Greendot.comblocking my money

S Aug 16, 2018

Two weeks ago today my paycheck was deposited to a card through direct deposit. They CLAIM you get your paycheck two days earlier by using their card. The card was in Renee's name because of an issue with my bank where I had to close my account. I called to verify the funds were there (not two days early as promised) and customer service said the money was blocked. They told me we needed to verify identity of the cardholder and the person on the check. So I emailed a copy of our drivers licenses as requested and both Renee and I spoke to them on the phone. They said it would take 2 days to review the documents. Fast forward 7 days...still the account was blocked. Mind you when I called back to find out what was going on the customer service number gave nothing but a recording stating "we see you have called several times about this account and there has been no change. It takes two days to review documents" and then it would hang up on me!!! I COULD NOT GET THROUGH TO A LIVE PERSON!! Finally I resorted to their facebook support page. I got a message back stating they now needed a copy of my check and the direct deposit form and again was told it would take 2 days to review the documents. Fast forward 12 days and STILL NO MONEY AND NO WAY TO TALK TO SOMEONE!!! It has now been 2 weeks and they still have my money. I messaged them again and demanded they send the money back to the ranch. This time I was told in order for them to do so they would need a letter on company letterhead requesting the money be returned AND it would take another 10 days to process!! STILL AM UNABLE TO TALK TO A LIVE PERSON!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! Never trust!!!

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