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I hired a car from Green Motion at Manchester Airport in February 2011. When I picked the car up I was told that I had to leave a 750 pound security deposite, refundable on return of the car without damage. According to the web site this amount should have just been held against my credit card, not debited. I returned the car with no more damage than already noted prior to hire, and had my return form signed to that effect. I was told my deposit would be released within 3 days. This was 7th March. By the time I got my credit card statement 3 weeks later, the amount was still on the card. I tried to contact Green Motion accounts department. Eventually someone answered the phone and said they would have to call me back. They never did. Now they just don't answer the phone. Emails to Green Motion just result in a recommendation to get a charge back via my credit card company, but the accounts department never responds to any emails at all. This will take about 2 months in total, meanwhile I have had to pay my credit card bill. We've had no correspondence from Green Motion saying they have any reason to keep the money. It simply amounts to fraud & theft. I would advise anyone against using Green Motion at any depot.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 08, 2015 8:38 pm EDT

They picked me up at Manchester airport and took me to their office. Then they told me I was a "no show" and had cancelled my fully pre-paid 5 day plus insurance booking. I got no car and lost 285 pounds. Whay are these people allowed to damage our lives?

Dec 09, 2014 9:52 am EST

Had the same problem in November 2014. They found two minor scratch marks on the wheel trims and wanted
£160. Terrible experience from the start, waited 45 minutes for pick up, 30 minutes for them to find a car. When I complained they told me I was 4 hours late in collecting the car despite the fact I had paperwork from booking which showed that I called them for collection 30 minutes before my collection time. Felt intimidated by the staff the whole time I was in their presence. Was told by Hyundai that two wheel trim would cost £40 each maximum. They would not give me the suppliers invoice to prove that they had bought the wheel trims. Would not trust them an inch.

Dec 03, 2014 12:29 am EST


I dont think these cowboys will give you anything but if you decide to do an audit, you can add my invoices to your case.

Nov 21, 2014 1:32 pm EST
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Attention Sajid Ibrahim.Green Motion Manchester.
Ref A/c number [protected] dated 05/11/2014
I have now received your account (Tax invoice) GDP 288 for two-scuffed wheels that you are holding me responsible for damaging (Wrong).
How brainless can you be for using the same old stunt repeatedly on me and your other unsuspecting clients who, in most cases are totally innocent of any wrong doings, but have no time to argue with you owing to very tight flight schedules?,
Well enough of your nonsense I think we should now unleash the dogs.
1) Your Green Motion charges are tax-free revenue not repairing expenses.
2) Your Green Motion Invoice is predetermined with fixed rates regardless of real damage and repair costs, unless you can milk more out of the punters.
3) Now, for my real question, why are you using the VAT number of a gazetted dissolved company, NOW that doesn’t seem right, does it.I think we all agree that it is time to end my state of affairs and reinstate cash stolen from my account on these trumped up so-called car damages.
Twenty-four hours should be enough time to think thing over if you believe you could endure a comprehensive tax audit,
Mr Mubarak Patel, make no mistakes, my legal team have all your company details past, present, and intend to bring you and you associates to account for your dishonesty.

Nov 02, 2014 2:04 am EST
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I too hired a car from Green Motion via Economy Car Rentals. The pickup was from Manchester on the 16th of September, Rego on the Honda Jazz was MF14 TFK, upon return, 26th October they told me I had two scuffs on the wheel rims. On my return to Australia my bank informed me they had taken 750GBP from my credit card, I had no notice from Green Motion that this was to take place and feel outraged that this could happen! Reading some of the letters on this sight, I feel we are all paying for the same wheels, as they just seem to be passing on the same so called scuffs! Is there anyone on this sight that has hired the same car? I am so determined to follow this scam up, so if anyone out there is of the same mind there must be something we can do. any suggestions?
Buster B

Sep 16, 2014 5:39 pm EDT

I hired a car for one week from Greenmotion Manchester Airport and returned it on August 25th 2014. I did cause a slight scrape on the wheel while parking. they took an additional 750 pounds from my credit card-and told me it would cost about 150 pounds to repair. When they sent me an invoice (totally created by them) nothing from a body shop or mechanic they had attached the quote price for an entirely new wheel, administrative costs etc. the total came to 641 pounds (equivalent of $1096) for a slight scrape. Halfords quotes scrape repair on an alloy wheel at 65 pounds. Also their invoice was a joke. There was no name of the body shop who supposedly repaired it nor were there labor costs. Just an anonymous quote for the price of a new wheel that anyone could print off the internet from the honda website. They are still criminals, the franchise at Manchester just passes from one criminal gang to another.

Sep 08, 2014 10:41 am EDT
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Same M.O. They took £750.00 out of my sons account after altering the return document and forging his signature. After a lot of pressure on them they returned the money. They then threatened to take back the money if i continued to discuss the matter on this forum.

Sep 08, 2014 8:59 am EDT

Same story with Stansted branch. Still waiting for my authorisation block to be released. First they ripped me of through a tiny scratch on the rim with 150£ and now they are not releasing my amount. Spoke to the staff at Stansted branch called "Helen". So, rude and cut my phone off.
Not sure where to complain or how to get my money released. I used my debit card and my bank says, only once they get the approval from the rental company they can release the money. Dam crap!

Any suggestions on how to tackle this will be appreciated.

Apr 11, 2014 7:50 am EDT
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i'm putting together a comprehensive list of Green Motion business "practices". Please visit my website or if the address is edited out, please google "Green Motion sucks", and send me your story

Mar 24, 2014 4:15 pm EDT

It seems that Green Motion have become bored with only taking 750 pounds for each hire. Why not do 1500? They just collected 1500 pounds from my credit card. I won't bore you with the story, it's the same as all the rest all over the internet.. I was ripped off at heathrow.
This is a coordinated, organised, systematic criminal gang netting millions, not thousands, of pounds a year.

Jan 21, 2014 12:21 am EST

Do not use Green Motion at all. Their initial rental prices may look cheap but its too good to be true. My father rented a car from them for a week in December 2013. Upon returning the car he was told that he had damaged 3 wheels and was threatened into paying the addition charges to repair these. The wheels were already scuffed from before and this was not caused by my father but as he is a heart-patient he did not argue as he felt threatened by the staff at Green Motion.

Upon reading reviews on many other website we have found that this is how Green Motion make more money by deceiving customers.

Apr 12, 2013 1:57 pm EDT

It looks like this company is in this business for the profit on fuel and damages and excess deposits! we recently experienced a similar rip off from their franchise in Malta. Pure THIEVES! It's really my fault and tht of others like me since I should have realized that 40 euro for a weeks car hire is a joke and jut a way to pull in suckers! Shame on car trawler and other brokers who market these Thieves.

I used to rent from Active car rental every time I travelled to Malta and never had problems ( this must have been my twenieth visit). This time I went with with green motion but never again. I would rather pay 80 euro for the car and not get scammed on fuel and damages. If anyone out there is going to Malta just use a reputable local company try

Jan 21, 2013 9:36 am EST


I have just been charged £150 on a 2mm long scratch that was found underneath the front bumper of the car I have rented for one day!
Apparently the car has been repaired but how come all the old scratches are still there?!?!?!?

(new Honda Civic)

This damage was marked on the condition report that was produced on earlier rental and because the member of staf couldn't find it he did not marked it on my card. Car was wet all covered in waterdrops so we both agreed it was impossible to check it.
I have returned the car the next day and a different person found that micro scratch.


GREEN MOTION will scam you.

Dec 14, 2012 5:03 pm EST
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We rented a car in May 2012 at Green Motion Manchester, and on pick-up we checked the car for dents and scratches. On return they blamed us for a minor pin that was hardly visible and not through the paint. We would never have spotted the pin on pick-up and would never marked it on the rental agreement.
We disagreed, but there were none from management available. We were told to send an email, that they never replied on. After several emails and phone calls we finally got a response after contacting the headquarters, but we did not get anything out of it.
I would say that this company make money on charging customers for alleged damages. The car rental price was low, but when you add the charges this got expensive. Stay away!

Oct 30, 2012 5:38 am EDT

Never Again.

After returning the car to Manchester no one was there. I was told to lock the car and leave the keys in the boot and get a taxi to the terminal. The next day they sent me an email stating they were charging me over 50GBP for a valet service. I said I would not agree and they never responded, just took it from the security deposit! Be warned, NEVER AGAIN!

Oct 22, 2012 2:17 pm EDT

Stay away from green motion rental company!
Green Motion @ London Heathrow did the same trick on me and charged me with 750 pounds for damage although I have not caused any damage to the car. This policy of ripping off their customers is their way of making profit

Aug 31, 2012 7:07 pm EDT
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Same story for me too. I booked a vehicle from 3-13July 2012 through which routed me ultimately to Green Motion Manchester Airport. I had the £750 charged to my card after choosing to waive their collision insurance. Upon returning the car, the employee noticed a tiny scratch no more than an inch long and barely visible (could have been there on collection, but I didn't see it due to the mud spatters and bird poo on the car) and said that I wouldnt be getting my £750 back because they would have to replace the bumper or give it a whole respray! Anyway, I have collision damage waiver through the Visa card I used to pay for the rental so when I got home I filed a claim. They have attempted to contact Green Motion to get a bill for the repair of said damage, yet to date they have not had any response ( why am I not surprised?) I have a dispute through the Visa card too who have agreed thus far to conditionally credit the card so I am not charged any interest while this is investigated. Having been back to UK last week I walked past the area where the Green Motion desk was set up in the foyer of the Radisson Blu hotel and noticed that there is now an artificial tree standing there. I'm wondering if they've gone bust now? I can't seem to find anything online saying such, but it did seem odd that the desk has gone now. I wished I'd trusted my gut instinct and not booked with them in the first's been nothing but a headache trying to get it all sorted out.

Aug 28, 2012 2:03 pm EDT

I would look at this as well

Aug 21, 2012 12:13 am EDT

Green Motion Luton Airport
I hired a car in Luton airport for 2 weeks. When we returned the car on 13/8/2012 the workman immediately spotted a tiny dent at a size of 2 mm on the left back door. At the beginning we didn't know what he is talking about and I needed my reading glasses to see the "dent". A picture I have taken with my digital camera doesn't even show it.
I asked the manager Mr. Leslie Shepherd if he is going to repair it and Mr. Shepherd stated "not necessarily".
He suggested that probably a car who parked next to his made this tiny damage when the door was opened in a car park nevertheless since he insists it's the renter's responsibility and thus I must pay for it. They charged me 150 GBP the full amount of the CDW excess I had, without repairing the car. I wonder how many more renters will pay for this particular "damage" !?
I sent 2 e-mails to Green Motion headquarters' customer service which were ignored.
In my opinion this is their strategy - to initially give a cheap quote and then supplement the fee with ridiculous damages.
Hagai Hammer

Aug 08, 2012 5:24 am EDT
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On the 1st of August I booked a Hyundai i800 through the Argus online site and was directed to the Green motion rentals in Manchester. The rental was for a day from the 2nd till the 3rd August 2012.
When I went to pick up the car an extra GBP300 was held as a security deposit though this was not stated during the online ordering process.
On the morning of the 3rd we got two calls from the rental company saying the car was due back at 10:00AM, even though it clearly stated on all the forms that the vehicle was signed out at 11:24AM on the 2nd of August and due back at the same time the following day . My wife informed them the second time they called that we were fifteen minutes away.
When we got there, there were three of their officials waiting outside to meet us. I came out and wanted to hand the keys over. They declined and asked me to go in to the office, which I promptly did, leaving 2 of the officials beside the vehicle.
One official, who was in the office, came out with me to inspect the car. He went straight to the wing side of the vehicle and pointed out a scratch on the body of the vehicle, stating this was new. It looked new to me as well but it was not there when I parked the car. There was clearly no way of verifying what had happened to the car between the point when I drove into the car park and went into their office, to the point when he came out to inspect.
They said they will get a quote from the workshop and send me an invoice. The repairs will be paid off from the security deposit and should more be required it will be taken out of my credit card.
Within a few hours, I got an email with an invoice of GBP 630. I was informed that I will also be billed for two extra days the vehicle will be at the workshop since it won’t be generating money while being fixed.
I found the whole charge outrageous and challenged the invoice. I requested an independent assessment/quote which was declined and also requested an inspection of the vehicle after the so called work is done. This was expectedly turned down as well.
Attached are pictures of the damage to the vehicle. I find it hard to believe that it will cost GBP 630 plus two days to fix.
There were about 7 – 10 marks on the vehicle, prior to us renting it. I can’t help but wonder how much previous customers must have paid for those ‘damages’ which were clearly never repaired. It appears the rental income is not the only sources of income for the likes of Green Motion and they are out to make a buck out of any unsuspecting customer.
In retrospect I blame myself for not reading the several bad reviews of the company, warning people to run and not walk away from the likes of Green Motion. I hope someone learns from this.

Jun 27, 2012 2:29 am EDT

And again. I'm waiting for the return of my security deposit from Green Motion in Manchester and am getting nervous. I was told last week it would take up to 7 working days, which are now up. Green Motion isn't answering the phone today. Having googled this site I wish I had chosen a reputable provider, which Green Motion most certainly is not. I was staggered to see the 750 GBP was taken offf my credit card, and within the nex few days will have to pay my credit card bill. This is obviously their business model - it's a grea way to keep cash flow at articficially high levels. Also fast route to bankruptcy.

May 17, 2012 4:57 am EDT
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Well green motion are at it again. This time the Edinburgh franchise is renting out pre-damaged cars and yes you guessed it, taking the full £750. No response and no refunds after 6 months. Richard Lowdens promises of assistance have as usual turned out to be just hot air. Please people, just spread the not use Green Motion.

Aug 15, 2011 7:11 pm EDT

If anybody is involved in helping to prosecute the franchise owner (a certain Fernando Freitas) and knows how I can help to do so, via giving evidence, then please let me know as I am a former employee of the MAnchester branch and recognise every problem mentioned here and know the extent that people have suffered more than most. I myself was also treated disgracefuly by this company, even as an employee and would like to give my part in bringing this former franchisee what has been coming for a while. Thanks

May 26, 2011 6:55 pm EDT

Dear Mr. Lowden:

Greater Manchester Police will not be interested in this. I was told it was a civil matter in my own case.

I fervently hope the goodwill to your business is now non-existent. From my part it took four months to get my money back. Green Motion ignored all attempts to resolve matters. I had to get my credit card company involved to recover my money.

Fernando Frietas' telephone manner leaves a lot to be desired. This guy has a wasted imagination. Truly ingenious ways of taking unwarranted additional monies based on falsehoods.

You appear to distance yourself from matters as it's a "franchise". Do you really think people care? They see Green Motion - end of.

You mention that Manchester is "one rouge location" (I assume you mean rogue). That's doesn't appear to be entirely true judging by the comments raised elsewhere and on other sites. Also, the Daily Mail ran a story last year about your Luton branch that hired out a car which wasn't it's property.

I for one, shall not be using your company again, nor the agent which sent me to Green Motion.

May 14, 2011 1:35 pm EDT

i was just about to do my car hire from greenmotion but now i m confused

May 11, 2011 12:13 pm EDT

Dear Dr Thomson
Following on from your comments placed here on Complaints Board - I am responding as follows.

As we made you aware (and all other affected customers), as a result of the appalling behavior of our former franchisee (Blue Beckon Limited), we took the decision to terminate the franchise forthwith (13th of April), which is ultimately the power we have. In addition due to the sheer numbers of affected people this matter was reported (and rightfully so) to Greater Manchester Police for a full and thorough investigation.

With regards to you assertion that you've been a "victim of a scam" at the hands of Blue Beckon Limited, this is something that should be taken up directly with Greater Manchester Police. I can assure you, you are not being taken for a ride and that neither myself, the management or staff are washing their hands of this matter. It is extremely serious and has immeasurably damaged the tremendous goodwill that we've has built up over recent years. This one rouge location has single handedly crippled our reputation and should not be seen as a respresentation for the service on offer from the rest of our locations in our UK network.

We've worked hard to contact all customers that have been affected by the actions of Blue Beckon Limited and continue to work with them to ensure they receive full reimbursement for any sums outstanding. Just to reiterate our head office are not in possession and do not hold customer credit card details relating to charges made via Blue Beckon Limited and as such have advised customers on the charge back procedure, which is following correct and legal protocol.

The charge back procedure, while a little time consuming, is relatively simple and to date all those customers that have made a claim via their credit card provider have received full reimbursement including any relevant interest or additional charges.

Could I please ask you (due to the serious nature of this matter) to make contact with Greater Manchester Police, which will play a part in assisting all customers/individuals and bring real justice to this matter.

Kind regards,
Richard Lowden

May 06, 2011 9:29 am EDT

How depressing. I have just discovered that I have been a victim of the same scam and am 750 pounds worse off. Quite frankly the money is the least of my concerns but I do not like being taken for a ride. Green Motion appear to have completely washed there hands of this and are blaming the franchise company. I find the 'reassuring' response from Mr Lowden to be deeply insulting and the lack of support from customer services utterly disgraceful. Quite frankly a reputable company would ensure that it's customers are immediately reimbursed while this mater is cleared up rather than leaving us all to sort out this mess ourselves. I shall ensure I use every contact I have to make sure that this woeful company does not receive any further business. Has anyone as yet contacted the media? I will be.

Apr 21, 2011 1:53 pm EDT

I wish to add my own very recent experience to those above. I hired a Hyundai car from Green Motion Manchester on 9th April (2011). This was for a four day period. (I had arranged this online through e-booking group Car Rental Agency). On arrival at reception at Radisson Hotel, I was informed that, in addition to the £69.19 rental fee, £750.00 was to be deducted as a security deposit. This would be reimbursed immediately upon safe return of the car (I was told). When I asked why this deduction was necessary, the young lady (daughter of the Portuguese owner Fernando Freitas) said that some other clients had cancelled their credit cards upon having an accident, etc., and that the company then had no recourse to funds and had to pay for the repairs themselves. Although this seemed a strange explanation upon reflection (since with credit card details recorded it would still be possible to claim the 'damage' amount), at the time I asked no further questions as National Car Hire, a reputable company whom I had previously hired from, also deduct the damage excess fee at source - upon the car being hired. However, National Car Hire have (on both occasions on which I have used them) always restored the debited deposit immediately upon return of vehicle.

I duly returned the car safe and sound on Wednesday 13th. An employee looked over the car and declared it unscathed (apart from original scratches which I had already been informed about), and added that my money (£750.00) would be returned to my account forthwith. That was over one week ago, and my credit card account still remains in debit to the tune of £819.19. I rang the Manchester company on the Friday (15th), and a Mr. Vinny Pala informed me that it had been taken over by the parent company (during my car hire period) after an investigation into its 'affairs'. He assured me that I would only have to wait a few days for the money to be re-credited. Since then I have tried ringing the Manchester number three or four times, but no one has responded. I have also sent an email to the company headquarters, stating all my experiences, [], and an email to the original bookings agency. So far no one has responded. I rang the company headquarters, and finally managed to speak to an assistant. She told me that all my details were known, but said - as the matter was subject to a police investigation- my deposit couldn't immediately be returned. She stated that returning it "wasn't so simple"! She couldn't inform me when it would be returned, but advised me to write to my credit card company - which I have now done. I have telephoned my credit card company and also written a letter to the Retail Disputes Dept., explaining precisely the situation I am in.

Finally, I wish to tell Richard Lowden that none of the above experiences nor mine warrant his confident assurances at the present time. The treatment I have received at the hands of a fraudulent company is totally unacceptable, and it is the parent company's responsibility to re-credit my account immediately. I am the victim of financial abuse, and yet it is I who am having to rush around making expensive phone calls (from Portugal, where I live) and writing letters to various bodies. I have every sympathy with other unsuspecting customers who have been through similar experiences.

If I do not meet with either a satisfactory response or the restoration of my funds very soon, I shall institute legal action. I shall certainly advise as many people as possible to have NO dealings with Green Motion until this situation is resolved. A.K. Dawber

Apr 18, 2011 4:50 pm EDT

Dear Green Motion Customers

I'm writing in response to the comments placed here on Complaints Board in relation to our former Manchester Airport location. As a result of a lengthy investigation in relating to customer management and customer service issues, where the failings of the franchsiee was noted, a decision was taken last week to formally terminate the franchsie, which was owned and operated by Blue Beckon Limited. As you'd imagine this decision was not taken lightly and was done so to protect both previous existing and new Green Motion customers.

I'm pleased to advise that a new highly experienced management team has been put in place and are ready and waiting to meet or exceed your expectations with regard to customer service when hiring a vehicle from Manchester Airport.

Green Motion Manchester Airport is conveniently located at the Radisson Blu Hotel and is connected to both terminatls 1 and 2 by sky way bridge and is an easy walk of terminal 3.

For any customers that still feel there issue has not been resovled to there satisfaction, I would ask them to make personal contact via I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers to date in helping reduce the CO2 emissions relating to car hire.

Kind regards,
Richard Lowden
Founder and Managing Director of Green Motion Vehicle Rental

Apr 18, 2011 4:09 pm EDT
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I have just had the same issue with a 750 pound security deposit charged to my wife's credit card on the 4th April and a further 103 pounds charged on the 14th from Green Motion Manchester for a hire car booked through Carhire3000. I called the Green Motion head office and was informed that the franchise company, Blue Beacon was closed down on the 14th and are subject to a police investigation. I was told to make a disputed payment claim with my credit card company in order to get my money back.

There is a new Franchisee operating under the Green Motion brand now operating in Manchester and all the staff from the previous company have been dismissed.


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