C Sep 15, 2018

I am a big fan of guess handbags and wallets .

I always take great care of these products once purchased from you. I have had a problem with two handbags that I have purchased, one was probably 6 months ago where the leather on the bag started peeling and falling off, so I gave this no more thought threw it away and purchased another bag, as it was the first time this had happened I was not too concerned about it.

I have purchased guess products for the past 10 years and thought it may have just been a bad batch. But the bag that I had purchased 6months ago has also started to do the same thing, please see the photos attached.

I am a little concerned now as these products are definitely not cheap to buy and I seriously cannot afford to keep throwing them out. My previous purchases have always lasted 2 or 3 years and even then they didn't peel, I would pass them over to my nieces that also love these products.

I ask that perhaps you check the quality control or something on these products as I don't want to go to another company but at these high costs I don't think I have any alternative.

I await your fast reply .

Kind regards
Carmen Schiro


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