Gulf Airtreat customers like a dirt

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This is one of many complaints I have sent to Gulf Air and I have many many more - I love them to be posted on as its time passengers fought back against airlines who treat their passengers who pay their wages that they cannot treat us like dirt anymore.

I am sitting in Riyadh airport with a ticket that says I have a connection at 00.55 from Bahrain to Doha - my flight to Ruh to Bah is late as I told the station manager I would miss my flight, he just told me your Doha flight is not until 4AM - this I not what my tickets SAYS, I have been very honest you and told you on more the one occasion how bad your airline is and have written to you more then once, as I explained but I am forced to fly GF when with my Bahraini clients. I want you to personally call me tomorrow and explain to me why I have to go a whole night without sleep as you have changed my ticket, your airline sold me a ticket on the below timings and now you have changed them. When I told the station manager he just said if you don't like get a refund and don't travel with us, no Mr. Shave I am going to drive you crazy as you are doing to me... I am going to make sure every journalist in travel world has your personally email and office number and you will be fielding a lot of media calls and having to explain, I am going to start treating your airline with the contempt it treats me with. This is not the first time, I am still awaiting an explanation as to what happed to all my miles missing from my account again not even the common decency to explain to me where they are gone. At present I am sitting chatting to you lovely staff in the Oman call centre, I refuse to hang up until your airline puts my in a hotel when I arrive in Bahrain and fly me to Doha in the morning, I don't care I reckon its cost me $300 just on the phone call.


  • La
    Laila Santos Dec 01, 2019

    Lost luggage ;
    File info ; MCTGF18125


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  • Ar
    arfan ul hassan Oct 20, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Hi I'm irfan ul Hassan 1st Oct I have flight I come from Bahrain I have 2 lagged book but I received only 1 why? Where is my other 1 even my vacation finish I need my lagged


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  • Bi
    Bimal eradikandiyil narayanan nair Aug 20, 2018
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    On 15 th April I issued tickets in gulf air through this site booking number:882284
    PNR no: mentjq
    Transaction successfully 761/-sr
    Until now tickets not found


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  • Mo
    mohamed abdul aziz Apr 26, 2017
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    Verified customer

    After delays from a clear sky and no issues except for mismanagement.
    The staff representative in Abu Dhabi suggested to rent a car and drive from Bahrain to Riyadh, and check if my flight is still on schedule when i reach Bahrain.

    In bahrain, the delay was prelonged and it took me about 2 hour standing in line to change my ticket to a scheduled flight.

    In Riyadh, my luggage did not arrive for 2 days, and i had to pick it up from the airport on my return flight!

    The representatives at Riyadh initially said that they will inform me of my luggage arrival and they will deliver it. Then the understanding was that in was suppose to check if my luggage has arrived and go to the airport and pick it up.

    After officially complaining to gulf air in January, i got a response after multiple reminders in late February.

    And upto now they are playing the game of cat and mouse with the charges occurred due to the delay and my 2 days with no luggage!

    Their response between each correspondence is 2 weeks and they keep changing the topic to divert from the charges they are obliged by law to provide.

    They might have been the cheaper alternative to my route but their super arrogance attitude towards their customers is disgusting.

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  • Ba
    Babiker Oct 19, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear All,
    I felt relief by going through your comments, at least I am not the only one to receive such mistreatment from gulf air. Just now I come to fully understand the level at which they dealing with it's customer, moreover I wonder why they maintain a customer care dept. in their establishment. My case is that they change my family flight schedule without pre inform, apologize and even response to our several correspondences, despite multiple reminders. My family fly from Khartoum to Abu Dhabi and stay for 7 HRS in Manama airport, and unfortunately, my wife forget to take her wallet, so a wife and 3 kids (6-12) years old stay for 7HRS without food & drink, while they tried their best to explain their situation to gulfair staff at airport, they turn ears deaf. And still waiting for their response to my claim raised (40) days ago, and if not, I will decide to boycott this flight for good.
    Delayed flight GF 542 deprt. from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi on 8th Sept. scheduled arrival at 11:50 however it did not arrive until 18:35
    Feedback ITEM: [protected]

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  • Al
    Alaam Jun 08, 2016

    My bag is complete top side damaged


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  • Al
    Alaam Jun 07, 2016

    My bag is damage full upper side and I was see in New Delhi airport


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  • Ma
    MAJ83 Jun 10, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I agree with above complaints. I flew from KHI - BAH - RUH on 7 June 2014 via gulf air. I had excess 5 kgs for which i requested that it was only 2.5 kgs per person (me and my wife), however, to which the staff very rudely commented. I was charged an amount of Rs 12, 300. After few days, I checked my credit card bill and I was charged the same amount twice with time difference of two hours. I do not know how they managed to again charge my card after I checked in (I believe it counts under fraud). But I am sure, I will not consider this airline in future).

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  • Za
    Zainab Khamis May 22, 2014

    To whom it may concern,

    I went to Egypt on flight number 70 on the 27th
    of April. After getting off the airplane, I looked for my bag but someone took
    it instead of their bag. The lost and found claiming team made a big fuss about
    me not having an Egyptian number and they can’t call me on my Bahraini number even
    though they are working for Gulf Air, a Bahraini company! My husband tried
    contacting the lost and found person here in Bahrain several times but she didn’t
    answer and I was left there without any clothes, laptop and other belongs plus
    little money that won’t be enough to get new clothes to go to my training
    there!! Even when the bag was returned, the Gulf air staff did not call me to
    tell me about it though I gave them the number and the name for the hotel I was
    staying in. By the way, they don’t have system, it is all paper based! I don’t think
    it went to the system at all! Although they had the name of the person, they
    did not call him/her to tell them they have the wrong bag and they waited for
    him/her to bring it back!!!

    After two days, the receptionist called them and they said
    it was found and they close at 2. So because of them and their timings where it
    should be 24/7 matter not only till 2, I had to leave my training and reached
    to the airport by 1, but even the guards doesn’t know where is the Gulf Air office,
    they told me to go from office to another for about 40 min running through the
    airport offices even though I reached to Gulf air offices, the staff didn’t
    know where exactly my bag and they weren’t helpful and they throw me from an office
    to another! Very humiliating! Finally after 40 min, I reached to the office
    where I can see my bag under his desk and the officer told me we are closed now
    and come tomorrow!!! What kind of service is this! Closing 20 min earlier than
    their duty! I made a big fuss that this is my bag and I can’t come next day and
    it is still 1:40 not 2 as you told the receptionist in the phone call. He
    shouted at me that it is my fault that I lost my bag, I told him that I didn’t
    lost it someone took it and it is the airport and Gulf air fault since they don’t
    check whose taking which bag like any other big airports. Then, he said sit and
    he went to smoke leaving me waiting for more than 20 min. I had to tell him
    that I am Bahraini not Egyptian so his face turned red and called the lost and
    found team to come. It was really humiliating and this is not the way you treat
    customers at all!!!

    I demand a reimbursement for the two days I was isolated in
    Egypt without my bag and the way your staff was treating me.

    Thanks for your time and consideration and look forward hearing
    from you for a solution to my problem to assure that it doesn’t happen again to
    me or to any other passengers.


    Zainab Khamis

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  • Kh
    khaled1984 Feb 26, 2014

    Agreed with above complains, we lost our bag through Gulf air flight from London to Bahrain, 23 KGM full of new clothes and gifts from Canada where we checked in, I submitted all documents along with official claim and official baggage loss report, after 2 months of following up they proposed to us 300 USD as compensation, that isnt 1/10 of the loss I had due to their mistake .
    I refused & am planning to submit official complain against air gulf, but I don't know to whom shall I address .
    Please help


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  • As
    Asif Irfann Nov 07, 2013

    a newborn baby only 3 months old was traveling with us along 4 family members and this was no secret that we need a seat with baby cot facility. And we were not offered a seat which had baby cot stand.

    And we had to hold the baby in our hands all the flight which made not only her tired, but also the parents (me and my wife). How long one can hold a newborn in hands? for us it was like 6 hours constantly.

    I demand a penalty to be charged on the person who issues the tickets plus some penalty on airline staff who knew we had newborn baby and they did not care about facilitating us changing the seat.

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  • Ad
    Adnan Yousif Dec 06, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Three NASIS as Gulf air groundstaff in Frankfurt airport!!!
    It is sems to be that Gulf air have all over the world the most urfull groundstaff, they are disgusting and psychotic. I have the most bad experience as I flown from farnkfurt airport to Bahrin with GF0016 on 2nd 0f December 2012, as the Gulf air Ground staff abused me. I was in germany as a patient, i got new cornea for my left eye, and i payed for the operation from my owen money and I was satisfyed, I want to fly back to my country and those gyes fro Gulf air in frankfurt air port gave me a disaster farewell. I just ask them " can I ask the board staff to put my drugs in Fridge(my Eye drops should be in a ccomdiated in tempreture not less and not more than 4 centigrade)" . One of the Ground staff he start to laugh at me, and his chief call me at once " Arabic foul man", as well as " you have been never in a flight " as I told them i already been most than 200 time all over the world, they comment I should be thankful to be in germany as arab person!!!. At this time I and my sister as well as her husband ( they are since 42 years in germany as senior doctor ) we couldn´t tolerate this disgusting terms, and we told them that they work for they arab people or they are so stupid to pretending something els. The manager run after me just like a hyena i.e harpy and he want to attack me, but one of his assistant ask him not to do another mistake. Before I get to air plane I saw the maneger again with two police officer they get me in a misreable interview and treat me as a suspicious person. After the unpleasent action, opologize the police officer for the missunderstanding. Who are the responsible people for such gulf air staff?, I wrote two times about this abuse i got no answere. Wake up responsible man and pay not the bad people on your customer desk in germany or otherwere money to destroy your image.

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  • Rk
    RKAV Dec 04, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    GulfAir is racist towards Asians. Beware, don't fly this airline if you don't like to be treated that way. Even over the phone they try to get your name and then act based on your race.

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  • Ab
    Abu Afif Nov 01, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Gulf Air (GA) flight arrived 45 minutes late from Beirut to Bahrain on October 31, and we missed our connection flight to Dammam. The transfer desk offered us another flight 41/2 hours later. When we suggested a Limousine service that takes 90 minutes to destination, GA employee said there were no Limousines available at the time, and would probably take several hours to find one. We asked for the supervisor to talk to, our request was denied. GA showed no sympathy and exerted little efforts to accommodate our request. After waiting for an hour at Bahrain Airport, we finally decided to check out, collect our luggage and go by a Taxi to our destination. There was nobody at the Customer's Desk to record our complaint. I think I learnt not to use this airline in the future. I don't think think GA knows how to run their business, and they care less for customer satisfaction.

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  • Sa
    santhan Jun 09, 2012

    i bought 4 tickets in January gulf air to travel to sri lanka sometime in July 2012. JFK, Milan, Bahrain, Colombo.At the end of may when i checked my bookings one segment of the flight was canceled and they never informed me.when i contacted the the customer service they told me they can give me the money back dut the the cancellation of the flight. in the the mean time i have booked my hotel, airport pick up/drop off and other entertainments at the final destination.when i called and explained the situation they have booked me to travel one day early going and coming one day i have to pay for additional hotels as well as leave
    from my job. customer service is horrible and arrogant to deal with.who knows what is going to happened.after planning our vacation early, still we don't know what will happened next. stay away from gulf air. i will inform after my travel in July.

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  • Ma
    mahesh19000 Dec 29, 2011

    we should name and shame the Gulf Air for their bad beahaviour towards passengers. I am victim of their mishndling of luggage, i have created a blog to tell the world how gulf air mis treat passenger please post ur complain there,
    regards mahesh

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  • Na
    Nayyar Asif Aug 10, 2011

    the most pathetic experience i can have that is GULF AIR. i had my seat reserved at bahreen airport from where i had to go to lahore but when i reached the airport, gulf air guys told me that there are no seats available and you have to go to karachi first, 9 hours transit there and then to Lahore. I asked for the compensation for which they gave me a 75$ certificate kind of thing and told me to goto gulf air main office in lahore and you will get your money from them. When i reached lahore, i went to gulf air office and showed them the certificate which they rejected in no time and demanded another document which the Bahreen gulf air guys didnt gave me. They said, we cannot refund this money.

    This is serious ###. They cheat there own customers and inspite of providing them relive, they push them in further ###. I would suggest every person reading this review, dont travel GULF AIR. they are unprofessional to travel with.

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  • Sp
    spyroalex Jul 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Gulf Air charged me twice for the same ticket. They charged me an additional 1500 dollars 1 week after I booked my ticket. They stole money right out of my account. I have tried to resolve this issue numerous times via phone. Nobody there seems to care at all about their customers. I sent them an email with a copy of my card statement which clearly shows they charged me twice. They did not even take the time out to respond. I fear they will not be returning my money. Stay away from Gulf Air. This is the first time I am so frustrated with a airline and I travel at least 5 times a year. Gulf Air is by far the worst.

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  • Al
    Alexander Orlowsky Jun 13, 2011

    I German national Alexander Orlowsky rebooked the flight GF155 from MNLA to Bahrain and then onwards from Bahrain GF 217 to Kuwait.Your GF groundstaff told my wife, A. Carlos there was a problem with overbooking and even she had a boarding pass refused to let her board the flight and gave a new boarding pass for the GF 211 at 2.01 A.M.Thats nearly 9 hours wait in Bahrain.Please i demand an explanation of what actually happened and am thinking of compensation from you.My wife always loved to travel to and from the Philippines with Gulf air.

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  • Wo
    woody32 Mar 17, 2011

    I [censor] on Gulf Air, there is 0 customer service, my issue is very simple other airlines in the past have handled this issue in 2 minutes, but these people are total idiots, they should send there employees to other airlines just to learn how to answer a call, I went on a trip with these [censor], gave my American airlines account # and was supposed to get AA miles as Gulf air is an AA partner, well I did not receive the miles for the return ticket, I called Gulf air over a month ago, there is a hold time of at least 30 minutes to talk to some idiot named Ali Akhtar, and he is their only idiot in the US as each time I called I got this idiot, and you have to listen to their really stupid hold recording each time, he said email [email protected] with my scanned ticket and boarding passes and the miles will be credited, I sent this email a month ago, the automated response email said we got your email and will respond in 3 days, 5 days went by and no response, I forwarded the same email, again automated message but no response, I have forwarded this email 4 times and no one has even responded nor opened it, cause my issue is a very simple one that can be fixed in 2 minutes, I called 888-gulfair again today, and got the same idiot, he put me on hold for 10 minutes and hung up, called back 2 hours later, after the 30 minutes hold time got the same Ali Akhtar idiot, I was very upset and told him not to put me on hold again, he did not know why there is no response to my email, I asked for his supervisor and he hung up, I don’t know what else to do, I think I will go to LAX tonight after dark and take a huge [censor] on one of their planes and wipe my [censor] with Ali Akhtar’s face.

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  • Im
    ImranBashir Jan 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called to Gulf air contact center for some information, after 3 minutes when my call conected to one of call center agent. I asked him for the information but the guy who was on duty he told me to wait and after 2 minutes he disconnected the phone. without saying ay thing.
    This call center based in Kuwait.
    to much dirty customer service from Gulf Air.

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  • Aj
    aj2 Dec 21, 2010

    Completely agree with all complaints.
    My mother is waiting in Bahrain airport for last two plus days and each time I contact a Rep, they have no idea what is going on. mostly they dont take calls, or will disconnect. or will tell some utter nonsense like she already reached destination, she already boarded flight. they been doing this for last two days. How can they do that. is there an agency who monitor airlines? Is there a place to complain? What they are doing is not humane. I think we should make one loved one of each of these people at gulf air including the owner/ceo... to every employee to travel in one of their flight. then they will learn a lesson. I really dont want to use any bad words. So I am stopping here. I am really frustrated .

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  • Da
    Dan Foxx Oct 20, 2010

    Flight London-Dubai via Bahrain
    Flight attended on either of the 4 flights are absolute rubbish, when I saw them at the airport I thought the circus was in town. It also reflected their customer service performance, a horendous 6h flight, they just dissapeared and at one occasion when I asked them if they had more food the answer was "NO!". That was the first time Ive ever got a No from any airline. some might say Brunei Air is [censor], but even they came with 2nds and 3rd servings when asked.
    On our return flight we had an 11hour stop over in Bahrain, they didnt wanna let us out, Gulf air said we need to pay for a visa and hotel otherwise we are stuck in the airport. The ground staff just plain rude and more interested in taking their personal calls than serving passangers queing like cattle.
    ive flown xxx time to the gulf and will rather fly Emirates Etihad or Qatar Airways, no matter how cheap Gulf air flights are. Im so angry with their "dont give a [censor]" attitude towards customers id rather pay the extra fare with other cariers or not go at all.

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  • Gs
    GSankar Oct 17, 2010

    GULF AIR IS WORSTED THAN WORSTED. I booked ticket Thiruvanthapuram-London- Thiruvanthapuram. They canceled the Thiruvanthapuram service after my arrived at London. But they didnt informed to me. When I checked my tickets before 2 days my return travel, they changed my ticket via Bombay to Thiruvanthapuram. The Transit hours were 18 hours at Bombay. When I tried to talk with them, the customer service was disconnected by them 7 or 8 times. When I try to talk with them, first word they said they are ready to refund the money, even they didnt ready to listen me or give options. ONE OF THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE. THIS Is MY FIRST AND LAST WITH GULF AIR. OCT 2010.

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  • Jo
    John Dubai Jun 09, 2010

    Well what can you say; all the comments are consistent with my experience with the airline, from cancelling flights, in-flight services to staffs attitude at the airports. What is worst is the lack of aftercare service, we hear so often from companies that they want to listen to their customers to improve their service but not Gulf Air; I wonder what makes them different from the rest of the modern world? I have complained on a number of occasions relating to a family business Class flight from Bahrain to KL which was absolutely shocking, but have received no response after 8 weeks and I suspect as with the rest of Gulf Air operations and management there are poorly trained, lacking motivation and initiatives and this needs to be labelled at the very top (CEO). With poor service at customer interface what is happening behind closed doors IE with aircraft safety, maintenance etc.
    I would say that Gulf Air must have some good hard working employees who take their job seriously unfortunately they must be very few and far between as I have not met one yet, may be the economic pressure of passages walking will wake them up or better still they fold, we can live in hope!!

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  • Tr
    traveler_lon Feb 23, 2010

    Hi Guys,

    Even I had a very bad gulf air flight last week. Can you please let me know what email id/address to complaint to?

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  • Sh
    shahbaz khan Dec 18, 2009

    lahore station for gulfair is so bad so bad gulfairline staff rubish lady of gulfair lady shafqat zara. she have no manner to talk how to talk with passenger

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  • Fe
    ferdinand e marcoy Aug 20, 2009

    full of ###

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  • Fe
    ferdinand e marcoy Aug 20, 2009

    gulf air is a ###ing ### in dealing their costumer, i hd loss baggage claim untill now i did not get compensation because of lousy employer in manila gulf air. its been hard dealing with them they have not treating costumers in the right way... they are one lousy person for their motive is always tomorrow untill the ### is dead.

    this is the last i deal with this ###ing airline that is full of ###.

    thanks to all and regards dont flight with gulf air

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  • Ma
    manoj Jun 14, 2009

    Respected Sir,

    Sub : shameful Behavior of Gulf Air Duty Manager.

    It is with great agony I wish to bring your kind attention regarding the callousness shown by one employ of your great establishment.
    My name is Manoj Mathew a businessperson in Saudi Arabia since 2002. I am a frequent flyer member ship holder of Gulf Air since 2004. Always my family and me are flying in the Gulf Air that whenever we go to India & other countries.
    On 28th may 2009, I went to India from Dammam to Trivandrum by Gulf Air. (Dammam to Bahrain Segment was by bus and I used my own car) I traveled in Business class. My return date was 9 June 2009. On the flight of GK0060 AT 04.30 AM. I reported before 3 hours from the time of departure. When I was in the time of check in, I request to the counter clerk to change my class as business class. He agreed and gave me the business class. (If a passenger ticket on business class, they are allowed to take around 50 Kg luggages to carry with them.) My luggage was 42 kg while it takes the weight measurement.
    Then the person who was the Gulf Air duty manager told me that it is not allowed to carrying such weight. As per his suggestion, I avoid the belongings and made my baggage as 29 kg. Still he did not agree to allow this decreased weight, besides he arguing and started to quarrel with me with bad words. He told me even the flight not take off on time, he never allow to taking me this flight. Then I avoid my complete luggage’s and carry only 13 kg as my hand carry and it was my lap top & important files. Again, he kept the fighting with me and told to put my hand carry in luggage as that not allowed to carry 13 kg as hand carry. He mad me foolish in the whole time in front of other passengers and only allow me to enter the flight just before 10 minute of flight departure.
    I complained all these thing s to the airport manager and I hereby attached the copy along this complaint.
    Moreover, I have a booking In Gulf Air for 08 tickets on coming 29 July 2009 for my family. I am fully unhappy to travel in your Airline due to his bad behavior.
    It is difficulty to believe that such thing should have happened in the Gulf air under your efficient control and I hope that you will take the needful action at the earliest.

    Best regards

    Manoj Mathew
    Marketing Manager
    Ests Cargo.(World Cargo Alliance. WCA)
    P.O.BOX . 34930, Dammam 31478,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Tel : + [protected]
    Fax : + [protected]
    Mob : + 966 [protected]
    Email : [email protected]
    Web :

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  • Co
    concerned flyer Jun 08, 2009

    I agree, GULF AIR treats their customer like ###.. specially those Gulf air staff and the almost bald, thin, arogant, and brainless gulf air supervisor in Dammam airport in KSA. Why gulf air is advertising in the web for their frequent flyer program and giving free additional 10kgs for the baggage weight if it is not honored/accepted by gulf air staff in Dammam airport? another thing happened is that, gulf air staff gave me the ticket and allowed me to hand carry the excess baggage since i only got a laptop with me, and it is a common knowledge that laptops are not considered hand carries and not weighed in, so it is free to bring inside the plane, and when i'm near the depature gate, the almost bald and brainless arogant gulf air supervisor stopped me and told me that 2 hand carries are not allowed to bring inside. are they not communicating?the staff allowed me, and the dicthead arogant supervisor did not, is that what gulf air is all about? that situation always happened that's why i complained. last thing that pissed me off is that when my coleague is in the same position when he going for vacation and I was with him and trying to explain politely to that almost bald and brainless supervisor, he pushed me off and ask me with arogancy if im a passenger, i told hin i'm not, and he told me to go away. I asked him if he is gulf air employee, he told me that he is, so i ask him if gulf air teaches that way to treat thier frequent flyer customer?

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  • Jo
    John davis Jun 01, 2009

    I agree, Gulf air treats customer like ###...Dont travel with them..They lost my enfants e-ticket in their system even though i had a printed copy...They asked me to pay again for a new ticket. I fought at one airport on my return and they found it in the system at the other connection they made me pay for it, cause the connection flight was late I paid...Later on my filing for a refund...The customer service rep named Tanveer in Houston, texas office said " i dont know why e-ticket wasn't in the system...I wasn't there" The most bone head answer you can get from a human.

    I got my money back by disputing it through my credit card company..which I had used to pay for the ticket.

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  • Ha
    Hamid Shakeel Apr 09, 2009

    Dear sir,
    The worker of islamabad international airport treated me as a dirt.The flight was of 7:30 am and i reached airport at 5:30am.On my turn the worker said me that your load is heay.I went out and left my half load out and then come back, but then worker said that flight is closed and i being a eye witness say that he took bribe from a woman and gave her a seat.Please take serious action against this complain and send me bach on this adress:
    umair [email protected]

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