Green Dot Corporationinitial $200 for secured platinum card not available!

M Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

I don't know if this message board gets anything done or not, but I just opened a secured Platinum Card with Green Dot over the weekend. I provided the $200 opening deposit requirement directly from my bank, which went through immediately. Upon checking my Green Dot account online, the $200 is there, but not available for me to use. I have the card they sent me, but through all the phone prompts, they say the card is invalid and there is no live human being to talk to! I'm so frustrated right now, and wish I had never trusted this company in the first place. I'm now having to hand write a letter to their customer relations department because they do not have email, and using their phone numbers is futile. Don't put your money in Green Dot! Total rip-off and egregious illegal activities!. Not sure if I'll ever see my $200 again!


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    Clee Degidio Sep 06, 2018

    i dont know if i want to take a chance on this company when i have read all the complaints i think they should hire me to address the complaints and i surely would take care of all the complaints and bring this company in good standings. As i can see out of 4ooo and then some complaints and a willing attorney that wants anyone and everyone with complaints with green dot to contact him i dont see why some of you haven't gone that route . ? i had read the outcomes of other (prior im sure now) green dot customers that have received payment and then some. It shows that this company does not care about their customers and takes advantage of people. They need to clean their shit up and honor what's being said about green dot i know they dont care their self centered greedy thieves, and have put thousands of consumers in harms way by not adhering to their own contract "not ours" or "yours" and that is why they don't have live customer service reps who in their right mind knowing what kind of company does this and would want to come to work and hear nothing but how this company took someones rent money or funds period. I would be pissed the hell off too. People you need to contact your attorney general in whatever state you live in and if your able to let them know how many thousands of consumers they have stolen from then they will look into it also the bbb file a complaint it only takes 5 minutes i think it's worth you getting a result instead of writing in here what they have done to you and having no result at all.

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