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Ordered a product and never got any shipping delivery confirmations and after a week (because the purchase info says it can take up to two weeks from stated delivery) I went to check on the items. Both stated that they were delivered a week earlier. Of course I never got the items. When I went through the process on the Groupon website to file a complaint I received an email response basically stating that it is not their problem and I should use the tracking info to check for delivery (which I had obviously done before ever contacting them) and check with neighbors to see if anyone else got it. That was their suggestion. And my response to that went completely ignored. Groupon seems to have this policy that once they get your money they could care less what happens after that. Even if you want to return an item because it is junk (which more and more seems to be these days) they won't refund your money. They want to give you "Groupon Bucks" forcing you to buy more junk.
I found out today that you can't even leave a bad review on their website for a product. Because it won't post a bad review. Great way to make sure that nothing bad appears on their web site. You keep getting this error message that the review can't post for some reason.
There are some good things that I have purchased from Groupon. But the dealings with their support department has shown me that they could care less about the customer experience and all about the income of cash, nothing more.


  • Bo
    boston51 Jun 07, 2011

    Very first time I purchased a deal on groupon, my credit card used for the transaction was compromised within 24 hours, , , All done with groupon !

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  • Lk
    Lkn85 Aug 05, 2011

    No business can sustain these deals. 50% off on some. Will the business be there when you show with a coupon? Most businesses work on a 20% profit could they take 50% less and stay in business. You figure it out.

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  • Pi
    Pippa Karsen Jul 04, 2012

    I purches two items from groupon namey a MP3 player and a childs min shooter. I have not recieved either of these items. I have spoken to there support desk they said that they would reture the money i spent on the items but to no avail. The long and short is that I have paid for something that I have never recieved. Please advise me as to what steps can be taken to get my money back?

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  • St
    Stebro Dec 19, 2012

    I purchased a Groupon offer for a sail on San Francisco bay with a company called Bay Area Excursions. I tried several times to make a reservaton for the sail but space was never available. Bay Area Excursions now does not respond to messages and has no phone number where they can be contacted. I complained to Groupon but they have done nothing to resolve the problem.

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  • Cs
    CSIMKX May 18, 2013

    I ordered a bag from them which promise delivery within 7 days. No one showed up after 2 weeks and I called to complain. To date no one called me and I have yet to get my bag.

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  • Nj
    NJMale Sep 23, 2014

    Groupon is a scam. Their customer service is horrible. Ordered an item on Sept 6, it is Sept 23rd and nobody has idea when the item is shipping. Customer service in india is a scam. Stay away.

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