which company or auction site can you trust any more? GB only has real customer support for high-end SELLERS, not the buyers.
And the complaints and customer service are non existent. I have had many good experiences there, and in a perfect world that is what you should have.

But if you are screwed by the are screwed. No help from Gunbroker at all.


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