Guesscustomer service at dolphin mall

A Sep 12, 2018

I visited the Guess store at Dolphin mall Miami on Saturday. I live in Trinidad and was visiting Miami on vaca. Mens boxers were hung at the check out lane where signs reflected buy one get one half off qith arrows pointing down.
The cashier rang up my bill and i asked why the boxers were not ringing up as advertised. He asked another CSR who went around to the items and though seeing it on display under the sign informed me that it was only on accessories. I responded that the signs dont say that specifically. She was rude and dismissive; and responded loudly attracting the attention of other shoppers while she proceeded to embarass me that the items were as marked and I could take it or leave it.
A male mgr came across and they exchanged words in Spanish. He did not engage me.
In utter shame I completed my transaction and left. Seeking the male mgr at the door i asked him, "are you the mgr?". He confirmed. I expressed my concern over the shameful way I had been treated, to which he responded that her english is bad so I misunderstood. No apologies. Nothing.

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