Great Wolf Lodgesecurity director eric

K Apr 27, 2019 Review updated:

I would never come back here, they staff is very racist and made my kids very uncomfortable staying here at the hotel and I made them aware of it, this unprofessional guy Eric stood over me as if he was scaring me, talking very Rude about him smelling smoke coming outside my room, let's not forget it's kids and supposedly be family friendly and if he had evidence his supposedly security would have removed us


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      Apr 28, 2019

    What a bad parent you are, teaching your kids to play the race card.

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  •   Apr 28, 2019

    @buildere But they staff is very racist!

    So the kids (your kids) were smoking???

    If it's family friendly then it should be a smoke free establishment in entirety.

    I don't understand these black people who whine about racism when they have made up names like Kequa. Was Debra taken?

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