Green Motion Car Hire2 week car hire

M Jul 18, 2019 Review updated:

Failure to refund Hoppa bus fare from Terminal to car hire site even though voucher says this will happen. First told ‘will be refunded at end of hire, keep receipts'. Why? Then told (at end of hire) ‘take pictures of receipts and email us'. WTF? Again why?

One agent in kiosk at 0830 hrs in the morning. Two more arrive while there so three in total. Let ONE agent ‘take a break' at a time!

Returned car one day early as so terrified by internet reports on this company. Sure enough, very minor scuffing of alloy wheel deemed worthy of £135 damage charge. Refused to let me take car back, car spirited away so could not take pictures. Or take car to someone who could buff the marks off alloy wheel and return the car following day to avoid the £135 charge. Seems the agents are incentivized to scalp people for ‘damage' the major car renters would ignore.

Car delivered dusty on outside. So difficult to see clearly what was ‘damaged' and what was not. Interior was clean. Scratches on drivers wing mirror: pointed out to agent: ‘oh, those are less than 25mm, so we ignore them'. Right, so they choose what to ignore and what to come down hard on.

Fuel tank was empty. I mean below warning light barely over the zero line, deep in the red marks territory. Meaning an obligatory detour to nearest garage. Fuel policy of ‘Return same to same' fair enough, but so dangerously low? Not worth the stress IMHO.

Do not hire from this company. Their rates are enticingly low for a reason. They WILL find a way to claw back and the fear of same is not worth the ‘saving'.


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    Jonathan Withers Aug 15, 2019

    I am having exactly the same issue with Green Motion about the refund for the shuttle to and from Heathrow Airport. It's been over a month now and I am following up one last time before I escalate the issue. Total scammers

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